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The official podcast of the Pellwood Fantasy League
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Week 6 – An Armchair Expert Is Never Wrong

With a bloody Week 5 in our rearview, most eyes are looking forward as the Week 6 byes and waiver wire drys (SIC) further ravage an already beat up board of players. Last week's surprises were a-plenty, as some managers emerged from their low-point de...
seth author

Week 5 – Of Curse You Are

A curse is a curse, of course of course, and no one can shake off a curse of course. That is, of course, unless the curse is a double neg-a-tive! Go right to the source and test the curse. We'll interview you and endorse your Week 5 match up, i...
seth author

Week 4 – I Shall Call Him Squishy And He Shall Be My Squishy

The Squish battle rages, but the war has just begun.  Most teams are 1-2. A few are 2-1. And a lone 3-0 victor stands on his 3-week high hill, victorious for the moment, but a target on his back. The waiver wire abounds in moves.  The trade count is s...
seth author

Week 3 – It’s Too Late To Apologize

**Editor's Note: This broadcast was intentionally withheld past its due date to avoid aiding and abetting the collusion discovered upon conducting the guest interview contained within.** Too little, too late, but certainly likely to be the best episod...
seth author

Week 2 – Sorry I’m Not Sorry

And here we go. The season is upon us, and with it all of the unexpected twists and turns that can such a competitive and savvy league. Early front runners seek to hold on to their video game performances.  A few lack-luster scor...
seth author

The 2019 Draft Report

We came, we saw, and we drafted.  The dust and ash of the draft battlefield (drattlefield?) continues to settle, and the echoing cries of the wounded and bleeding can still be faintly heard as surviving loved ones anxiously search the hellscape for any...
seth author

2019 Launch – The Pre-Draft

Alright alright alright!  The boys are back in town, and though the airwaves are filled with well-intended (and very entertaining) cheap knockoff imitator wannabes, the real slim shadies are standing on up. It's T&R, back for another thrilling sea...
seth author

The 2018 Playoffs – Week 3

There is perhaps nothing in this world more powerful than a story...a threaded narrative that weaves together people, places, moments, and tensions. The story of the 2018 Pellwood league has been nothing short of riveting. And this week, we reach the ...
seth author

The 2018 Playoffs – Week 1

Our lives are made up of a series of significant moments. There are highs, and there are lows. There are moments to mourn, and moments to dance. To lose, and to gain. Fantasy Football is a microcosm of life. It, too, is filled with such moments t...
seth author

Week 11 – Chewie’s Revenge

Happy Turkey Day Week to the league as we approach do-or-die time.  It's Playoff Projection season, gents, and the competition is fierce.  Only 2 of our 12 have locked in their playoff ride, and likewise, another 2-that-shall-not-be-named have locked i...
seth author

Week 10 – Short and Sweet

Squish Factor™ continues to dominate the league as head-to-head matchups couldn't be closer.  It's a race to the playoffs, with half of the league battling for the coveted 5 and 6 holes. Joining T&R for the first time this season is special guest ...
seth author

Week 9 – I Swear I Didn’t Mean To

Week 9?? More like, week bye-ne! I'll show myself out. It's the greatest fantasy football league in the world, and THIS is its podcast. *Editor's note: Due to timing constraints and the T&R staff's travel schedule, this episode is presente...
seth author

Week 8 – Never Pay For Groceries Again

It's week 8 in the Pellwood league as the race to the playoffs continues.  With Squish Factor all over, at this juncture there are no guarantees.  This week we're joined by Andy Ellwood, who leads the league in "has developed cool apps not necessarily ...
seth author

Week 5 – We Were Wrong

Look, even Betty Crocker burns a cake every now and then. So we were wrong, ok? Wrong about everything. They say hindsight is 20/20.  Well, hindsight just got lasik. But hey, look on the bright side.  Since we're typically just a couple of narcissist...
seth author

Week 4 – The Firepower

The boys are back after a brief hiatus. We're told by T&R PR staff that the week off was due to a producer's mysterious illness, and that "it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my bench nearly outscored my active roster in week 3, and ...
seth author

Week 2 – Gaines and Losses

We're back in our groove as the week-to-week march to glory continues.  Tonight we're joined by our first guest of the 2018 season, and who better to kick us off than the newest member of our league? The boys talk draft strategy, a Week 1 falter, and ...
seth author

The 2018 Draft Report | Part 2

You have been weighed, and you have been measured.  Most of you have been found wanting. It's the much-anticipated draft grade.  Friendships will be strained, reputations tarnished, and your quantitative contribution to society reduced to a single let...
seth author

The 2018 Draft Report | Part 1

It's (almost) the episode you've all been waiting for! In an unprecedented move that will likely cause uproar and riot, the T&R boys present to you the Draft Report across two episodes. In part 1, the big picture of the draft is discussed as we di...
seth author

The Pre-Draft 2018 – It’s Business time

Alright, alright,'s almost too good to be true.  Yet, it is equally good as it is true. That's right, the 2018 Draft is upon us.  T&R welcomes you to a brand new season as we celebrate 11 years of the league.  In this episode, we salu...
seth author

2017 Playoffs – Week 2 | And Then There Were Four

Better late than never, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.  The remaining four managers are vying for the championship, each with…shall we say…varying degrees of confidence. This week on T&R features all...
seth author

2017 Playoffs – Week 1 | And Then There Were Six

After a tumultuous final week of the season, the dust has hardly settled as we enter the 2017 Playoffs.  This, gentlemen, is it. To those of you who have fallen, we salute you.  And by...
seth author

Week 13 – The Flop

Until the taping of this episode (more specifically, until halfway through the taping of this episode), Week 13 of the Pellwood league was set to be predictable, if not a little sleepy and quiet.  Chatter...
seth author

Week 12 — The Playoff Picture

It’s Week 12, and the pressure is mounting as the playoff picture is anything but set.  In fact, Week 12 has the potential to practically make or break the playoff chances of nearly half the...
seth author

Weeks 1-5 – The Catch Up

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back!  The league is 5 weeks into the 2018 season, and T&R has some work to do.  Albeit their excuses valid, everyone has felt the absence of the weekly Pod. With this special...
seth author

The 2017 Draft Grade™

The draft dust has settled and the fog of war has been lifted.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the big one.  Your annual Draft Grade™ has arrived. And the grades this season vary as greatly...
seth author

The Pre-Draft 2017 – And here we go

Alright alright alright….the boys are back in town as we prepare for the league’s 10th Anniversary Season!  It’s back to the grindstone as research, spreadsheets, keepers, and auction values dominate our waking hours (and most...
seth author

Week 11 – A Cut Above The Rest

It’s a bloodbath out there, people.  I mean, cutthroat. Hide your kids, hide your wives. This week on T&R, we’re joined by the great and powerful Chris Windsor who provides some strong insight into the...
seth author

Week 10 – The Luck Of The Irish

As Peter attempts to avoid “fading into irrelevancy in Ireland”, many league managers face a similar challenge as we hit Week 10.  In this episode of T&R, join Seth and Pete for some poorly quoted...
seth author

Week 9 – Sleep Deprivation

The boys are back in town after a bit of travel, and Seth is running on about 50% mental capacity and 150% caffeine.  The race is on as we hit week 9, with several league...
seth author