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YOOOOOOO Sports!!!!!!!
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Wanted: Someone to edit these things..

Requirements… A. a computer. B. the internet C. about 20 minutes around twice a week. Please apply in the comments sections and we’ll get back to you. With the trade deadline just passing, Marc and Emil do their best to analyze and dissect every trade ...

When I Was Your Age

Sleeper Pick posted at least once a week. No way old man, stop blabbering on about the “internet era” and how people had all this time and what a slow pace of life it was and how people posted on blogs at least once a week. If I have to suffer through ...

Is Censorship Really Such a Bad Thing?

I don’t know about you but I was a huge proponent of censorship in the wake of 9/11. Particularly the French. If I had to choose between censoring the French or basic civil liberties all I have to say is: don’t bother RSVP-ing (that commie abbreviation...

This week on the Sacramento Kings/Don Nelson show…

I’m beginning to think Marc and I are starving for NBA material. Sure, we could talk about the 4 powerhouses in the NBA thus far (Orlando, Cleveland, LA and your world champion Boston Celtics). Why not talk about the team everyone seems to forget despi...

It is 2am

But I know that I could still make a better catch than Limas Sweed if someone told me right now to run a go route down Monterey Blvd. and onto the 280 freeway here in San Francisco.  Did I just say I could do a better job catching a pass from Big Ben t...

Would Tim Tebow Gator Chomp Jesus?

If Jesus said Tebow was the 8th best QB in the Big 12? That he was a 3rd or 4th round draft pick at best? Or if he then followed up with “If there are things you do not agree with, God [. . . . or Mel Kiper] will make them clear to you” […]

If you thought the Knicks were dysfunctional

because some of their players refuse to play, wait until you hear about the recent accusation that Nate Robinson has committed a hate crime  in front of 20,000+ people . . . . against Yao Ming. And apparently the People’s Republic of China is none too ...