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Synapse Science Podcast is a podcast that seeks to promote scientific education and communication.

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A science communication podcast about all fields of science, with a decent pun thrown in periodically.
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Ep. 12 | Biological Design with Special Guest Alec Sullivan

On this special episode of the podcast, we have an enlightening conversation with friend and colleague, Alec Sullivan, on the nature of biological design. From bioluminescent trees to Amazon's new biodome building, we chat about the spectrum of biologi...

Ep. 11 | The Growing Problem of Space Debris

We're back for another season! In this episode, we go through a basic rundown on the current state of space debris, the reality of its danger, and what we can do to solve our growing space junk problem. Show notes for this episode can be found at http:...

Ep 10 | When Science& Painting Collide

We top off the first season of the podcast with an interesting look into how science and art can work together to create a greater understanding of our planet, culture conservation, and engineering technology. The podcast will be back after a short bre...

Ep. 09 | The Reality of Head Transplants

In this episode, we take a look at the body of evidence surrounding the world's first proposed human head transplant surgery for 2017. Always best to look at the facts first, lest we get a-head of ourselves... Biological evidence, ethics discussions, a...

Ep. 08 | The Genius is in the Giraffe

What do a Swiss engineer, a giraffe, and a German pilot traveling at 9G's have in common? The answer lies in a new field of science called biomimicry. Find the show notes for this episode on Thanks for tuning in! The Synapse Science...

Ep. 07 | SciRL - 3D Printing in Medicine

SciRL is a new segment exploring scientific applications in real life. On this week's segment, what is 3D printing and how can we harness this new technology to make progress in the field of medicine? Find the show notes for this episode on synapsescie...

Ep. 06 | New Horizons Pluto Flyby

We're back v2.0! Join us on an enchanting adventure through the history of the New Horizons mission and the fascinating things humanity is learning about the former ninth planet in our Solar System, Pluto itself. Find the show notes for this episode on...

Ep. 05 | Chinese Scientists Attempt to Genetically Edit Human Embryos

Chinese scientists have recently published research on their attempts to genetically modify human embryos. Emphasis on the word "attempts". What exactly did they do and why is it causing such a stir? Find the show notes for this episode on http://synap...

Ep. 04 | Scientific Study Reports There are Too Many Scientific Studies

Meanwhile in the land of scientometrics, a new scientific report concludes that there are too many scientific reports for scientists to keep track of. As you can tell, this episode of the podcast gets just a tad meta. Show notes can be found on our web...

Ep. 03 | Undergraduate Research with Krittika D'Silva& Heena Panjwani

More research! More undergraduates! More guests! In this episode of the Synapse Science podcast, I sit down and talk with two amazing undergraduate researchers about the work they do in the fields of diagnostic technology and autism, respectively. Krit...

Ep. 02 | Double Jeopardy - Women of Color in STEM

In honor of Black History Month, this episode of the Synapse Science podcast delves a little into the type of gender and racial biases faced by women of color in STEM fields. We then proceed to geek out a bit about some of the amazing contributions to ...

Ep. 01 | Undergraduate Research with Terence Leach& Elizabeth Chang

Starting off with a special episode of the podcast in an ongoing series dedicated to undergraduate research! In this episode, we sat down and chatted with undergraduates Terence Leach & Elizabeth Chang about their experiences with undergrad researc...