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Crop Insurance Cuts, What's the Deal? - Art Barnaby

Recently the crop insurance program has become the target of federal budget cuts. In this podcast University of Nebraska's Market Journal interviews Kansas State Ag Economics Professor, Art Barnaby, who explores possible cuts that could be made to the...
AgFax author

Farmland Leases, What Could Go Wrong - Eddie Davis

Having a farmland lease agreement based on a handshake may be an easy way to avoid paperwork, but not having a written agreement can be a sure way of opening a can of worms. This can be especially true for family members who inherit property or during ...
AgFax author

Don't Cut Corners on Input Costs - Michael Gunderson

Budgeting for next year is going to be tight for many farmers due to low commodity prices and high cash rents. Some economists have even suggested cutting upwards to $100 dollar per acre. In this podcast Purdue University Ag Economics Professor Michae...
AgFax author

Boom-Bust Cycles, Learning from Past Ag Markets - Allen Fetherstone

Boom bust cycles had an impact on agriculture markets in both the 1980s and 70s. Current economic indications may point to another bust ahead. In this podcast University of Nebraska's Market Journal interviews Kansas State Ag Economics head, Allen Feat...
AgFax author

Cash Rents - A Landlord's Perspective

This episode of Talking Crops comes from "Landlords and the cash rent issue" by Harwood D. Schaffer& Daryll E. Ray who are Economists at the University of Tennessee.
AgFax author

Talking Crops: Cutting Budgets by $100 an Acre - Gary Schnitkey

Talking Crops: Cutting Budgets by $100 an Acre - Gary Schnitkey by AgFax
AgFax author

Talking Crops: Growing Rice in the Midwest - Michael Schläppi

When you think about growing rice, Arkansas or California may come to mind. For Marquette University Associate Professor Michael Schläppi, his mind is set on growing rice in Wisconsin. In this podcast Schläppi discusses his current experiments, growing...
AgFax author

Talking Crops Podcast: Managing Sugarcane Aphids with Transform – Drew Ellis

There are still a few weeks left before grain sorghum is harvested and for some farmers sugarcane aphids may be posing a threat to yields. In this podcast Drew Ellis, Dow AgroSciences Market Development Specialist, explains proper thresholds, making ef...
AgFax author

Talking Crops Podcast: China's Role in the Global Cotton Market - O.A. Cleveland

The rise of the middle class in China has caused the cost of labor to increase. As a response, Chinese cotton production leaders have explored new options in order keep the cost down. Meanwhile, global markets are having to adjust to the devaluation of...
AgFax author

Talking Crops Podcast: Hand Pulling Palmer Pigweed - Guy Collins

Managing Palmer pigweed in cotton can be tough, especially if they escaped residual herbicides. If the weeds get too big, you’ll need to result to hand pulling because of their hardy resistance. In this Podcast, Cotton Extension Associate Professor for...
AgFax author

Talking Crops Podcast: Sugarcane Aphid Dos and Don'ts - Gus Lorenz

Sightings of sugarcane aphids in grain sorghum have become more and more prevalent during this time of the year in the southeast. Sugarcane aphids have only been an issue for the past 3 years, so information on controlling them is limited. In this Podc...
AgFax author

Talking Crops Podcast: Cotton Target Spot - Michael Mulvaney

Target spot in cotton has been found in Santa Rosa County Florida. The disease is relatively new to the southeast so there has not been much luck with fungicide control. In this Podcast University of Florida Cropping Systems Specialist Michael Mulvaney...
AgFax author