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UFOs And Aliens Part One With Jim Moroney

Jim Moroney has over 25 years of experience in UFO research and is an accomplished public speaker. A grounded highly proficient professional educator and international speaker, he has captivated audiences with his personal experiences and his insight i...
Redneck Radioman author

The Herbal Alchemist Handbook With Karen Harrison

Magick and the Healing Arts have developed hand in hand through the long centuries of human history. Before the advent of modern chemistry, the medical and ritual needs of peoples in all societies were met with the careful harvest, formulation and appl...
Redneck Radioman author

The Key Of Life With Author Randolph Rogers

From the author In just about everyone’s life, there comes a time when they may question their reason for existing. For me that journey began on a day in June of 1995, shortly after I had moved into my new home. A feeling swept over me that an old fri...
Redneck Radioman author

Where Did The Towers Go With Author Dr Judy Wood

Also joining me and Dr Wood will be Andrew Johnson to discuss his free ebook 911 finding the truth Over a half mile of vertical building height, containing nearly 150 football fields of floor space, was reduced to a near-level field of dust and debris,...
Redneck Radioman author

The Real Men In Black With Nick Redfern

The Men in Black are Back: This Time, They’re Real . . . San Francisco, CA (June 1, 2011) –– Who are the "Men in Black"? In the blockbuster Hollywood movie of the same name, they were fictional characters. In real life, they are fearsome individual...
Redneck Radioman author

UFO's Religions And Spirituality With Author Tricia Mccannon

Tricia McCannon is a renowned American clairvoyant, historian, author, and teacher who has traveled the world in search of answers to the greatest Mysteries of the Ages. As a dedicated researcher, and mystical symbologist in many ancient paths of wisdo...
Redneck Radioman author

Ghost Hunters Guide To Free Internet Resources Elizabet Cox Ghost Hunters Guide To Free Internet Resources With author Elizabeth Eagan Cox    Until now, ghost hunters relied on modern equipment and high-tech gadgetry to hunt spirits and then attempt in-depth background resear...
Redneck Radioman author

The Weiser Field Guide To Witches With Author Judika Illes For centuries they have cast a spell over our collective imagination, luring children into ovens and kings to their doom. They peek whimsically from greeting cards and advertisements. They cast shadows over a dark and shamef...
Redneck Radioman author

Dulce Top Secret New Evidense With Norio Hayakawa Former director of the Civilian Intelligence Network, a loosely-knit citizens' watchdog group on government accountability and network of researchers, investigators and intelligence gatherers whose primary focus ...
Redneck Radioman author

The Giza Power Plant With Author Chris Dunn

Christopher Dunn has an extensive background as a craftsman, starting his career as an indentured apprentice in his hometown of Manchester, England. Recruited by an aerospace manufacturing company, he immigrated to the United States in 1969. Over the p...
Redneck Radioman author

Out Of Body Experience Past&Present Author Marilynn Hughes

Marilynn Hughes has three children and has experienced, researched, written and taught about Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism since 1987 and has appeared on innumerable radio and television programs to discuss her thousands of out-of-body experiences a...
Redneck Radioman author

The Only Psychic Book You'll Ever Need With Michael Hathaway

Michael R. Hathawaygraduated from the Boston Conservatory of Music and was a high school band director for thirty years until an auto accident eventually ended his teaching career.  He currently is the director of the White Mountain Hypnosis Center in ...
Redneck Radioman author

New Ghosthunting Documentary With Phil Ferguson

Join me as me and Phil talk about his new ghost hunting documentary coming soon.
Redneck Radioman author

The Trinity Secret With Authors Marie D Jones And Larry Flax

The Trinity Secret With Authors Marie D Jones And Larry Flaxman Marie is a best-selling author, screenwriter, researcher, radio show host and public speaker. She is the author of "2013: END OF DAYS OR A NEW BEGINNING- ENVIS...
Redneck Radioman author

Perpetual Motion An Ancient Mystery Solved By John Collins

Join me and John for a study of the life and work of Johann Bessler (aka Orffyreus)who claimed that he had perfected a Perpetual Motion machine in 1712. The evidence for his claims is examined and proof of his sincerity is discussed. The previously unk...
Redneck Radioman author

Science And The Near Death Experience With Chris Carter   Predating all organized religion, the belief in an afterlife is fundamental to the human experience and dates back at least to the Neanderthals. By the mid-19th century, however, spurred by the...
Redneck Radioman author

Temple Of Solomon With Author James Wasserman The Temple of Solomon From Ancient Israel to Secret Societies Untold aeons ago, a spark of light shot forth from the heavens to become the first speck of matter in that region of space now known as earth. From that min...
Redneck Radioman author

Ghost Hunting Documentary With Filmmaker Phil Ferguson

Join me and Phil as we talk about his new ghost hunting documentary
Redneck Radioman author

Defense Against The Darkness With Author Emily Carlin  Emily Carlin is an intuitive and eclectic witch.  Starting at age five or six she realized she could sense and communicate with energies and beings of which others weren't even aware, and was naturally interested in Pagan practic...
Redneck Radioman author

Temples Of The African Gods With Author Michael Tellinger Michael Tellinger is an international authority on the origins of humankind and the vanished civilizations of southern Africa. Scholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6...
Redneck Radioman author

Dancing With The Midwives With Author Ann Faison Dancing with the Midwives: A Memoir of Art and Grief, takes you through an intimate experience of grief that leaves you with a sense of the profound changes inherent in that process.  It is a personal story that c...
Redneck Radioman author

The Longest Journey With Author Sandy Donaghy   Sandy  was born in the town of North Queensferry in Fifeshire Scotland. on Wednesday the 16th of April 1941 at a quarter to midnight .His family  then moved, while he was a toddler, to the town of Rosyth.  He had an aver...
Redneck Radioman author

Gravitational Technology With Nuclear Scientist Mehran Keshe     Name: Mehran Tavakoli KESHEBorn In Iran in 1958, son to an X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear at a very young age.In the mid-seventies he moved to Europe for further education i...
Redneck Radioman author

An Enlightened Philosophy With Author Geoff Crocker An exciting, ground-breaking book This is an exciting book, breaking new ground and particularly breaking the stale confrontation between atheism and religion with a new synthesis. Calling on his experience i...
Redneck Radioman author

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies And Realities With Author Dr John

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities with author John B AlexanderPhd Dr. John Alexander has a long history of travelling a fine line between traditional science and studying various phenomena.  He has been judicio...
Redneck Radioman author

Weird Encounters With Joanne Austin And Ryan Doan Scarier and stranger than any multiplex horror movie, Weird Encounters features more than 75 supernatural stories contributed by writers from across the country. Compiled by Joanne M. Austin, editor of the hugely successful We...
Redneck Radioman author

The Book Of Six Rings With Author Jock Brocas Survival in life demands that you press every advantage—and what could be better than knowing what an aggressor will do before he does it? In The Book of Six Rings, internationally renowned psychic medium and martial artis...
Redneck Radioman author

Quantum Angel Healing With Author Eva Maria Mora Eva-Maria Mora is the founder of Quantum Angel Healing ®. Together with her husband Michael, she will present this new, sophisticated healing method, which is based on energy therapy and communication with angels. QA-H...
Redneck Radioman author

The Secret History Of Extraterrestrials with author Len Kasten WOULD YOU BELIEVE.... The Germans built a time machine in 1922 for communicating with Aldeberan? Aliens helped the Nazis build flying saucers? Aliens gave Hitler a cloned army of stormtroopers? Nikola Tesla h...
Redneck Radioman author

Planetary Transformation With Editor William Von Holst Planetary Transformation: The Coming Changes and What We Can Do About Them “Spiritual truths are real to me. They are not just theories. They are as factual as the trees, the sky, the sun and the moon…God to ...
Redneck Radioman author

The Art Of Psychic Dice With Author Robert Graves Do You Believe In Magic? Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind. Art Of Psychic Dice is your step-by-step guide to the relationship between psychokinetic energy and casino craps. 150,000,000 Am...
Redneck Radioman author

Paranormal Technolgy With Author David Roundtree David was born in 1954 in Suffolk, Virginia, an area rich in historic and haunted landmarks. His family originally settled in the Nansemond County area from England in 1735. The Rountree family became one of the prom...
Redneck Radioman author

True Nature With The Forest Witch Author Diane Wing Diane Wing, M.A. is a metaphysician/occultist who uses her abilities and experience to serve others as an author, teacher, vocational/business coach, intuitive consultant, and healer. Diane has a Master’s degree in clinical...
Redneck Radioman author

Making Your Wisdom Come Alive With Author Michael Gluckman Michael’s interest in meditation started in 1965 when he was introduced to the Quakers. The Quaker’s belief is that God is within you. This was a revelation, an aha moment that struck a deep cord. It was 25 years t...
Redneck Radioman author

Lucifer Father Of Cain Part 2 With Author And Filmmaker Zen Garcia The seeker of lost paradise may seem a fool to one who has never sought the other world. Zen Garcia is a webmaster, film and video producer, as well as a radio show host for and ...
Redneck Radioman author

The Secrets Of The Stones With Host Patrick Cooke And Barbara Delong There are hundreds of thousands of miles of ancient stone walls, and thousands of stone chambers, stone circles, and standing rows of stone covering the New England landscape. Little is clearly known about how, why...
Redneck Radioman author

Free Psychic Readings By Spirit Medium David Baker Psychic/Medium David M. Baker is the published author of "The Spirit Garden, A Medium's Journey". David's story of what it was like growing up with his gifts.  (More on David's Book page). Since the release ...
Redneck Radioman author

The Choice With Author Mike Bara Mike Bara is a New York Times Bestselling author, screenwriter and lecturer. A self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s first book Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA (co-authored with the venerable Richard...
Redneck Radioman author

Healing Self Healing Earth With Author Roy Holman As global citizens face more frequent news of environmental catastrophe along with an increasing desire to improve their own health and lifestyles, along comes a book that seamlessly weaves the two concerns into...
Redneck Radioman author

Global Crisis With Gary Willing Global Crisis “Worst financial crisis in a century. A planet in peril. War on two fronts...” Barack Obama. During today’s times of a global financial meltdown, war, political scandals, terrorism, crime,...
Redneck Radioman author

Paranormal Palace Radio 4 Year Anniversary Join me as I say thank you to the many people who have not only made Paranormal Palace Radio possible but also enabled it to continue, over the last four years it has been my priviledge and honor to interview s...
Redneck Radioman author

Atlantis 2012 With Author Frank Joseph In 1983, Frank Joseph began a quest for the lost civilization of Atlantis, which took him around the world several times. Since then, he has published more books about Atlantis than any author in history. They have b...
Redneck Radioman author

Messages From The Light With Author Christopher Coppes Messages from The Light makes clear that we are heading for a more wonderful future, but first we must realize that we have grossly neglected the spiritual part of ourselves and have focused too much on our own short-term s...
Redneck Radioman author

UFOS And The Extraterrestrial Message With Author Richard Lawrence Described by Kindred Spirit magazine as one "of the biggest talents in MBS", Richard's books, DVDs and CDs have been sold in many countries - translations have included Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Sp...
Redneck Radioman author

Starclear Clearing Negative Emotional Energy With Psychic Jeffery Seelman And Amy Lamb TheThe  mission of STARCLEAR is to reduce negativity, fear, and violence in our world by: 1) educating the public about the nature of negative spirits,  negative emotional energy, spiritual attack, and spiritual warfare. 2) e...
Redneck Radioman author

Nostradamus Bibliomancer With Author Peter Lemesurier Peter Lemesurier, a former Cambridge linguist and professional translator, and widely regarded as the world’s leading English-language Nostradamus expert, is the author of numerous works dedicated to solving ...
Redneck Radioman author

Chasing The Shadows With Filmmaker Timothy Schultz

\ Tim is a documentary filmmaker who has a passion for entertaining others and pursuing his dreams. When he was four years old, he used to create circus shows and haunted houses for the neighborhood kids. Today, things...
Redneck Radioman author

Life Death And Back With Author Cynthia Vespia Cynthia was drawn to writing early on in life where she established a successful career as a freelance journalist writing everything from features and fillers, to reviews and human i...
Redneck Radioman author

Devils And Demonology In The 21st Century With Author Katie Boyd Katie is a Demonologist and Occult Sciences/Crimes Expert with over 20 years experience and study in both fields. With over thirty different major religious beliefs Katie has answered the call as a Demonologist and Occult Ex...
Redneck Radioman author

The Fun Of Dying With Author Roberta Grimes About Roberta Grimes Author of The Fun of Dying An accomplished professional, Roberta Grimes is a financial planner and an attorney licensed in Massachusetts, Florida and Texas. While money is an oft-discussed topic, Gr...
Redneck Radioman author