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Dr Jonas Westbrook and Dr David Boffa talk about all things Olympic weightlifting: recent competitions, upcoming competitions, great lifters past and present, and—of course—weightlifting shoes.

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Field report! Greg drives to Switzerland

Gregor, Nat, and Dr Boffa check in while Gregor makes the drive from Berlin to Tramelan, Switzerland, for the 49th “Challenge 210” competition—a Bronze level Olympic qualifier that will feature many (most?) athletes from China’s A squad (seriously). Ra...
dboffa author

2019 Worlds post-event report TWO from Bangkok!

Even MORE ramblings from Bangkok! Some thoughts on the competition and who may end up in Tokyo 2020, among other topics. Recorded in a less-than-ideal restaurant setting, so audio is a little bit dicey at times, but (with any luck) the solid gold conte...
dboffa author

2019 Worlds POST-event report from Bangkok!

Just a little breakfast café chat post-2019 Worlds from Bangkok. Includes Nat Arem, Dr Boffa, Steve Galvan, and Gregor Winter. Enjoy!
dboffa author

2019 Worlds Field Report #6!

A few of us (finally) left the compound hotel grounds for some food after the women’s 81A and men’s 102A. Banter ensued, as well as a surprise visit by an Olympic Champion. Enjoy!
dboffa author

2019 Worlds Field Report #5!

Some late-night ramblings following a couple of *amazing* days of lifting. We try to cover everything: Shi Zhiyong and the men’s 73s, Kuo Hsing-chun and the women’s 59s, Deng Wei and the Tomanator in the 64s, and of course Lu Xiaojun and the 81s. Enjoy...
dboffa author

2019 Worlds Field Report with 55kg bronze medalist Hidilyn Diaz!

A quick breakfast conversation with Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippines, bronze medalist in the 55kg class, recorded the morning after her competition. Enjoy!
dboffa author

2019 Worlds Field Report #3!

Quick update with some random recordings—including a little chat with Meso’s physio—at the 2019 Worlds! The packed schedule and astonishingly slow internet have made podcasting a bit challenging, but with any luck there will be more soon! Enjoy!
dboffa author

2019 Worlds Field Report #2!

Some (very) random updates from the first day when we’re all in Thailand. Includes lots of incoherent and jet-lagged ramblings by podcast regulars as well as some special new guests. Enjoy!
dboffa author

2019 Worlds field report with Gregor (ATG) and Nat (hookgrip!)

The first field report from the 2019 Worlds in Thailand, before the meet has even begun! Gregor of ATG and Nat of hookgrip are already on the ground sharing their thoughts. Enjoy!
dboffa author

2019 Worlds preview with the Commentating team!

A little pre-2019 Worlds in Thailand podcast with (most of) the commentating team: JP Nicoletta, Sean Waxman, Mike Choi, and Dr Boffa. We go over some behind-the-scenes prep aspects and then talk about the sessions and lifters we’re most excited about ...
dboffa author

Another visit to Nat Arem and the Hookgrip Palace!

I return to the Hookgrip Palace cafeteria for more weightlifting talk with Nat Arem. We go over some predictions and thoughts on the upcoming (or currently happening) Pan Am Games and American Open Series 2, speculate on potential Olympic hopefuls, and...
dboffa author

ATG and Team USA update with Gregor!

Gregor of ATG and I were on a call and decided to record it for a little podcast episode. We talk about visiting some of Team USA as they prepare for the upcoming PanAm Games (Jourdan Delacruz, Harrison Maurus, Kate Nye, and Mattie Sasser), Kate Nye’s ...
dboffa author

Field report! A visit to hookgrip palace and Nat Arem

While on a trip to New Jersey I stopped down in the southern part of the state to visit Nat Arem at the hookgrip palace. We recorded a nearly three-hour podcast episode while enjoying some fine NJ-diner dining; topics included the upcoming Junior World...
dboffa author

More USAW Nationals 2019! Second Field Report

Another post-competition update from Memphis, Tennessee. After 28-ish minutes of rambling conversations—including a discussion of my hotel check-in issues—we eventually get to talking about weightlifting, including Hunter Elam’s performance in the 59s,...
dboffa author

USAW Nationals 2019! Field report

Checking in from Memphis, Tennessee, at the 2019 USAW National Championships. Our truly rambling discussion covers a little bit of weightlifting, memories from Rio 2016, credit card points, airplanes, and more. Also includes a quick bonus visit from Ca...
dboffa author

Field Report 6! The biggest episode yet!

Nat and Gregor check in with a HUGE three-hour update from the Asian Championships in Ningbo, China. Topics include: their police interview! Recapping the 109kg session with Akbar Djuraev 6/6 with Junior World Records and Ali Hashemi’s 225kg. video rev...
dboffa author

Field Report 5! Another huge update from the Asian Championships

Weightlifting and Chinese banking experts Nat and Gregor check in with more shenanigans from the Asian Championships in Ningbo, China. After a discussion of a police visit to the hotel room the weightlifting content starts at about minute 30. Enjoy! We...
dboffa author

Field Report 4! Heavy lifting at the Asian Championships

Nat and Gregor check in from the Asian Championships in Ningbo, China. Topics include: a lengthy treaty on the Chinese banking system and trying to exchange 100USD opening a Chinese bank account! weightlifting talk (starting around minute 32) a recap o...
dboffa author

Field report 3! Still more from the Asian Championships in China

Nat and Gregor check in with more updates! Highlights include: Deng Wei and Toshiki Session recap Meso vs Tian Tao Ilya’s comeback ATG shirts back in stock soon Working on the Hookgrip store Zhang Wangli vs Rim Jong Sim Acquiring weightlifting memorabi...
dboffa author

Field Report 2! Another update from the Asian Championships

The second update from Ningbo, China, and the 2019 Asian Championships. Topics covered include a recap of the previous day’s sessions, the upcoming sessions (M81 and W59), Chinese Olympic qualification potential, what a sport is (and isn’t), and how to...
dboffa author

Field report! Nat and Gregor check in from the Asian Championships

Nat (Hookgrip guy) and Gregor (ATG guy) report on what’s happening at the Asian Championships in Ningbo, China. Check out a great discussion of what the media situation is like in China and (just as important) what the food situation is. Enjoy! Support...
dboffa author

Update TWO from Taiwan trip to visit Kuo!

Another update from Taiwan! Enjoy some rambling musings about the drive back from Taitung City to Kaohsiung, our interview with Coach Lin, and the training hall here. Support ATG on Patreon! Also on iTunes!
dboffa author

Special update from TAIWAN trip to visit KUO

Greetings from Taiwan! In this short episode, Gregor (of ATG) and I update you on our current trip to visit Kuo Hsing-Chun and her coach. We go over what we’ve done and seen (and eaten) so far, from Taipei to Kaohsiung to Taitung. Enjoy! If you want to...
dboffa author

The Arnold! A look back at the highs (and some lows)

Few weightlifting meets—if any—are as legendary as the Arnold Weightlifting Championships, held every year in Columbus, Ohio (and part of the much larger Arnold Expo, which features dozens of sports). For this episode we spoke with Mark Cannella—the fo...
dboffa author

Interview with Kate (Vibert) Nye!

Dr Westbrook and I spent a solid hour and a quarter chatting with Kate Nye, an athlete who has distinguished herself nationally and internationally in just a few short years (2018 Jr Worlds Silver medallist, Jr and Sr American record holder in the snat...
dboffa author

On location from the American Open Finals 2018!

Nat Arem, Mike Choi, Ethan Sigmon, and I sat down for some Thai food and recapped the first couple days of the American Open Finals out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Enjoy the banter and the ambiance!   Also on iTunes!
dboffa author

[Special Episode 11] We get the 2018 Worlds band back together!

Now that we’ve all settled in post-World Championships we got together (online) for a little more podcasting. I’m joined by Gregor, Sean Waxman, JP Nicoletta, Mark Cannella, Mike Choi, and Dr Westbrook. We go over our memories of the Worlds and general...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 10] 2018 Worlds, day 10!

The final day of the competition! We chat with a local, briefly recap the final sessions, speculate on next year’s Worlds, hear Nat Arem lament the perception of doping by outsiders, and share some of our favorite lifts of the competition. Also include...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 09] 2018 Worlds, day 9!

Possibly our most scattered episode yet! We discuss the usual happenings (including Ilyin’s trolling of the weightlifting community), have special guest Viviana Podhaiski of everyday lifters join us for a bit, and ultimately end up in the swankiest yur...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 08] 2018 Worlds, day 8!

Some more great casual conversations from the 2018 Worlds. To start we hear some detailed information from Nat Arem on the inner workings of hookgrip and the difficulties of shooting, editing, and sharing good weightlifting footage. Later in the day we...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 07] 2018 Worlds, day 7!

Today: Gregor does some curls! In addition to our usual banter, we had the pleasure of getting Maged Salama of Egypt to sit down with us for a bit. Maged coached Germany’s Matthias Steiner in the past and currently works with Meso Hassona of Qatar. The...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 06] 2018 Worlds, day 6!

More in our continuing series of informal recordings from the World Championships in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. In addition to the day’s sessions and some training hall info, we discuss finally finding some good coffee AND we get some inside information f...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 05] 2018 Worlds, day 5!

More updates from Ashgabat and the 2018 World Championships! We cover the day’s sessions (which included the *amazing* men’s 81A session), chat with the Japanese team’s Hideyuki Nagao, get some inside info on what athletes have been doing in the traini...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 04] 2018 Worlds continued!

More recordings from out and about at the 2018 World Championships! We recap the women’s 59A, Rebeka Koha’s performance, make predictions on the men’s 73A, and then (later) see how our predictions played out after the session ended. For the first part ...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 03] 2018 Worlds: day 3

Another series of impromptu recordings from the World Championships! There’s some wind noise early on affecting audio quality, but that’s unavoidable when you take the show out of the studio and into the world. We discuss some training hall lifts, ques...
dboffa author

[Special Episode 02] 2018 Worlds: the atmosphere, day 02

Day 2 of our special reports from Ashgabat and the 2018 World Championships! Gregor and I just brought the Zoom H1n recorder along with us and captured some impromptu conversations: a chat over breakfast, one during a midday break, and one at the end o...
dboffa author

[Special episode] 2018 Worlds With Gregor of ATG – day 01!

Since Gregor (of ATG fame) and I are currently in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to help cover the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships he thought it would be fun to do a very informal podcast recording of us chatting at the end of the day. The idea was born...
dboffa author

Episode 27 – Coach Kevin Simons!

We sat down with Kevin Simons—coach to Harrison Maurus and several other great athletes—for a conversation on coaching Youth athletes, how he developed as a coach, Harrison’s amazing strength journey, and much more. This was our first time recording an...
dboffa author

Episode 26 – Morghan King!

Two episodes in two weeks—unprecedented for the Doctors! In this episode we sit down for a great conversation with USA’s Morghan King: 2016 Olympian, three-time National Champion, American record holder (83kg snatch at 48kilos), and multiple-time repre...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 25 – Rebeka Koha!

In this episode we chat with Latvia’s 58-kilo star Rebeka Koha! Although still a Junior Rebeka has already built up an extremely impressive weightlifting resume: 2016 Olympian (4th), 2017 Junior World Champion, bronze medallist at the 2017 World Champi...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 24 – Harrison Maurus!

We sit down for a chat with USA’s Harrison Maurus, who recently became the first American male in twenty (20!) years to win a Senior World Championships medal (bronze in total and clean & jerk in the 77s at the 2017 Worlds). Harrison is also a Yout...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 23 – Norik Vardanian!

After a (slight) hiatus, we are joined by Norik Vardanian, an athlete who has been at the highest level of weightlifting in TWO countries: the US and Armenia. Norik covered a range of topics with us, including returning from his most recent injury, tra...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 22! With Olympic medallist Cheryl Haworth!

This past weekend the Doctors were together in lovely Chicago (loosely, Chicago-area), Illinois, for the 2017 USAW National Championships. While there we had the pleasure to record an episode with Cheryl Haworth: 2000 Olympic bronze medallist, 2004 and...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 21! With US Olympian Cara Heads Slaughter

After a slight hiatus, The Two Doctors are back with an interview with US Olympian (2000) Cara Heads Slaughter! She shares her background in the sport, her experiences at the Olympics, and her transition from athlete into coach. Enjoy!   To learn more ...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 20! With Olympic medallist Christine Girard

Against all odds, The Two Doctors podcast has reached the milestone of TWENTY episodes! And with us for this show is a VERY special guest: Canada’s Christine Girard, a two-time Olympian (2008 and 2012) and (soon-to-be) multiple Olympic medallist AND pr...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 19: With IWF Executive Board members Sam Coffa and Moira Lassen!

In this episode we have TWO special guests from the IWF Executive Board: Sam Coffa and Moira Lassen. They share their thoughts and insights on a range of topics: new and upcoming rule changes in the IWF, reactions to the 2008 and 2012 retests, the use ...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 18: Rio 2016 Recap with Paula Aranda of the USAW BOD!

Join us for a recap of all the weightlifting action that happened in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games. Our special guest this time is Paula Aranda, Board Member of USAW and weightlifting globetrotter. Enjoy! As always, let us know what you think via a rev...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 17 – Rio 2016 preview with guests David Tao and Mike Graber of

In this episode we have special guests David Tao (a founder of and Mike Graber (their Senior Uzbekistan Correspondent). We discuss the recent doping positives from the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, the IWF ban of Russia from the 2016 Games,...
The Two Doctors author

Episode 16 – Special roundtable with Phil Andrews, Travis Cooper, James Tatum, JP Nicoletta, and Sean Waxman

Phil Andrews, CEO of USAW, joins us to make some major announcements regarding the future of the organization. Also present are James Tatum, Travis Cooper, JP Nicoletta, and Sean Waxman. Enjoy!   Also available on iTunes!
The Two Doctors author

Episode 15 – With Special guest Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Weightlifting!

Phil Andrews, the recently appointed CEO of USAW, joins us to chat about all manner of things weightlifting: his thoughts on the organization, what he wants to do for the sport, how he first became involved, how he’ll gauge his success, the recent dopi...
The Two Doctors author