Discussions about anything related to marine saltwater and reef tanks. Here we'll discuss everything from basic Fish Only tank care to advanced reef system care. We will also discuss equipment and DIY type projects.

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Discusions about anything related to marine saltwater and reef tanks. Here we will discuss everything from basic Fish Only tank care to advanced reef system care. We will also discuss equipment and DIY type projects.
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In this episode we cover the initial tank setup, sand, rock work, etc. its a pretty short episode so hope you all like it. I know the intro and outro are out of focus, i didnt realize until i got it off the camera... didnt think it was a big deal since...
Rob Weatherly author


In this episode i spend about 15 minutes or so walking through a list of initial equipment that will be needed to setup the tank. Please forgive me, i had recorded this video 4 times so it was a bit of a struggle to get through some issues i was having...
Rob Weatherly author


Welcome to Talkingreef Tank Journal, This is an introduction episode, i used this episode to test out some stuff with the video and distribution process. The idea of this show is give you an idea of the HD video (for premium members) and and overview o...
Rob Weatherly author


Intro*PoTM Contest Update* MACNA - Atlanta - Sept 5-7* ** New Local NewsTopic: Sumps* Proper Sump sizes* Dividing/Partitioning Sumps* Making Sumps* Plumbing SumpsQuestions and Answers* Correcting tank parameters with a mad batch ...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep15

Intro*PoTM Contest* MACNA - Atlanta - Sept 5-7* * MACNA XX Atlanta* New Local News - NoneQuestions and Answers* Quarantine Tanks* Proper tank hight for a reef tank* T5 lighting for a reef tank* System design questions for a muti tank setup.* What is th...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep14

Intro*Petco Petition - Talkingreef is not promoting you sign, jsut htat you read and sign if you feel you agree.* ** Show Times - do you want to keep RL at 8:00 EST (GMT -4)?* PoTM Contest* * http://www.ta...
Rob Weatherly author


Tank Cleaning* Tank maintenance rout table show TR 103* ** Prep water for water change and get it warming up and w salt* *
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep12

* Next weeks show topic: Tank CleaningQuestions and Answers Segment* Overflow system on a Nano Cube* Using an old Freshwater tank for a Saltwater tank* Can you over skim a reef tank?* Are any skimmers plankton friendly?* Can you over do UV sterilizatio...
Rob Weatherly author


* PoTM contest* Show format* Intro Topic: Feeding your tank- - Types of dry foods- - Types of frozen foods- - Prepaging homemade fish foods/mush* Do you need filtration in a Saltwater tank* 24th Annual Carolina Aquarium Workshop- - http://www.talkingre...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep10

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show* PoTM contest* Show length and format* Try new open format section* Intro Topic: Electrical Safety- - Dielectric grease on plugs- - Using drip loops- - GFI outlets and strips- - Com...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep9

* Trying Shorter shows - about 30-45 mins* Tank of The Month or Photo of The Month contests* Intro Topic: Converting Shallow Sand Bed (SSB) to a Deep Sand Bed (DSB)- - Converting a tank- - Remote Deep Sand beds- - Related links- - http://forum.marinede...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep8

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show* Intro Topic: Metal Halide Lights- - Past related shows- - - - Lighting Part 3 Metal Halide - Podcast Episode 77- - - - Q& A #9 - Podcast Episode 92- - - - Metal Halides with Sa...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep7

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show* Intro Topic: Tangs/Surgeon Fish- - Blades on Tale- - Cuts and spots on Tangs- - Behavior of scraping on rocks- - Tangs are scaleless fish making them more sensitive- - Tank size- -...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep6

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show* Free ways to support Talkingreef and Talkingreef Live* Rant Topic: Impulse buying* Frag Tanks- - What type of tank do i use for a frag tank and where to get one- - Frag Tank Lighti...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep5

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show- Briefly: About water flow and currents- How to get fish necropsy's performed- Thoughts on replacing a sump with a closed loop- Using Korillia, Tunze, and SEIO stream pumps- Handlin...
Rob Weatherly author


This week Jake Adams does a great interview with Tullio del Aquilla, a real leader in the LED lighting industry. This is a great interview for anyone interested in Lighting technologies and LEDs.Here is a list of items discussed in this interview- Intr...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep4

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live showI was again stuck using using my cell phone, so im sorry again about the audio.Thanks again for everyone that joined in for this show, participation was great- How to deal with advic...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep3

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live showI would like to apologize for by audio quality, i had some issues with my computer and had to join using my cell phone.Thanks again for everyone that joined in for this show, partici...
Rob Weatherly author


This is part two in the RO/DI series. In this 30 minutes video i take you through a full break down of an RO/DI unit.We Cover:- Component identification- Inline TDS meter- Ro Membrane dissection- Filter replacement- Unit assembly and disassembly
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep2

Keeping multiple dwarf angels WWM link:Lighting needs for Anemones and stony coral Should we use a Watt per gallon rating BTA and Rose Anemone Anemone Podcast: Anemones-TR-Ep40 T5 Lighting with Individual reflectors See also: LightingPart...
Rob Weatherly author


In this show i cover the ins and outs of Reverse Osmosis and Deionization. discussing wht it is, and how it works.i think work through various common questions that come up regarding water filtration and the use of RO / DIHere is a run down of the show...
Rob Weatherly author

Talkingreef Live - Ep1

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live showThanks again for everyone that joined us for this first show* Ritteri anemones has two mouths, splitting??* How to i add live rock to my tank without causing an ammonia spike* Horses...
Rob Weatherly author


In this episode I start of with generic rundown of MACNA XIX and then some details on next years MACNA XX.the Show then continues with some Questions and Answers from the voicemail line.The questions are on the following topics.> can we setup a true...
Rob Weatherly author


It's been a long time coming and with the help of some faithful Talkingreef members we bring you a full show on Tank maintenance. Discussing everything from pumps, lights, cleaning, tools and supplies, along with a few tips and tricks to help you out. ...
Rob Weatherly author


heres a great video put together by Astrivian on how he used his Mag24 pump to create a closed loop. This video contains many great ideas and concepts that you can use in your own setup. As Astrivian warns in his video, the pump he employs is likely ov...
Rob Weatherly author


Part 2 in the clownfish series, where we dive more into behavior, breeding, the brood stock tank and suchItems covered are as follows:* Brood stock tank* complications from Anemones* Spawning surfaces* Feeding* Co-Inhabitants* acquiring your pair* Mati...
Rob Weatherly author


Here is the first part in a series of shows on clownfish. This is a basic introductory show where i cover a series of items related to clownfish in general.Here is a list of the items i covered* History* Temperament* Tank setup* Anemones / Hosts* Co-In...
Rob Weatherly author


One of the main goals is to learn new information about Marine invertebrates, and to educate the people those involved. One part of the project that is now wrapping up is an extended series of classroom based observational experiments and research effo...
Rob Weatherly author


Following up with the theme on coral fragging, here is a full video on fragging various branching stony coral. In this video i show both in tank and out of tank fragging of:* Acropora yongei* Seriatopora hystrix* Monitpora Digitata* Pocillopora damicor...
Rob Weatherly author


For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Allen Chantelois. Allen has spent the last year measuring and documenting the light output of 7 metal halide bulbs over a period of 12 months. In this months edition of Reefkeeping Magazine he publi...
Rob Weatherly author


Here we go, another video for you all.As the title suggests, this video covers one of many techniques used to frag a Colt Coral.Make sure you check it out and provide any feedback or share your methods or experiences.
Rob Weatherly author


every hear of SaltwaterU? when this show is for you.. for those that know of it and those that dont. This Week i am joined by Kevin Jessop as he takes us through all that is SaltwaterU 3. The marine conference held in Atlanta Georgia and hosted by the ...
Rob Weatherly author


For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Sanjay Joshi. Sanjay is publishing an article describing what Metal Halides are and how they work. Make sure you check this out if you want to learn more about MH lighting from one of our hobby's le...
Rob Weatherly author


This week with a "back to the basics" type show for you all. In this show i cover two topic. The first topic is on various types of water testing and details on water parameters, and the second is a quick topic on Aptasia control methods, here are some...
Rob Weatherly author


Heres another Question and answer show. I have some time to fill before we continue with the seahorse shows so here are some questions that i have come across over the past few weeks.List of topics discussed:- Show download speeds- why only one video f...
Rob Weatherly author


Have a Euroreef Skimmer?Every wanted to see if you could get better performance from your Euroreef skimmer?Well this may be just want you are looking for.In this video Dave Perry (JustDavidP) and Gustavo Pagnozzi (Neo) take us through step by step in t...
Rob Weatherly author


For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Brian Plankis. Brian is publish a feature article this month that is an introduction to Project DIBS. Many of you have seen the name, and the logo in our partner section, some of you may have even r...
Rob Weatherly author


It has finally begun, the long anticipated series on Seahorse care.In this first episode i am joined by David Perry (JustDavidP) and Greg Hix (Saxman) to talk about the basic care of seahorses and then into topics on picking out seahorses.Here is a hig...
Rob Weatherly author


This week i am presenting a video on building a DIY Tube Fuge, this video walks you through the process of building and putting in place a DIY Tube Fuge.The video was done by Samuel Helms, its a concept project that was he researched put together.I wou...
Rob Weatherly author


The week we have a quick listener question from Mark, then we move on to an interview. In this Interview Jake Adams interviews Alina Szmant. During this interview they dive into the details behind coral reproductions and current research efforts.
Rob Weatherly author


This months reefkeeping edition podcast is an interview with Sarah Lardizabal. In this show she gives us a great introduction to macroalgae.Here are some of the topics discussedDifferences between plants and algaeDifferences between macro and micro alg...
Rob Weatherly author


Well hello everyone, as the year winds to a close, so do i.ok, im just kidding. In this show i take a minute (actually about 15) to look at where talkingreef has come from, where we are, and most important, where we are going.There are some things with...
Rob Weatherly author


Jake Adams is back again with a great, in depth interview with Dr. Steve Stancyk of the University of South Carolina all about Brittle stars.
Rob Weatherly author


Its been a busy week for all of us, and a slow week for the Talkingreef. im going to give everyone a break from the normal show and present a video presentation that was put together by Samuel Helms (Astrivian). Many of you will remember Samuel from th...
Rob Weatherly author


Well, tomorrows the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and sticking with our tradition, i wanted to say thank you to everyone hat has helped support the show and continues to listen and spread the word. Because of the holiday, i am also releasing the sh...
Rob Weatherly author


For this weeks how im joined by Wes as he presents this weeks questions for the lighting part 1 Questions and Answers show.We have a whole list of question for this show all around general lighting concepts, i will get a sit of the questions posted sho...
Rob Weatherly author


Part 4 in the lighting series. In this part we are going to talk about reflectors and ballasts, not extremely technical, but some important topics to cover, here is a highlight of what we discus in this showTopics:Reflectors- Types- - Parallel- - Verti...
Rob Weatherly author


Coral Spawning Research, maybe not the top thing on everyones list, but should it be?Sexual coral reproduction is more important to the hobbyist than you might think. In this episode I Interview Jake Adams who recently completed is research trip to Pue...
Rob Weatherly author


ok, for those of you that saw my other thread, and have been waiting for the details, well here they are... not much more i can say about that.
Rob Weatherly author


Part 3 in the lighting series.Ok, here we go with the MH show, in this show i discuss what the MH bulb is and how it worksTopics: - Plasma - Halides - Bulb - Arc Tube - Fireing and burning - how the light is produced and changed - why a cool down perio...
Rob Weatherly author