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This show is for people who want to talk about bigfoot. I discuss the nature and habits of the creature with various guests, from folks who have had encounters to boots on the ground researchers. Visit us at
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Talk Bigfoot episode 10

Tonight we go LIVE for first the time!  I'll be talking with James Hendrix and Jeff Stewart. Both men are Bigfoot researchers from Texas and were featured on Finding Bigfoot's latest episode.   James runs the East Texas Unusual group on facebook. htt...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 9

This is the 2nd part of last night's interview with Shane Corson and Gunnar Monson from Monster X Radio. We are going to listen to and discuss some audio recordings that the Olympic Project has collected.  Shane and Gunnar are both members of the Olym...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 8

Tonight is my 2nd interview with Shane Corson and Gunnar Monson from Monster X Radio. This interview ran a little long so I'm going to put up the other half tomorrow at 6 pm EST. Make sure you tune in for that.  Shane and Gunnar are both members of th...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 7

Tonight on Talk Bigfoot I speak to Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson from Monster X Radio.  Shane and Gunnar are both members of the Olympic Project and Bigfootology groups. Gunnar is a long time bigfoot researcher. He's been an investigator for the BFRO...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 6

Welcome to Talk Bigfoot episode 6. Tonight I talk with MK Davis. MK is a film analyst who has done extensive work with the Patterson film and other bigfoot footage. MK, also tells about his own encounters with the creature. You can visit MK Davis at hi...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 5

Tonight I talk with Steve"Mojo" Wilkins and Johnny Pinemarten as they get ready for some field research. Visit us at  Hope you all enjoy.
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 4

Tonight I talk to Laurie Phillips, of Night Callers Bigfoot Radio, She has had multiple encounters which we will talk about. She has also gathered some extremely compelling audio that we will get to hear. Laurie is also one of the hosts of Nite Caller...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 3

Talk Bigfoot episode 3. Tonight I talk to Chester Moore.  Chester Moore is one of the most widely recognized outdoors journalists in the United States.  He currently serves as Executive Editor of Texas Fish & Game magazine as well as Outdoors Edit...
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 2.5

This is an update of Mojo and John from the field. It's not the episode with Laurie Phillips, I'm going to try and put that one up this weekend. I just wanted ya'll to hear what those guys are up to.
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 2

Welcome to our second show! Tonight we talk to Robb Riggs author and bigfoot researcher. Hope you enjoy.
TalkBigfoot author

Talk Bigfoot episode 1

This is the very first episode of Talk Bigfoot, a new show and website where people can discuss their ideas, theories, and stories about Bigfoot. Here are links to the WASRT site where you can find the pictures...
TalkBigfoot author