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Thrive Podcast brings you interviews with experts in agriculture and the environment. We explore how farmers and researchers work together to make food supplies more sustainable in an era of large, fast-moving changes. Visit us at

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Exploring how people work with water, land and ecosystems to make a sustainable food future
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Trouble for tapioca: Cassava in Vietnam

Georgina Smith author

Reporting from Paris: Youth solve pressing landscape challenges

One of the highlights of this year's Global Landscapes Forum in Paris was the Dragons Den session, hosted by the Youth in Landscapes Initiative. Eavesdropping from the workshop to the final pitches was Andrew Johnstone.
Andrew Johnstone author

A social science approach to agricultural dilemmas

Why are many apparently simple, technical solutions to agricultural problems not widely adopted? Why don't people change their behaviour when provided with information that ought to be useful? In this episode of the Thrive podcast, Katherine Snyder fro...
Jeremy Cherfas author

Water rights re-examined

On this Thrive podcast, we discuss water rights with Tim Williams and Alan Nicol of IWMI. What are the consequences of leaving water out of large-scale land acquisition agreements? And what about another type of human right: the right to water for crop...
Jeremy Cherfas author

Preparing for hotter, colder, wetter and drier

Hovering over almost all of the discussions at Stockholm World Water Week was the question of climate change, and one of the few aspects of climate change we can be absolutely certain about is that things are going to become more variable. Claudia Ring...
Jeremy Cherfas author

Working together for a better Kachin landscape

Today we head to Northern Myanmar where filmmaker Douglas Varchol reports from the field. Varchol joins a research team from the project on "Working together for a better Kachin landscape.”
Douglas Varchol author

Podcast: Bringing soils back to life: A conversation with Deborah Bossio

On this episode of Thrive podcast, we sit down with CIAT's Dr. Deborah Bossio,  who has spent the last 20 years working at the nexus between soil and social sciences.
Jeremy Cherfas author

Podcast: Restoring an invisible lifeline: soil

The latest episode of the Thrive podcast takes a close look at the ground beneath our feet. Soil, on which terrestrial life depends, is often ignored precisely because it is everywhere and yet invisible.
Jeremy Cherfas author

Podcast: Andrew Noble on feeding the future

It is no coincidence that we're launching the Thrive podcast today, World Environment Day. The theme this year is sustainable consumption and production, and that's exactly what drives the podcast's first guest: Andrew Noble, Director of the CGIAR Rese...
Jeremy Cherfas author

Re-thinking resilience in the Fogera region of Ethiopia

During his time in north western Ethiopia, Dr. Steven Prager observed the complex relationship between upstream and downstream farmers in the Fogera region of Ethiopia. His results, he said, were unexpected. Dr. Prager discusses the relationship betwee...
Abby Waldorf author