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Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 8: 29/11/11

In this month’s podcast we’re discussing the obesity gene, personal trainer no-nos and how strawberries can help you recover from your workouts. We’re also challenging MF staff writer Ben Ince to perform as many sprawls as he can in a minute, running a...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 7: 05/10/11

In this month’s podcast we’re revealing why fruit juice is bad for you, challenging staff writer Sam Rider to perform as many clap press-ups as he can and getting Mike Causer, top PT and director of Causer Conditioning, to explain the secrets of effect...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 6: 01/08/11

In this month’s podcast we’re looking at why the US Army have banned Vibram FiveFingers, discussing how chairs are killing us, challenging Features Editor Joel Snape to perform as many kettlebell goblet squats as he can in a minute and speaking to Zora...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 5: 02/06/11

In this month’s podcast we’re looking at why computer games might be stopping the nation’s youth from learning the valuable skill of tree climbing, discussing claims that the moon can make you thinner and challenging features editor Joel Snape to wall ...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 4: 02/05/11

In this month’s podcast we’re discussing the Government’s fitness policies, uncovering why you need to wrap your hands around some FAT GRIPZ, and challenging MF editor Jon Lipsey to perform as many burpees as he can in a minute (see if you can beat his...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 3: 21/03/11

In this month’s podcast we’re discussing the nonagenarian who’s breaking fitness records, explaining why German Volume Training will make you much stronger and challenging deputy editor Joe Warner to perform as many sit-ups as he can in a minute (expec...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 2: 19/02/11

  In this month’s podcast we’re discussing the role throwing has played in human evolution and why you don’t need to do lots of long runs to finish a marathon. We’re also answering your MF Facebook page fitness questions, uncovering another shocking lu...

Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK) Podcast 1: 01/02/11

  We’ve just recorded our first podcast. In it we discuss a controversial magazine story that claims exercise won’t help you lose weight, explain what happened when we went to a innovative Gym Jones seminar, uncover why you shouldn’t go for the A-Team ...