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Four everyday guys with one goal: to provide a non-biased, non-network image protecting, realistic view on sports, pop culture & current events.

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Four everyday guys with one goal: to provide a non-biased, non-network image protecting, realistic view on sports, pop culture & current events.
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Episode # 55 Comedians, Drafts, and Grammys

  In this episode Coco takes aim at Monique in her opening monulouge,  the crew discuss her status in comedy, Grammy interest, and the Allstar draft results.  Tip and RES draft their own teams fromthe all stars and break down trade moves.  Kick back an...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 54 Doll Fights

RES opens up the show on his one of his favorite movies relates to an icon.  Coco updates the crew on what’s going on in social media, misrepresentation of sexual assault in the  entertainment industry and the controversial sex doll.  Tip and MM react ...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 53 2018 takeover

Takeover breaks over… the Crew is joined by Superstar P as they discuss Lupe vs K.Dot, Oprah 2020, the NFL Playoffs, and LaVar “Lithuania” Balls effect on the Lakers.  Kick back, relax as the team Puts You On Game!!!
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 52 We Back!!!

2018 is here and the PYOG is back in full force.  The crew catches you up on the last 2 months, calls their shots for 2018 from music to sports.  Coco goes on an epic Cardi B and Cowboys rant and Tip and Motormouth get you ready for the NFL Playoffs!!!
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 51 Turkey Time and Sports

The holiday season is in the AIR so why not break the ice with a little catchup/pour up discussing our Thanksgiving plans. We also give our POV predictions about the Boston vs Golden State game and of course, we discuss the cowboy embarrassing loss to ...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 50 Winning World

The PYOG crew is back on their craziness discussing issues about the world of sports and entertainment. On this particular episode, we talk mostly about whats going on with women in America regarding their overall status.  We highlight the dating scene...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 49 Cardi Barbie malarkey

  The Crew breaks down the Cardi B proposal PR stunt or naw. Cuffing Season officially starting, Cardi vs Nicki, Nicki’s place all time among female MC’s. Tip and MotorMouth go back and forth on Cowboys playoffs chances. 
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 48 NO HELP???

  Motormouth opens up the show on an excellent opening monologue on King James, The Crew kicks game on Lebron/MJ, The Greek Freak, Lonzo Ball, and the Undisputeds Top 50 Players of All-time, debate breaks out when Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Steph Curry,...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 47 NBA Opening Tip

TIP celebrates his anniversary, Coco gives am update on her journey in finding love, and the Crew jumps into NFL breakdown and NBA Opening Tip.  Kick back and relax as the team Puts You On Game!
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 46 Zeek

  The gang reacts to Zeke’s suspension restatement, whos better in the future Dallas vs Philly, Coco on the world rumors debut, and Eminiems stand on the BET awards 
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 45 Got Damn Cam

The Crew is back breaking down the Cam Newton dibacle and if it’s a big deal or not, but not before touching in with a Las Vegas native after the tragic shooting.  Later on Coco gets into her birthday recap and the gang gives advice on moving forward. ...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 44 Playboy vs playbooks

Motormouth gives a salute to the legendary Hugh Hefner, The crew get into the Cowboys season. So far, what’s up with the big 3 of Dak, Zeke, Dez?  The gang recaps the NBA offseason that never ended and what the moves mean going forward.  Kick back and ...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 43 Let Me Explain

Coco and RES welcome special guests J Avery and Glam from Square Biz Radio discuss the Kevin Hart Gate, why people cheat, side chicks, Tip calls in from Las Vegas to discuss Cowboys getting waxed and RES rants on Twitter finger KD. Kick back and relax ...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 42 NFL week 1 / Mamba 24/8

  The PYOG crew is back at it after week 1 of the NFL season, what were the surprises of the week. Also, the NBA talk sparks with special guest NBA Champion, 12 year Vet, Shreveport LA native Larry Robinson. Does Kobe deserve 2 jerseys retired? Is ther...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 41 Bullet Blanco V!bez

Port City Legend Bullet Blanco brings the Vibes to the Show as he and the PYOG gang discuss his album “Vibes”, the industry, working with top tier producer Zaytoven, thoughts on Future, on Eminem, beef in the city, D-Town artists he feeling, and just g...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 40 Issa Jokes

  The Crew give their condolences in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and interview a gentleman in Houston that was there.   Also, they break into NFL talk, fantasy football, and the jokes start flying when Coco and Motor mouth get into the latest epi...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 39 Twerkin to the Money / Trade

The Crew is back to discuss the big fight Connor Vs Money!!! Break down the Celtics Cavs trade and discuss Coco’ s twerk game and Ghostin situation… Kick back and relax as the team Puts You On Game!!!
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 38 RoyalTGame

The Game is Crowned this week as the crew collaborates with Royal Tea to tackle Donald Trump, Charlottesville, NFL vs NFLPA, Drake Vs K.Dot, and the ladies give us some Queenglish on vacationships and what they are looking for or not looking for in a m...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 37 K104 Game W/ Nina

The Crew is back with the one and only K104 personality, DeDe In The Morning assistant producer, radio Extrondinaire Nina!!! She put the crew on game regarding her start to the industry, working with DeDe in The Morning, and flips the script and interv...
putyouongam3.com author

Episode # 36 America’s Favorite Insecure Game

MotorMouth, RES, Coco, and Tip come together to kick game on the NFL Hall of Fame Game, Americas team, Sunken Place Ray Lewis &Why black stars didn’t openly support Kap. Tip was live at The BIG 3 in Dallas, and the bells start ringing as the crew d...
putyouongam3.com author