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Darren Naish and John Conway talk all things tetrapod, and some things not.

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Darren Naish and John Conway talk all things tetrapod, and some things not.
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25.07.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 69: The SpecZoo Podcats

In this less farty episode, FU, white-eyes (again) and Jinfengopteryx. News World o' News: Junzi the gibbon, Chinese hominins at 2.2 Ma, and books books books. A Cash 4 Question (no we don't do those anymore) on bovids and domestication. And our main e...
John Conway and Darren Naish author
11.07.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 68: Yes it Farts

We have a new enemy, the SquaMates Podcast. News from Darren and John: John's new superhero/Pokemon crossover fanart, BTCon2018, the Eotyrannus monograph, TetZooCon. News from World of News includes, Loch Ness eDNA, Foro is a touraco, Summerside, Kram,...
John Conway and Darren Naish author
21.06.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 67: Stupid Successful Frog

In this ramshackle episode, FU: how to pronounce generic names for cheetahs. News from World of Darren and John: Darren needs to leave SciAm (give hime money!), Jurassic World and Lego, trees, magpies, and abstract expressionist dinosaurs (yes you need...
John Conway and Darren Naish author
12.06.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 66: Giant Man-Babies

In this episode, FU on white-eyes, liberal left and anti-vaxxers, CTO not TCO or was the TCO not CTO? News from the World of "Science and Books": After Man new edition, is the giant cheetah really a cheetah, and sweaty wolverines. News from World John ...
John Conway and Darren Naish author
24.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 65: The Glands of Time

In this episode, John finds his mute switch, News from World of News: giant Rhaetian ichthyosaurs, Dracula pterosaur, Art Bell, and the final (maybe?) Cash for Questions; Aurochs, glands, and finding things.
John Conway and Darren Naish author
4.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 64: Reverse the Polarity of the DNA Refraction!

In this episode, Darren meta-review and actual review of God's Word or Human Reason, News from World of News: Occultonectia and polycotylids, seafloor ziphiid fossils, and Chilesaurus AGAIN. Cash for Questions too.Popular Tat, we've both seen Annihilat...
John Conway & Darren Naish author
22.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 63: No Bigger than a Cane Toad

In this episode, FU listeners! with glowbones, enantiornithine, Beelzebufo, pterosaurs. Also NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF NEWS Chendytes, Penkalski ankylosaurids, and pterosaurs. More cash for questions and no popular tat (no time!).
John Conway and Darren Naish author
9.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 62: Back and Bigger than a Brontosaurus

The podcats is back for reals, and bigger than ever. In this episode fluorescence in chameleons,  bite force in frogs, Neanderthal cave art, and cash for questions. Also, a good deal of popular tat, and very special reading, by Darren Naish.
John Conway & Darren Naish author
9.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/510be2c1e4b0b9ef3923f158/t/510c05fee4b0246a7770657e/1359742468069/1500w/square-large.jpg

Episode 61: The Ghost of Podcats Past

Episode 61, which has laid dormant for eight months, is here! I don't remember what's in it. Enjoy!
John Conway & Darren Naish author

Episode 60: A Question Catalysm

In this Cash for Questions!-filled episode, cats, dogs, toads, wolverines, hominids, caseids, tortoises, stupid ratites, nasty honey badgers, and not everything you wanted to know about turtles. Also phylogenetic trees.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 59: The Arrival of Ornithoscelida Face

In this shamefully delayed, but convincingly long episode: Ornithoscelida, the faces of Tyrannosaurs, and quite the rant on Arrival:Darren: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆John: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 58: The Spankian Stage

In the brand-spankin' new episode, Darren and John let chaos reign while still trying to say some stuff. Cash for Questions! includes vampires big and small, and a chemistry question which gets a predictably well thought out, knowledgeable and precise ...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 57: Is This Paper Big Enough?

An episode so short, we hardly say anything.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 56: Rogue Eyes

The much-anticipated Episode 56 is here. Darren and John discuss the the dinosaur controv-ersy or contra-versy (it controversial) of dinosaur soft tissue, the origin or affinities of Jar Jar Binks, and what we know about dinosaur eyes. Also, Darren's a...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 55: The Remake

For the third time... no, I can't be bothered. News from the World of News, Cash for Questions! etc.Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 54: War of the Animals

In this thrilling episode, Darren and John discuss, unsurprising phylogenetic studies, why birds won't get in the water and frogs won't get out, the patheticness of viverrids, and whether other animals go to war intentionally (if, indeed, humans do). A...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 53: Hunting Cultural Monsters

In this episode, Darren and John discuss Darren's new book, Hunting Monsters: Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths. Lots of of discussion of cryptozoology, and some terrible popular tat.Buy Darren's book here!Download here.
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 52: Not a Prosauropod

In this long-awaired episode, remedies for epidemics, the mystery of Eshanosaurus, and xenarthran origins. Probably other things too, but we've recorded so many in the last couple of days I've forgotten (also I have no memory).Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 51: The Reboot Reawakens

In this episode, tool use in not-avian dinosaurs, tetrapods riding tetrapods, and Darren and John give career advice* (yes, really). Then, discussion of Star Wars VII, the first film since the abysmal Lucy John rates higher than Darren.Darren: ★★★★★★★☆...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 50: Special Edition

In this very special episode of the The Tetrapood Zoology Procarts, big cat books, plesiosaur papers, and Cash for Questions! on Amargasaurus spines, and speculation on the replacements for amphibians. Also, discussion of Star Wars the original series,...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 49: Cowboys vs Tetrapodcats

In this episode, Darren and John get progressively less serious. Starting White Nose Syndrome in bats and the history of such events, giant herbivores of the Permian, and tool use in snakes, discussion concludes with a chaotic rundown of the merits of ...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 48: Not Ground Birds Anymore

In this much delayed episode, the value of hybridisation in conservation, the proportions of large pterosaurs, evolving flight from gliding animals, and our choice of the best fossil taxon to find with soft tissue preservation.Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 47: Breading a Machairodont

In this episode, many Cash for Questions!: the advantage of sabre teeth, our favourite speculative worlds, the latest fads among deer, flightless pterosaurs and Dong Tao chicken feet. Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 46: Large and Lissamphibious

In this question-tastic episode, Darren and John are back with amphibians (or lissamphibians?), the birthing habits of metriorhynchids, melanosomes in birdy dinosaurs, sperm whales, and small dinosaurs (or lack thereof). Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 45: Extinction Time

In this extinction-filled episode, Nanotyrannus, Schmanotyrannus, the frog problem, the survival of non-avian dinosaurs past the M/C extinction time, and Darren and John's dinosaur movies plots.Also, TetZooCon 2015 - get your tickets here.Download here...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 44: Jurassic World Special

John and Darren discuss Jurassic World. Spoilers! It's no good.Darren: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆John: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 43: Independent Blob Dog

In this late episode, Darren and John discuss the Romanian find of century, dinosaur premaxillary genetics, and Yee chee, or Yee kwee, or something. Also, Cash for Questions!: is Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour a tetrapod? and Africa as a Pleistoc...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 42: Chaos Reigns

In this crazy mixed up episode Darren leaves out all the juicy bits from his trip to Romania,  pterosaurs landing, domesticated horses in sub-saharan Africa, and the evolution of beaks in dinosaurs. Also the return of Brontosaurus, and the return of pa...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 41: Forward-Staring Goats

Brace yourselves listeners, as we MOVE THE SEGMENTS AROUND. First up is Cash for Questions! with the gait of synapsids, the homology of scales, and Myotragus and the giant Minorcan lagomorphs. News From World of Darren & John includes the new short...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 40: Darren Heard an Owl, John Saw a Dog in a Jumper, but No One has Seen a Monkey Playing a Banjo

It’s the big four-oh, and FU is a complete mess: Red Letter Media guy, Rio 2, How Big is Texas (bigger or smaller than France !), Spotted owlet. News from World of Darren & John includes the news from The Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Confere...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 39: #Batfacts #Podcats

In this #batfacts episode, FU Darren, Rio stars a cockatoo, more  #Batfacts and other #hashtags: #BuildaBetterFakeTheropod and #TetZooNameGame.  News From World of News includes #SaveDippy, Finding Bigfoot UK, Jurassic snakes, Hume’s owl revelation, an...
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 38: A Not Too Shabby Podcarts

In this not to shabby episode, FU on Planet of the Apes, Darren talks to school kids, Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Conference, FROGS, Tet Zoo 9th birthday. News from world of news is Darren's take on Conquest of the Skies David Attenborough seri...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 37: Dawn of the Planet of the Non-Homo sapiens Apes

In this Best Dinosaur episode, FU includes cassowaries, ‘Labrodon’, liberal Hollywood, and gull feet. News from Darren & John includes Darren the cruisemeister, Big Book, what’s at Tet Zoo, FROGS, Tet Zoo's birthday, and no news from John. News fro...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 36: The Fifth Dimension is LURVE

In this time-dilated episode, FU on hyenas, new in cassowaries, seals vs porpoises, Alanqa jaws, and giant Chinese nothosaurs. Cash for Questions! include the fossil bias of unusual specimens, and why gulls stare at their feet.Our Popular Tat section i...
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 35: Even the least doggy of dogs look like doggy-dogs

In this shockingly normal-length episode, we have more FU on freediving, how to Patreonise Darren, Archelosauria, Vintana the gondwanathere, and Cartorhynchus. Our C4Q this episode is about the possible switcheroo of hyenas and dogs in their cursorial ...
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 34: What the Hell?

In this thrilling and unbelievably long episode, FU dumbass Darren! Lungs & diving, Star Wars screwup again, re-wilding & ecotourism, and a plethora of other things Darren got wrong. News from World of Darren & John includes the Shanklin cr...
John Conway author

Episode 33: Uncle Darren Loves Animals

John and Darren launch into followup, which is mostly about how big legs are or aren't. News of the world of Darren and John and also News include our palaeoart article, Darren’s lament, kangaroos that didn't hop or did, podcats reviewed at Li’L Box Bi...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 32: Waddling with Spinosaurs

So, I'm uploading this from an internet cafe in Malta, so I can't listen, and I can't for the life of me remember what's in this episode. Safe bet: some dinosaurs, pterosaurs, Cash for Questions! and some terrible movie. Am I close?Download here.
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 31: Oh Noah, not Rodent Teeth!

After a month long hiatus, Darren and John return, with this overlong, self-important, dull and portentous episode. News from the World of News includes the best and worst of teeth at the SVPCA, deer-cow hybrids (or as we call them "cows"), Transylvani...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 30: Live in the pub, wobbles, falls over

Live Google Hangouts are hard. Too hard for us. After the technical collapse of the Google Hangout, we decided to record locally and put up what we had. Recording locally is hard too (apparently), and much of it was lost. Finally, the batteries in our ...
John Conway author

Episode 29: Superheroes Hate Genetics

Episode 29 includes, are new tapirs really new?, a TetZooCon round up, a quick discussion of and many a cash for question. Questions include the usefulness to eve-devo to palaeontology, the advantage of antlerage, why pterosaurs are better than birds, ...
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 28: Sideways Nipply-Things

Darren and John cover some followup, including the usual unbelievably stupid mistakes Darren makes about little ratty things, and John's bungling at TetZoo Tech leading to everyone's email not being read over the last couple of months.We then whip thro...
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 27: Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!

Darren and John discuss a Sussex big cat, the eating of a great white shark, punching in the face, Deinocheirus, and the Angeac dinosaur. Such pointless banter stops for the main event: GODZILLA. Thoughts and spoilers on three Godzilla films  (1954, 19...
John Conway author

Episode 26: Only a Swingin' Cat would try a Muppet Rap

Episode 26 is here, beamed direct from TetZoo Tech to your brain. Tetrapodcats Dr. Darren and JC.co lay down some News from the World of News, with tapirs, ratites, Amazonian dromomerycines, and more. Listeners drop some Cash for Questions!, with spec ...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 25: Mysterious Mammals

In episode 25, Darren and John discuss news from the world of TetZoo, TetZooCon, Gagagon, Crash bandicoot (if that is its real name), the new tyrannosaur, and Aplestosuchus. Cash for Questions! are on the Pleistocene extinction, and non-mammalian synap...
John Conway author

Episode 24: If I told you to say Niche, would you Switch?

In this thrilling episode: John was taken in by an obvious shoop of a president on a moose, Darren's new bird paper, Alligators, plesiosaur snouts, new hupehsuchians and tapirs, and chickens. Cash for Questions! include a confused followup on Toxoplasm...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 23: Does Toxoplasma Make You Like Podcats?

In this endless (droning) episode, Darren and John stick to the outline. Much follow up, the intelligence of moose, many Cash for Questions!, including our confused ramblings on Toxoplasma, the best bit of evolution - when we stopped all being fish, an...
John Conway& Darren Naish author

Episode 22: Bergmann's Fool!

In this annoying episode, Darren speaks to us from underwater to tell us about the new tapir and theropods, and John gets annoyed with  Bergmann's Rule. Cash for Questions! includes flightless bats, and the cuteness of babies that are not your own spec...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 21: Is Darren Dumb, or are Caecilians Stupid?

In this highly untelligent episode, John and Darren discuss MC Hammer (Extinction Time), the intelligence of amphibians, the stupidest tetrapod, the stupidest movie (Walking With Dinosaurs), and also, less fitting with the theme, mosasaurs.Download her...
John Conway and Darren Naish author

Episode 20: Locked in TetZoo Towers!

In this all-singing, all question-answering episode, Darren and John discuss baby-saving birds (photos), the sociability of varanids, whether other tetrapods could have evolved to fill our niche, whether four limbs make you a tetrapod, and, of course, ...
John Conway& Darren Naish author