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Episode 05 - Jill, Part II

The Josher sits down for with his good friend Jill Gabica for part two of two episodes to talk about her running journey. They talk about the many adventures they both had from "running" half marathons at 27 weeks pregnant, going for a PR in mid-July h...
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Episode 05 - Jill, Part I

The Josher sits down with his good friend Jill Gabica for part one of two episode to talk about her running journey. They talk about her lackluster middle school running career in Murtaugh, Idaho and how nearly 15 years later she picked the sport back ...
Pod Bash author

Episode 04 - Amy

Josher sits down with Amy Thackeray to talk about her running story. Dubbed "The Sickest Athlete" if the ailment is included in WebMD odds are Amy has or had it. Amy has overcome early childhood illnesses and allergies along with bouts with giardia, pn...
Pod Bash author

Episode 03 - Shelbie

What keeps you running? Is it fitness? Is it the competition? What is your reasons were so intimately personal that as you run you carry the banner and message of another's life? That's exactly the drive of this episode's guest, Shelbie Dunford. Carri...
Pod Bash author

Episode 02 - Carla and Reese

Josher sits down with Carla Thorne to talk about her son amazing son Reese. Born with a rare genetic disorder called PCH type II he wasn't expected to live past two years old, but Reese has defied the odds. Taking each day as a gift the Thorne family a...
Pod Bash author

Episode 01 Jorge - Part II

The Josher is back with Jorge Garcia in part two of this episode of The Runcast. Jorge talks about his involvement involvement with race pacing and his founding of the RYR Pacing Team, coaching and the Running Club. Listen to parts one and ...
Pod Bash author

Episode 01 - Jorge

The Runcast is back for a third season with a new focus and a new format. Out is the music playlist as the focus is on YOU the runner. Season Three is all about your running story! Season Three kicks off with The Josher interviewing co-host and close f...
Pod Bash author

The Runcast 008 - The 90s

The Josher and Jimbo take you on a tour of the best running songs of the 1990s. Jimbo questions Josher's choices ... Nirvana? Ace of Base? Chumbawumba? Did The Josher get it right? You decide on the latest episode of The Runcast. Listen to the episode...
Pod Bash author

The Runcast Episode 007 - This is Halloween

The Josher goes solo for this episode of The Runcast and it's our HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Jam out with The Josher to some awesome Halloween inspired running songs. Also, listen to some rather horrific running stories and learn life lessons from that runner ...
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The Runcast Episode 006 - Out Run Cancer!

Meridith "The Dith" Ethington joins The Josher for a special "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" episode of The Runcast. Meridith shares the story of her fight with breast cancer and how her faith, family and running helped her through it. Meridith and The...
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The Runcast Episode 005 - Rock the Run

Spencer Larsen from the podcast Are We Prepared, Yet? rocks out with The Josher to some of his favorite rock songs including a little Muse, some Imagine Dragons and Foo Fighters. The Josher and Spencer talk about upcoming October races and start planni...
Pod Bash author

The Runcast Episode 004 - Classic Rock

Joe Coles from On Hill Events joins The Josher as they jam out to some classic rock! Joe talks about his new marathon in St. George, the rebranded Layton Marathon and the number of awesome Halloween and Santa Runs that On Hill Events will be putting on...
Pod Bash author

The Runcast Episode 003 - Addict II Athlete

Coach Blu from Addict II Athlete joins The Josher on a LONG RUN episode with music dedicated to National Recovery Month. Coach Blu talks about his road to recovery, the founding of Addict II Athlete and the amazing athletes in the program today. Plus, ...
Pod Bash author

Runcast 002 - Guilty Pleasures

It's a full house as Mr. Jorge, Jimbo and Nick join The Josher for an episode full of guilty pleasures. The Runcast Crew shares some some of those songs that are everyone's running playlist, but no one wants to really admit. But, is that really the cas...
Pod Bash author

Runcast Episode 001 - The Eighties

The Josher goes at it solo as he shares some of his Top 10 favorite hits from 1980s. Do you agree with his Top 10? Don't miss out a BIG giveaway into the Timp Half on July 29th down American Fork Canyon! Listen to the episode and follow The Runcast on ...
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The RunCast New Year Goals!

Pod Bash author

Ultra-Running with Coach Blu!

The Josher and Coach Blu have an emotional conversation about running the 50 mile Pony Express race.
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Pod Bash author

Midnight Run!

Pod Bash author

Runcast Music pt.2!!!

Pod Bash author

Josh Plays His Favorite Music For Running!

Pod Bash author

Race 2 Erase!

Pod Bash author

Boston Marathon

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Winter Running

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Dealing with Common Running Injuries

Josh is joined by Physical Therapist, Dr. Matt Hansen -- his brother -- and owner of the "Freedom2Move" fitness videos. The Hansen brothers talk about the seven most common running injuries from Runner's Knee to stress fractures ... and everything in...
Pod Bash author

Addict II Athlete

The Runcast is baack in an all new episode!
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Thanksgiving 2015

New episode of Runcast USA! Jorge, Jim and Joshua are joined by Shaylee from Runtastic Events (the first female guest on the podcast). Jorge explains why he didn't show up for the last show -- and brings Costa Vida as retribution. Much to the delight o...
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Episode 4

The Halloween episode of the Utah Runcast!!!
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Episode 3

The third episode of the Utah Runcast!
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Episode 2

It's the second episode of the widely popular Utah Runcast!!!
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Episode 1

In the debut episode of The Utah Runcast Joshua, Jim and Jorge discuss their first half and full marathons, try to find Jim a first marathon. And, talk about Josh's irrational fear of deer.
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