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The Shellshock Network has a variety of wrestling & entertainment podcasts such as Throat Punch Sports which talks about every sport from football to wrestling, baseball to hockey, etc. Shellpod: International which talks about international wrestling from Japan, Mexico, in some cases US, and other countries. Nerd Otaku which talks about nerd culture and fun topics. Shellpod Theater, where you sit with us and watch good, bad, and ugly stuff. Shellpod Extra, essentially a convenient show where we dedicate an entire episode to one topic. Throat Punch & Lombax which like Nerd Otaku! , the mother ship, The Shellpod where we talk about news and topics in professional wrestling. Give us a follow and help support us through Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon!
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ROH Era Of Honor Begins 2002 - Shellpod - Episode 107

Big thanks to ThROH the Years podcast for inspiration and oh boy what an episode! Homophobic angles, Man on Woman violence, terrible scramble matches, Eddie FRIGGIN Guerrero and an amazing main event is what starts Ring of Honor. A company that to this...
Shellshock Network author

Booty Food Pyramid - DDT Dreamcast w/Sammy(@Sammystardust1)- Episode 3

Dedicated to the memory of Babygirl, Sammy and Greg discuss watching Danshoku Dino matches in public, Google Translations, the Korakuen Hall special and get hyped for the D-Ou Grand Prix! Follow us on Twitter: Greg: Shellsho...
Shellshock Network author

NJPW G1 Climax 1992 - Shellpod - Episode 106

Finally we're diving back into some 90s NJPW for the 2nd ever G1 Climax! The NWA would partner with NJPW to crown a NEW NWA Worlds Champion. Quite the cast of characters in this G1 as well and we break it down. Donate: ...
Shellshock Network author

WWE Survivor Series & This Tuesday In Texas 1991 - Shellpod - Episode 105

Joyus Thanksgiving everybody! Stuff your face this week with an old holiday tradition of Survivor Series along with a bonus review of This Tuesday in Texas. Shocking title changes, Flair's the real world champion, who will survive? Donate: www.paypal.m...
Shellshock Network author

ECW 2006 - Shellpod - Episode 104

It's late but it's here and you probably wish it stayed even later. Let us deep dive into WWE's revival of ECW. Only few dare touch this subject and we are now one of the few. Does it age well in hindsight? Is it still garbage? The answer may or may no...
Shellshock Network author

MLW Chicago Fightland + Fusion Tapings - AFTER THE FACT

Joe, Zack and Greg get into MLW's Chicago excursion! Check Out Our Catalog: Donate:
Shellshock Network author

Not Doin ALL DOIN - DDT Dreamcast w/Arrum (@AHROOMEE) - Episode 2

That all great and powerful Arrum joins us to discuss Maji Manji as she laughs at how she has the timezone advantage over all of us and enjoys the hardy breakfast during DDT. All seriousness we discuss the Maji Manji, General Election and the 11/25 sho...
Shellshock Network author

The Human Pretzel Machine: A Drunk Excursion - Drunk... In Your House - Episode 10

Who let Joe and Zack in a car? Thankfully there's a designated driver as Kurt Angle is an original subject of the show before to hell with it they talk about whatever comes to mind. Will they make it to their destination? Donate:
Shellshock Network author

New Jack In ECW - Shellpod - Episode 103

Journey with us into the mind of a maniac who was doomed to be a killer since he came out the... well you know the rest, it's New Jack's ECW career this week on the podcast. Never short of things to say, controversy or plunder is one New Jack! Donate:...
Shellshock Network author

Follow That Guys - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 9

Apologies for day late upload, thanks Soundcloud. In this we discuss Evolution, NXT and NXT UK! Crown Jewel might have trouble following Evolution. Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on YouTube:
Shellshock Network author

Booker T In WWE - Shellpod - Episode 102

The 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x WCW WORLD CHAMPION is this week's subject, from Triple H feud lows, to Goldust tag coast, to royal highs it is Booker T's WWE career! Donate: Like us on Facebook:
Shellshock Network author

Get Well Roman - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 8

This week's episode of WW we discuss NXT UK debut episode, MYC Round 2 shows, opening night of NJPW Road to Power Struggle and of course the biggest news of Roman Reigns. Donate: Like us on Facebook:
Shellshock Network author

It Was Beautiful Art w/Nathan (Mayu_Iwatani) - DDT Dreamcast - Episode 1

IT IS THE DEBUT (Kind of)of DDT Dreamcast. Joining us for the Peter Pan review is podcast in general debut Nathan! We touch on the brands leading to Pan and then dive right in and as Nathan says a lot in this episode, "It's beautiful" and "it's art" F...
Shellshock Network author

WCW Monday Nitro 1995 - Shellpod - Episode 101

A topic beaten into the ground but what were the events in Nitro's first few months prior to 1996? Nitro featuring ground breaking events, surprise title changes, pier 6 brawls.... as well as the Dungeon of Doom? We get into our honest thoughts for Nit...
Shellshock Network author

Saudi Arabia Avarice & LIJ Dragons - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 7

This week's belated episode of Wrassle Weekly, we discuss WWE's Saudi Arabia situation, NXT and Evolution. Then we discuss NJPW King of Pro Wrestling which includes Shingo Takagi's debut, the BCOGs expanding and Omega's 3-way. Then we cap it off discus...
Shellshock Network author

History Of Pro Wrestling In The Rockford Metro Centre - Shellpod - EPISODE 100 SPECIAL

What's the big deal about Rockford, Illinois? A LOT ACTUALLY! Get ready to be educated in this very off the wall and highly inappropriate podcast covering the history of wrestling in this arena! From WWE to WCW to King of the Cage and to TNA, what even...
Shellshock Network author

Drunk Spooptacular: Mama Says Wash Your A$$ - Drunk In Your House - Episode 9

They're back with pumpkin spice booze as it's a spooky edition of DIYH. Joe and Zack bring on a shoot drinking buddy to talk about respecting your Mom and then get into wrestling's Halloweenie gimmicks till it deteriorates into a Benoit/Malenko debate....
Shellshock Network author

Bam Bam Bigelow In ECW - Shellpod - Episode 99

BAM..BAM!! It's Bam Bam Bigelow's epic stint in ECW as an absolute MONSTER. Before the Jersey Triad, Bigelow tossed Spike Dudley, took on all comers as World & TV champions and was apart of the arguably best incarnation of the Triple Threat! Donat...
Shellshock Network author

Understanding STARDOM & Joshi w/Dylan Harris - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 6

After a week off, WW returns with HUGE coverage of STARDOM's 5*GP tournament. Fun stuff ahead joined by Dylan Harris of MLW's Eastern Lariat & Lucha Talk to explain to Greg and any new or lapsed Joshi fans what exactly Joshi is and what STARDOM is!...
Shellshock Network author

Dramatic Dream Pilot + Dylan Vs Dino - DDT Dreamcast w/Dylan Harris - Episode 0

Shellshock Network is proud to introduce a unique podcast, a podcast covering DDT from Japan! DDT Dreamcast hosted by Greg and whoever he can get to join him on the dramatic adventures of this universe. Joining is MLW Radio Network's Dylan Harris. Dyla...
Shellshock Network author

Ricochet In NJPW - Shellpod - Episode 98

The one and only wasn't just a name for the sake of names. We cover Ricochet's NJPW run as one of their underrated juniors on the Jr division! Donate: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe t...
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #10 - Departure 2018

In the latest episode, Hi5ame discusses Departure 2018, GHC JuniorTag League, the return to wrestling of modern-day legend Takeshi Morishima and all the news from Pro Wrestling NOAH.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #9

In the ninth instalment of NOAH Archive we look forward to the return of KENTA, reflect on Kenoh in Frontline, get set for Global Junior Tag League and Hi5ame gets some things of her chest...
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #8

In this latest episode of NOAH Archive, we reflect on the events from the Navigation With Breeze tour and other NOAH news including details of a returning member of the NOAH old guard.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive: Road To Budokan

A podcast extra talking about the relevance of the Budokan venue to NOAH.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #7

In this episode of NOAH Archive we look at the happenings during Global Tag League 2018. We also cast our eye over the news including Marufuji and Kawada's talk battle and the return of Kenso.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #6 - Green Guide: History Of A Promotion

Our sixth episode is a brief beginners guide to NOAH or everything you wanted to know about but were afraid to ask. From the promotions formation, the highs and lows of the promotion are traced up to the current day.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #5

Episode 5 of NOAH Archive, the English language podcast dedicated to Pro Wrestling NOAH. In this episode we take a look at 'Navigation Of Dash 2018' and all the news over the last couple of weeks. The music used in this podcast (in order): Necronomid...
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #4: An Interview With Sheldon Jean

On this special episode of the NOAH Archive podcast we speak to Canadian wrestler Sheldon Jean about his time in Japan and all things NOAH.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #3

The third episode of the English language podcast dedicated to Pro Wrestling NOAH! This episode focuses on 'Navigation For The Future 2018', primarily the shows on 27 January & 2 February.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #2

The second episode of NOAH Archive focuses the spotlight on the Kenoh Vs. Misawa Generation. Due to alterations there may be some audio quality issues which we hope to resolve by the next episode.
Shellshock Network author

NOAH Archive #1

The first episode of NOAH's Archive, a podcast dedicated to the Japanese wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH. In this episode the focus is Winter Navigation & NOAHful Gift 2017. Release date: 8 January 2018
Shellshock Network author

Hells In Cells & Gedo Betrayals - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 5

We're a day late but it wouldn't be our podcasts if it wasn't fashionably late. Gedo is a turncoat, Hell in a Cell was ok, Brie Bella has bushido spirit. Donate: Like us on Facebook: S...
Shellshock Network author

NWA Invasion Of WWE - Shellpod - Episode 97

WHERE DO WE START ON HOW THIS WENT WRONG? Yes folks, there was an NWA invasion of the WWE back in 1998. Why you ask? Well we get into that as well as why this was a big fat turd in a cement mixer. Follow us on Soundcloud @shellshock-network Donate: ww...
Shellshock Network author

Career Of Brian Pillman - Shellpod - Episode 96

He was as the biography that came out last year on him reads, "Crazy Like a Fox." Brian Pillman was ahead of his time and even before the Loose Cannon, a fantastic wrestler. Now we cover his career from his Stampede Wrestling beginnings to his tragic d...
Shellshock Network author

What Are WWE's Japan Plans - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 4

New and improved Wrassle Weekly is here and we ask a question of with WWE lending NOAH Hideo Itami, Io Shirai and Meiko Satamura being apart of MYC, what is the end game for WWE? Are we getting an NXT Asia and is Satamura & Marufuji going to have h...
Shellshock Network author

RAW/Nitro Reviews II - Shellpod - Episode 95

As if podcasts, documentaries and specials haven't pounded the Monday Night War into the ground, here comes Greg & Donald to pound it even harder. Donald was once again smart in reviewing episodes of RAW & Nitro from 1995 while foolish Greg too...
Shellshock Network author

WCW/NJPW Collision In Korea - Shellpod - Episode 94

Sources vary as to how this show was conceived but no matter how it was, it was quite a turd. Hear about the show that made history in bringing the US on North Korean territory for wrestling of all things! Follow us on Soundcloud @shellshock-network D...
Shellshock Network author

After The Fact - ALL IN (Live Experience & Review)

ALL IN is ALL DONE and how was it for the live fan and the viewers at home? I can at least speak for myself. Check Out Our Catalog: Donate:
Shellshock Network author

Career Of Bruiser Brody Part 2 - Shellpod - Episode 93

The legend of this legend continues as we get into Brody's runs in Dallas, his conversion to Inokism before having to crawl back to Baba and finally his unfortunate demise. WE ARE NOW ON STITCHER! You can now listen to us on Stitcher, iTunes, Podbean...
Shellshock Network author

After The Fact - AAA Triplemania XXVI (2018)REVIEW

AAA Lucha Libre's equivalent to WrestleMania is officially in the books and did it live up to the comparison? Check Out Our Catalog: Donate:
Shellshock Network author

Break The Shell Brother: A Tuesday In July - Drunk... In Your House - w/Greg - Episode 8

Messing up PPV titles, Spanish speaking Italians, Kenny Omega & Stephanie McMahon being power bottoms, break the shell brother it's This Tuesday in Texas. Also that loser Greg joins in on this event with the drunk bois! Donate:
Shellshock Network author

After The Fact - WWE SummerSlam 2018

Quite the show but was it as bad as we expected it to be? Follow us on Soundcloud @shellshock-network Donate: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on YouTube:
Shellshock Network author

Predictions Summerslam Weekend - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 3

Covering ROH, CMLL & 205 Live! as well as crack into predictions for Summerslam Weekend! Follow us on Soundcloud @shellshock-network Donate: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us o...
Shellshock Network author

After The Fact - G1 Climax 28 Finals REVIEW

Your review for this morning's G1 Climax 28 Finals, quite the tournament. Get into the show itself as well as look into the upcoming tours and Wrestle Kingdom 13! Follow us on Soundcloud @shellshock-network Donate: Li...
Shellshock Network author

The Career Of Bruiser Brody Part 1 - Shellpod - Episode 92

Before Kenny Omega, Joey Janella, Cody Rhodes and the Youngbucks, the innovator of freelance was Bruiser Brody. An actual outlaw of wrestling, was out for himself and his family would tear up the ring from the US, Puerto Rico and Japan from WWWF, AJPW,...
Shellshock Network author

Already Breaking Code - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 2

After tech issues, Wrassle Weekly is back! Not good when one episode in and tech is keeping you from making podcasts, but we beat the odds and cover CMLL, NXT, 205 Live! & Impact. Follow us on Soundcloud @shellshock-network Donate:
Shellshock Network author

Cosmic Dumpster Fire 1 Year Anniversary Supershow - Drunk... In Your House - Episode 7

This made it past a month? That's right! Joe-Joe and Zacky-Poo are celebrating a whole year of destroying their livers watching wrestling. Encourage the poor behavior by listening to them cover GLOW season 2 and EXPOSED! Wrestling's Greatest Secrets. I...
Shellshock Network author

SMW Night Of The Legends 1994 - Shellpod - Episode 91

After solo on G1 Climax, ROH Honor For All and RISE 9 coverage, Donald joins us for our main topic of Smoky Mountain Wrestling's Night of the Legends show where we see young Chris Jericho and young Lance Storm, Chris Candio, the Gangstas, Jim Ross, Hea...
Shellshock Network author

The Unspeakable Pilot + New Champions - Wrassle Weekly - Episode 1

A new show comes to the Shellshock Network, Wrassle Weekly! Covering weekly wrestling from ROH, NXT, 205 Live!, CMLL, Impact ANYTHING to be honest in this fetus stage. This week we cover Jay Lethal and Tomasso Ciampa's title wins and compare the 4-ways...
Shellshock Network author