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Believe & Achieve To Have The Confidence to Win & Succeed
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Are you a Quitter or Fighter?

In the heat of battle when the going gets tough, what do you do? What you do will reveals a lot about who you are as a tennis player. Listen to find out more...

Two Thoughts, One Decision

You Can't Think Two Thoughts. Try and think of two thoughts at the same time. It's impossible. So what are you feeding your mind? It's a choice, either positive or negative. Which one will you choose?

Moving On

Short, Powerful, Enlightening! This podcast sees Tim getting fired up. His passion comes out and he gets pumped up! The concept is simple - you can't think two thoughts are once! But why would he get excited about that? Listen to find out!

Believe in Yourself

What's one of the most important keys to success? Belief! One of the most important keys to success is to Believe in Yourself. What's the point of doing something when you have no belief that you can do it? You've got to have the confidence within...

The Player Killer Combo: Blaming, Complaining and Justifying

In this insightful podcast, Tim dives into how you can take back control of your tennis game and your life if you stop doing the Killer Combo: Blaming, Complaining and Justifying. He shares his own experiences which costed him a $206 traffic fine. Sh...

Success Principle #10 - Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

What Do You Have In Common With Japanese Warriors? In the final podcast of this success series, Tim explains the principle of Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. The Japanese called this "Kaizen". Imagine, improving something in your life everyd...

Success Principle #9 - Visualize!

Day-dreaming About Your Goals Is a Great Thing to Do! In this podcast, Tim explains how powerful visualization can be, how it works and how to visualize. however, visualization is not day dreaming! You activate your brain much more than you may reali...

Success Prinicple #8 - Break Through Your Own Limits

YOU COULD BE HOLDING YOURSELF BACK! In this podcast, Tim explores the subconscious mind and questions what your beliefs are. Do you limit yourself with your own thoughts, beliefs and "comfort zone"? Sharing insights, knowledge and his personal exper...

Success Principle #7 - Unleash the Power of Goals

In this Podcast, Tim explains the power of goal-setting - why it's important, how to do it and how to get started after setting goals. You even get the chance to set some goals that you truly desire. So if you're stuck, feel like you're not going any...

Success Principle #6 - Become an Inverse Paranoid

In this podcast, Tim explains the power of positive thinking, to learn to see "the light at the end of the tunnel" or to see the glass half full. This principle has changed his life. Without this principle, he wouldn't be here talking to you. So if y...

Success Principles 4 & 5: Believing It's Possible and Believe In Yourself!

In this podcast, Tim dives deep into beliefs and how it can impact on your life and your behaviour. Beliefs can sabotage you and your results if they are self-limiting beliefs. This podcast includes a quick exercise that helps you discover some of thos...

Success Principles 2 & 3: Be Clear Why You're Here; Decide What You Want.

In this podast, Tim continues covering insights he gathered from Jack Canfield's book, "How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be." Tim dives deeper into finding your purpose and then runs you through a visualisation to help you create a c...

Success Principle #1 - Take 100% Responsibility

In this podcast, Tim covers the first principle of succcess from Jack Canfield's book "How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be". The principle of Taking 100% Responsibility gives you control over your life. It gives you the power to crea...

Finding Your Purpose and Passion

In this short podcast, Tim helps you discover your purpose and passion behind what you do. If you ever reach a point of giving up and think to yourself, "why am I doing this?" then you'll want to listen to this.

Improve Your Match Play

In this podcast, Tim busts that plateau of stagnant improvement. If you've ever felt stuck and feel like you're not improving, this podcast is for you. The solution is simple but it will require you to face reality!

Pre-Match Nerves

In this podcast, Tim goes through different techniques that help with calming down those butterflies that hazardously fly around in your stomach!

The R.E.D Process

In this podcast, Tim summarises the R.E.D Process. The R.E.D Process is a four-step process to deal with any emotion. In this podcast, Tim applies the R.E.D Process in dealing with anger and nervousness.

Forget and Let Go

In this podcast, Tim tells you why it's important to forget and let go. He also gives you ways on how to do this - To not only forget and let go of points lost or matches lost, but also to forget and let go of things that happened in life that you may ...

Fearless vs Careless

In this podcast, Tim explains the difference between being fearless on court versus being careless. It provides good insight into the difference between hitting at 100% and taking reckless risks.

The 4th and Final Step to Controlling Emotion on the Tennis Court

In the fifth podcast, Tim explores the concept of changing your thoughts to improve your tennis game. There's a lot to learn so get ready and strap yourself in!

Third Step to Controlling Your Negative Emotions on the Tennis Court

In the 4th podcast of the series, Tim breaks down the third step of his R.E.D process. It's short but informative and "questions" are asked...

Second Step to Controlling Negative Emotion on the Tennis Court

In the third podcast of the series, Tim Huynh dives into the second step of his R.E.D process in controlling negative emotion on the tennis court. It's fun, it's informative and Tim reveals how many racquets he's broken!

First Step to Controlling Negative Emotion

In the second podcast of the series, Tim Huynh introduces his "R.E.D process" and within it, the very first, foundational step to controlling negative emotion on the tennis court.

Introduction to Tennis Mentality

This is an introduction to Tim Huynh and Tennis Mentality. You will find what he is passionate about and what he has got instore for you!