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From the FYFC Podcasting Studio in the GCA (Greater Calgary Area). The FYFC Crew Sits Down to Discuss Whats On Their Minds

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From the FYFC Podcasting Studio in the GCA (Greater Calgary Area). The FYFC Crew Sits Down to Discuss Whats On Their Minds
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16.08.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 163 - Cougar Repellent

In this Episode Fear , MDI and Razar chat about: Sponsorship announcements!! Spunklube is back & Mt Mojo just signed on! We want to make a Spunklube ‚ÄúSlip ‚ÄėN Slide‚ÄĚ! We talk about the new wrestling show on our network: Dopes On The Ro...
FYFC - FYFCast author
4.08.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 162 - High at Walmart Feat. Jake Poirier

We have the pleasure of Stand Up Comedian Jake Poirier joining us in the studio where we discuss.... Boxers Vs. Briefs FYFCast Merch will get you laid Looney Tunes Just for Laughs Festival Getting into the US as a Comic The Calgary Stampede is Ho...
FYFC - FYFCast author
16.07.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 161 - The Corner of Shady Ave & Dealings St

Fear is distracted by something growing on MDI. Razar makes his stance on Indiana Jones clear. We talk about the Home Run Derby and we regale with our tale of our first shady deal that earned us our Stoner Badge of Honor.
FYFC - FYFCast author
2.07.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 160 - Drowning in the Shower

Brady now has free rein of the house. Logan is too competative and ragey. MDI explains another reason why she is strange. Razar is afraid of drowning in the shower and Fear ate some space cake. All that and more this week...
FYFC - FYFCast author
30.06.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 159 - The Cheese Program

Its a beautiful day so of course Fear has to go to work. Rex hates that bitch next door and Brady has jealousy issues. We also try to figure out who the fuck is Da Baby and whats up with Post Malone. We then grill some cheese with Jon Favreau and Bill ...
FYFC - FYFCast author
9.06.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 157 - And Now Our Watch Has Ended

Game of Thrones is over and we have to talk about it. We discuss other TV Finales MDI's Weird Sleeping Habits and we talk about Logan's Birthday Spiraling out of control.
FYFC - FYFCast author
9.06.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 158 - Punch Her in the Mouth

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar sit down to in the GCA Studios to talk about: Rough Housing and Childhood Games Saggy Naggy at the Chinese Buffet Punch Her in the Mouth Razar Has Nothing Going On Pride Merch Crazy Teachers and Terrible Kids and M...
FYFC - FYFCast author
7.05.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 156 - King Dylan Returns!!

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat with our boy, KING DYLAN!!..... In a progressive move, he is now Queen Dylan! Is Razar driving a new #PimpWagon? What has Dylan been up to? We talk about Dylan getting bumped, over and over. We talk about edib...
FYFC - FYFCast author
30.04.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 155 - Officer Cocksmoke

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat about..... The studio gets a major upgrade when Razar build a beast Has Apple lost their way? MDI has another run in with the law Are Kids addicted to Fortnite? How to test a conspiracy theory
FYFC - FYFCast author
15.04.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 154 - Legalization or Monopoly

The FYFC crew takes the studio outside on a nice spring day to talk about the new puppy and how our government has fucked up legalization.
FYFC - FYFCast author
2.04.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 153 - The Gay Bomb

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat about..... Alex Jones is fucking crazy!! Monday's fucking suck for Fear! Is there a Gay bomb? What would it look like? Japan is fucked up... now where's my tuna? Can dogs smell time? New segment, what did Brad...
FYFC - FYFCast author
25.03.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 151 - Full BIG House

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat about..... Did the studio get a new guard dog? Marcus Stroman is a piece of human shit!! Send us pics of your animals! Let's see your pets! Did a World class Bridge player (yeah, that's a thing) get popped fo...
FYFC - FYFCast author
25.03.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 152 - Get it Together X

We go back to a classic bit, Is DMX in jail? We dig into some of DMX's past indiscretions... and if he can get it together!! New updates on Lori Loughlin and her recent scandal!  We ask the age old question... is Dean Cain working? How much is Michael ...
FYFC - FYFCast author
14.03.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 150 - How Many Holes?

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat about..... Fear is late to the show, what was he up too? MDI gets back to her old ways with the RCMP! A stupid bit turns into an actual upgrade to the studio? Well, we got no heat again! Was there a Jerry at T...
FYFC - FYFCast author
5.03.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 149 - Knights Alright for Fighting

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat about..... Did Carlton Banks lose to Fortnite? Did Michael Jackson steal the moon walk? Can you copyright a dance? What is Knight Fights and why should you be watching it? MDI goes from zero to sick in second...
FYFC - FYFCast author
16.02.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 148 - It's Getting Colder in Here

In this Episode Fear , MDI  and Razar chat about..... The outcome of SuperBowl 53! The absurdity of the Half Time Show! We glance over the history of the Walking dead. Streaming services like Netflix and the new Disney thing rolling out. How movie mak...
FYFC - FYFCast author
6.02.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 147 - Kevin Gootee

On this episode of FYFCast we sit down with NYC comic Kevin Gootee.
FYFC - FYFCast author
18.01.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 146 - Alberta Hate Services

In this Episode..... We start the show strong with Fear's mic not working properly  MDI brings up some "weight loss" tights? Razar talks about how Sketchers fucked up people's posture Seeds are now available for sale in CANADA!! Alberta Health Service...
FYFC - FYFCast author
3.01.2019 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 145 - Finally Out Of The Ghetto!!

We are FINALLY out of the ghetto! Fear has PTSD from driving around NW Calgary  Razar & MDI talk about screaming kids in Walmart Why are they screaming? Is it strategy? Was Jesus a freak? What was that freaky bastard into? Fornite in trouble for th...
FYFC - FYFCast author
24.12.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 144 - Why Is This Still A Thing?

In this Episode..... Razar plays a Classic Rock playlist that makes us all feel old Fear goes into the rabbit hole of the ToothFairy Razar claims that he's "still a little high" MDI rejoices over Mike McCarthy FINALLY losing his job! Razar finally dec...
FYFC - FYFCast author
17.11.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 143 - Nighttime Or Death, Whatever Comes First

In this Episode..... Razar lost his job, but it's ok he has a plan! #HoboRazar Go Fund Me goes wrong! Did people used to get away with crimes compared to now? Fear takes a look into the dark reality of life as an OLD PERSON. We live in a Big Brother w...
FYFC - FYFCast author
7.11.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 142 - Welcome to Our House!!

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather around the table for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... The Crew Talks about why they haven't put out a new episode Live from the new Studio! Wait, did Jesus send us help? It's not a co...
FYFC - FYFCast author
12.10.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 141 - Just Spacey Stuff

Razar has a very interesting proposition for Fear and our fans.
FYFC - FYFCast author
14.09.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 140 - Kamikaze Sex Dolls

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather around the table for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... We talk about how the plot of the Top Gun reboot is stupid.  Eminem's new album "Kamikaze" is FIRE! A Sex doll brothel is opening...
FYFC - FYFCast author
27.08.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 139 - A Chicken in the Sink

We start the show discussing how teachers in the US manage to get by. Fear and Razar border on hate speech and try to incite some violence before we discover a chicken in the sink and we wrap up with Fear's Five.
FYFC - FYFCast author
13.08.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 137 - Too Hot for the Studio

Its too damn hot to be in the studio so we take this show outside.
FYFC - FYFCast author
30.07.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 137 - Razar's Epiphany

On this episode of FYFCast we start the show by adding some much needed class to the studio. MDI has a new car and Fear has a new job, We talk about the fastest we have ever driven and Razar gets super high while watching Austin Powers and has an Epiph...
FYFC - FYFCast author
9.07.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 136 ‚Äď Some Kind of Weed Superman

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather around the table for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... Razar goes camping in the woods with the family! Did Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 help catch Saddam Hussein?? How many kids did someo...
FYFC - FYFCast author
25.06.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 135 - Smokin Reefer with Koko

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather around the table for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... We kind of say goodbye to KoKo the gorilla America is still fucking up, taking kids away from families. Canadian's rejoice as Can...
FYFC - FYFCast author
10.06.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 134 - This Episode Brought to by BudZone.ca

Hold on tight folks. This one is off the rails before it even starts.
FYFC - FYFCast author
14.05.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 133 - Downtown Sucks

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather around the table for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... Did a gypsy put a curse on Razar? Downtown Calgary is an insane place. MDI has a lead foot... again! Parking blows, especially do...
FYFC - FYFCast author
4.05.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 132 - Diamonds

We are on location at the 3 Nation Studio where we sit down with RedRook & Chapter to shoot the shit and talk about their upcoming album Diamonds.
FYFC - FYFCast author
27.04.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 131 - The 420 Hangover

We talk about our trip to Van 420 and how it didnt quite go the way we wanted it to. We also play some FYFC Jams and feel real old talking about 90s saying and slang.
FYFC - FYFCast author
9.04.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 130 - Humboldt Strong

We start the show by paying respect to the victims and families of the horrible bus accident involving the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team. Fear has a wild visit to McDonalds, We have some gaming talk while MDI sleeps in the studio and Razar tells the tal...
FYFC - FYFCast author
30.03.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 129 - The Barenaked Bracket

We reminisce about our how much we love Barenaked Ladies and then we destroy the family debating the Disney Bracket.
FYFC - FYFCast author
23.03.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 128 - Tell Her To Suck A Lemon

We start the show with a startling confession from Fear. We discuss our need for an intern and Razar's need for a wife, MDI is sick again, and we play FYFC Jams before wrapping up the show with Fear's Five.
FYFC - FYFCast author
5.03.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 127 - Walkmans, Discmans and iPods

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather 'round the desk for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... Crazy lady roommate post from Facebook! Our first portable audio players. Going from Walkman, discman, mp3, A-Track and iPods! Cel...
FYFC - FYFCast author
12.02.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 126 - Ground Control to Major FYFC

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) gather 'round the desk for another wild episode of FYFCast!  In this Episode..... - Space X launches their "Falcon Heavy" rocket! - We dive into space exploration, and bore MDI. - Do you want a fish dick sex toy?...
FYFC - FYFCast author
5.02.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 125 - Welcome to FATCast

In this episode recorded before the Super Bowl we talk about the big game, Fear gets some advise on losing weight, We play FYFC Jams and cap off the episode with Fear's Five.
FYFC - FYFCast author
15.01.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 123 - The Waistband Initiative

In this Episode..... MDI conducts a PSA for the Green Tea Kit-Kats We showcase our new theme song for the Fxxx Your Face Radio show by King Dylan & GQ Fear talks about watching T2 with Alex for the first time! Razar & Fear go off about boners!...
FYFC - FYFCast author
12.01.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 124 - Septembryo

The FYFC Crew (MDI, Fear & Razar) have the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with Michael 8 to talk about Septembryo, dreams, play some games & so much more!  In this Episode..... Tyrannosaurs-Wrecks... Rex destroys the studio. Friends Do...
FYFC - FYFCast author
8.01.2018 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 122 - How MDI Spent New Years

In this Episode..... MDI comes out as a trans-racial person. We recap our horrible holiday season... you've been warned! Would You Rather vomit or shit? We give our reviews of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Netflix's Bright & Eminem's latest disc. We f...
FYFC - FYFCast author
9.12.2017 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 121 - Its Foggy and It Stinks

In this Episode..... MDI is fired from FYFC Studios for Sex Monstering We updated our listeners on the newest Hollywood Sex Monsters Social Justice Warriors and Scientology Fear invokes a Holy War We put together our Not a Sex Monster List Fear and M...
FYFC - FYFCast author
27.11.2017 http://www.fyfcstudios.com/FYFCast2016.jpg

FYFCast 120 - Sex Monsters

In this Episode..... Strap in, everyone you love, in Hollywood, is a "SEX MONSTER"! We talk about how consent works now and in the future! Fear asks the question on Facebook & Twitter: "What offends you?" Razar brings up how he is now trans-racial...
FYFC - FYFCast author

FYFCast 119 - Fear's House Husband Adventures

We start the episode with a tribute to two Canadian Legends that have passed. We then check in with Fear and how he has been handling taking care of the household with MDI working full-time. Can he take the car in for service, find somewhere to take a ...
FYFC - FYFCast author

FYFCast 118 - How Much is an Oreo Worth in Prison?

We start the show off eating Oreos and discussing all the flavours we don't get in Canada. Razar reveals that he is probably going to prison for multiple reasons. MDI rushes the show along so she can go get her nails done. Fear and Razar continue on wi...
FYFC - FYFCast author

FYFCast 117 - The Return of FYFCast

After a long Hiatus FEAR trys to take over the show. We check to see if DMX is currently in jail and what is happening with the christian diddler. MDI & the kids go thrift shoppin and then we talk about the McGregor v. Mayweather fight and the Game...
FYFC - FYFCast author

FYFCast 116 - Moderately Concussed

We open the show discussing the recently announced food and entertainment for this year's Calgary Stampede. Razar & MDI try out an amazing restaurant in town. MDI has some sex ed questions that Fear and Razar can't answer. And finally MDI tells the...
FYFC - FYFCast author

FYFCast 115 - The Importance of a Spotter

In this Episode..... We talk about the passing of Chris Cornell, and the other frontmen from the 90's grunge era Fear reiterates the necessity of a "Hooker Spotter" when doing erotic asphyxiation Razar is really excited at the announcement of Top Gun 2...
FYFC - FYFCast author

FYFCast 114 - They'll Never Suspect A Baby

In this Episode‚Ķ.. ‚Äď We have a recall warning for Bombay Sapphire gin across Canada ‚Äď We go off about provincial aptitude testing ‚Äď Has EVERYONE seen Shrek? ‚Äď The Edmonton Oilers have a shitter problem ‚Äď Red Sox fans are racist Dbags ‚Äď A plane turns i...
FYFC - FYFCast author