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Quasi-weekly answerers to science questions, along with brief lessons and ideas for teachers and students.

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Quasi-weekly answerers to science questions, along with brief lessons and ideas for teachers and students.
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How to Navigate by the Sun

Now you can find out where you are even if you don't have GPS. Learn how to find south along with your latitude and longitude using only a few household items.
David Colarusso author

Nomenclature -- Special Relativity (2 of 5)

Last week we covered the two postulates of special relativity, and next week we'll use geometry to derive some of its consequences, but first we need to learn some nomenclature. It's not exciting, but it will prove helpful in the long run.
David Colarusso author

Two Postulates -- Special Relativity (1 of 5)

The bizarre consequences of special relativity arise from two postulates, two things which once accepted lead to Einstein's space-time. In this series of five episodes, we will introduce and build upon these postulates to derive the consequences of spe...
David Colarusso author

How to Build a Paper Quadrant

The quadrant is a simple tool for measuring the altitude (angle) of an object above the horizon. This episode makes use of a printable template found at:
David Colarusso author

What is quantum tunneling?

Einstein may have believed God doesn't play dice, but God need not conform to Einstein's beliefs. This piece explores the phenomenon of quantum mechanical tunneling whose explanation requires us to accept the reality of quantum mechanics. It's not a tr...
David Colarusso author

Could that really happen? Phylm examines the bus jump from Speed

In the movie Speed a bus is forced to jump an unfinished portion of highway to avoid setting off a bomb on the bus rigged to explode should it go below fifty miles an hour. Of course, they make it, but we want to know if this could really happen.
David Colarusso author

What is the conservation of angular momentum?

What do bicycle wheels, figure skaters, and exploding stars have in common? That's right, angular momentum.
David Colarusso author

How to build a simple electric motor, plus how it works.

A fast-paced time-laps demo of how to build your own electric motor.
David Colarusso author

Electricity and Magnetism Hand Rules (part one)

Electricity and magnetism are intimately connected. Explore their relationship in this short explanation of the hand rules.
David Colarusso author

What is the magnetic field?

In the inaugural episode of the Tabletop Explainer, examine the magnetic field. What is is and what is it good for?
David Colarusso author