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TMRO (pronounced'tomorrow') is a live weekly show all about human exploration of the cosmos. Featuring launch coverage, discussions with industry experts and community panels, TMRO is your place to find out where humanity will be going.

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For the Space Geek in all of us
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TMRO:Space– Cassini’s Grand Finale– Orbit 10.15

Lisa Tatge, Subsystem Engineer on the Spacecraft Operations Team for the Cassini Mission to Saturn joins us for an incredible interview about the Cassini mission and it’s upcoming Grand Finale. In Space News: * WFIRST set for 2025 Launch, $3.2Billion B...
TMRO author

The small Ion thruster that could change space travel– Orbit 10.14

Natalya Bailey the Founder& CEO of Accion Systems joins us to talk about their very small yet incredibly powerful take on Ion thrusters. As these get closer to their theoretical maximum thrust, just a couple of the tiny units could perform all of t...
TMRO author

Suborbital is just the first step– Orbit 10.13

CEO of Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit joins to talk about their plans for suborbital flights, orbital payloads and touches on point to point travel around the planet. In Space News: Falcon 9 SES-10 re-launch and re-landing Juno flies over Jupiter clo...
TMRO author

The World Space Party– Orbit 10.12

Cariann talks to Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, Co-founder of Yuri’s Night, and host of Yuri’s Night L.A. In Space News: * Launches from Krorou suspended by social unrest * SpaceX to reuse CRS-8 booster this week * China wants to reuse rockets too * Laser...
TMRO author

Toroids are doughnuts with OIIOO– Orbit 10.11

Cariann talks to José Mariano López-Urdiales, CEO of Zero 2 Infinity (OIIOO) about their recent rocket launch success from a high-altitude balloon. In Space News: Russia is going to the moon! Trump Budget Blueprint focuses on deep space TMRO:Space is a...
TMRO author

JPL is creating the coldest place in the known Universe– Orbit 10.10

Dr. Anita Sengupta, Project Manager, JPL Cold Atom Laboratory joins us to talk about their experiment being sent to the International Space Station. We cover why creating the coldest point in the universe could be the key to unlocking the mysteries of ...
TMRO author

“It’s about the people…” An interview with Tory Bruno of ULA– Orbit 10.09

Tory Bruno the CEO of United Launch Alliance joins us to talk about the future of humans in space. The new Vulcan rocket, ACES upper stage and CisLunar 1000 are just a few of the topic we cover. Tory lays out an amazing vision with thousands of humans ...
TMRO author

SPACEX is sending humans to the MOON!!!!– Space Pod 02/28/17

TMRO correspondent Lisa Stojanovski discusses the recent SpaceX announcement to send two private citizens around the moon in late 2018. And a special thanks to TMRO Citizen Adrian Stroschke for helping to clean up the audio! TMRO Space Pods are crowd f...
TMRO author

Storytime with Cariann– Orbit 10.08

Chris Radcliff joins us in studio to put a spin on our interviews. Chris talks to Cariann about her history in space, why she enjoys the cosmos and the work she has done at SpaceUp. In Space News: * Falcon 9 and Soyuz-U launches * Dragon berths with th...
TMRO author

Erday Astronauting– Orbit 10.07

We bring back Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut to talk about Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math as well as how he works to inspire youth. In Space News: * Planet (not Labs anymore) Satellite deployments –
TMRO author

A Dial Tone in Space– Orbit 10.06

Ralph Ewig the CEO Audacy joins us to talk about space based communication for satellites and spacecraft and why it is important for the future of human exploration of the cosmos. In Space News: NASA okays commercial airlock for space station JAXA Spac...
TMRO author

Banging on BEAM– Space Pod 02/08/17

This week, Lisa Stojanovski gives an update on how the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is going on the International Space Station, and potential plans for its future. TMRO Space Pods are crowd funded shows. If you like this episode consider ...
TMRO author