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This podcast contains the video and audio tips shared at that will help you train better, train smarter, and become a more effective racer at distances from the 5k through ultramarathons.

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News and Training Advice for Marathoners and Ultra-Runners From a New England Perspective
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2016 Back Cove Standings – 1 Race Remaining

Are you racing in the Back Cove Weekly Series tonight? It is the last race of the season, and this year there are not just overall winners but also age group awards! Click here to download full results for eligible runners. Amongst the highlights, are ...
Blaine Moore author

Maine to DC: Updates #4 and #5

Gary has been making great time this weekend, and as I write this on Monday morning he’s over 335 miles into his trip, and is making his way through Connecticut! Pretty soon he’ll be going through my old stomping grounds. Fun stat #1: Gary covered 327 ...
Blaine Moore author

Maine to DC: Update #3

Yesterday was day 4 of Gary Allen’s run from Maine to DC. He totaled around “43” miles, and I put that in quotes because he discovered that if he leaves the orange line his mileage stops counting until he rejoins it, and then it’s just the original mil...
Blaine Moore author

Maine to DC: Update #2

Gary got about 90 miles through yesterday, and today has already passed the 100 mile mark. It looks like he will be running through Portland tomorrow for anybody in the Brunswick to Biddeford area that wants to join him for a few miles or to bring him ...
Blaine Moore author

Maine 2 DC: Update #1

I just heard from Gary, and he’s left us an update from the road about 2/3 of the way through today’s run. You can listen to it below: Click the play button to hear Gary’s update: Click here to Download [ 0:03:38 | MP3 | 5.2 MB ] Gray ran 45.3 miles ye...
Blaine Moore author