"Surviving The Day After"

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The podcast is hosted by Steve and will have different subjects that would give anyone an idea of what to be ready for. There will be conversation about Economic Collapse, World War 3. Electromagnetic Pulse, as well as being ready for Natural Disasters. This podcast is brought to you by: P5 Prepardness, Chattanooga TN, 423.602.2175 www.survivingthedayafter.com

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Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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1003 - TSN - Pulling America Together


1002 - TSN - Lou Dobbs 8-15-2018

Lou Dobbs Tonight Fox Business   8-15-2018

1001 - The Biggest Economic Crime Is Taking Place Right Before Our Eyes

The Biggest Economic Crime Is Taking Place Right Before Our Eyes Gregory Mannarino

STDA - Surviving the Collapse 06/23/2018

Surviving the Collapse 06/23/2018

STDA - Surviving the Scam

Surviving the Scam  6-14-2018

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Missiles Fired, Missiles Stopped, Evil Is Knocking

Two thirds of Americans are worried about the high cost of living and declining wages. Countries owe the central banks trillions of Euros.The Fed has made their move they raised rates and are now on track to mimic 2008.  Once the new rates take effect ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Info Release Will Shatter The Deep State, Dark To Light, Confirmation

UK might accept a watered down BREXIT agreement, we will see how this plays out.  Consumer prices surge, we are now seeing the beginning stages of inflation. Auto lenders are becoming desperate, sales are declining and they need a way to bring people i...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Major Event World Wide, Stay Vigilant, Follow The White Rabbit

The crypto exchanges were hacked, this is not as bad as it seems, the exchange was small and this is a centralized exchange system just like the banking system, this is why the exchanges are moving towards a decentralized system. China’s credit impulse...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Boom, Full Speed Ahead With The Plan, Follow The White Rabbit

Argentina has been bailed out by the IMF with the biggest ever loan in IMF history. UK retailers are in trouble, more stores are closing down and the press is contributing this to online sales. Consumer credit growth has slowed, savings is declining, t...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Agenda ‘Break World Order’, Elite Meet To Counter

Coinbase acquires a financial services firm, it plans to become SEC-regulated broker dealer, all transactions will be reported to the government. Putin says that US trade tariffs are hidden sanctions on countries. Italy was working on a plan to have pa...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - World Leaders Are Worried About The Global Economy, The World Is On Fire

Venezuela recovers its gold from Citigroup. Argentina is trying to move away from the central bank. The IMF is pushing austerity on the people and the people are angry. There are now more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them. So t...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Going Deep Down The Rabbit Hole, Follow The White Rabbit

The central bankers/establishment are now warning that if the BREXIT moves forward and the UK just breaks away from the EU the economy will implode. There would be shortages of almost everything. The middle class in the US is completely disappearing. T...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Blackout Was Necessary, The Movement Begins, Dark To Light

The housing bubble in many countries across the globe is now starting to pop. Australia bubble is now deflating. NJ is in trouble they are broke and they just upped their return on their pension plan, this is going to be a disaster. If the economy is s...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - More Bear Market Indicators Were Just Triggered, Red Alert

IMF is now urges central banks to compete with cryptocurrencies, central banks know there system is obsolete and they are worried.Russia released a report where they say crypto market is to small to have any impact on the global economy. It is so bad i...

STDA - Steve Anderson 6-8-2018

STDA - Steve Anderson 6-8-2018

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Pieces Are Falling Into Place, Follow The White Rabbit

Dubai will start using the blockchain technology for 50% of its transactions, China is embracing the blockchain, the world is now moving towards the blockchain away from the central bank. Housing is declining rapidly, pending, existing and new home sal...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Control Is The Name Of Game, In The End, Who Will Have The Control

The founder of Ethereum asked the question does the central banks (Rothschild) control reach into the blockchain world. To control the blockchain it would be very difficult to control a single crypto would be more feasible. Case Shiller prices rise to ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - We Are All Looking In The Wrong Direction, The Collapse Is This Way

Russia and Iran discuss using cryptocurrency to bypass the dollar and sanctions. We have been paying attention to the wrong interest rates, the rate which we would should be watching is he Libor rate. Italian banks are exposed and banks around the worl...

STDA - Mark Levin with Peter Pry #3 EMP in USA

STDA - Mark Levin with Peter Pry #3 EMP in USA

STDA - Mark Levin with Peter Pry #2 EMP in USA

STDA - Mark Levin with Peter Pry #1 EMP in USA

STDA - Mark Levin with Peter Pry #1 EMP in USA

STDA - Mark Levin with Peter Pry #1 EMP in USA

STDA - Steve Anderson 5-27-2018

STDA - Steve Anderson 5-27-2018      

STDA - X22 Report Edition - They Were Tricked, Played Their Hand, Watch The Pen, Pain, Next Event

Countries are now preparing themselves, they have recalled their gold in preparation of dumping the dollar. The petro-yuan is now gaining ground, within a short few weeks it has 12% of the market, the people drive what comes next, when countries add th...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Q Warned Us, Bad News About To Break, Wag The Dog

The Government, Fed and the corporate media will not let us know on the real status of the economy, but one thing is for sure, the people feel it, the people felt it in 2007 leading up to the 2008 great recession and they feel it now, there is not hidi...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - April Showers Bring May Flowers, Is It Happening?

People of other countries are using cryptocurrency to get their funds out of the country. Iranian people are doing this right now, people of Argentina and Venezuela have done this. Steve Wozniak says that cryptocurrency (blockchain) will achieve its fu...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Trust The Plan, The Plan Is Not Going To Be Straightforward

More and more indicators are popping up and showing us that the economy has not improved at all but declined since 2008. Nothing has been fixed and the illusion is starting to disappear, it is getting harder to hide what is really going on. The subprim...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - We Have Gone Full Circle, Deep State Pushes Agenda

More and more counties and states are adopting the crypto world, Seminole county Florida will now accept bitcoin for tax payments. Subprime auto loan delinquencies surge.Retail sales growth slows, more stores are going to feel the pain. Argentina is co...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Move, Forcing It All Out Into To The Open, Here Comes The Pain

Banks are now turning towards blockchain technology. HSBC completes its first trade-finance using blockchain. NYSE plans to settle bitcoin futures using physical bitcoins instead of fiat currency. St. Louis Fed says cryptocurrency is not currency, it i...

STDA - Steve Anderson -5-20-2018

STDA - Steve Anderson -5-20-2018

STDA - Steve Anderson 5-13-2018

Steve Anderson 5-13-2018

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Deep State Reboot, Donations Restarted To Regain Control, Will Fail

Facebook and many other banned cryptocurrency ads, now it seems that these same institutions that banned the ads are preparing to start their own cryptocurrency/blockchain system. Australia is looking to use the blockchain to transform supply chains, m...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Is The Trap Being Set In The Middle East? Breaking Down The Plan

As interest rise the emerging markets are being demolished. The bonds that Argentina issued are worthless and they are looking to get a bailout from the IMF. Hedge fund investors are now shorting the market, plus they are saying many corporations are g...

STDA - X22 Report Editioin - Evil Has Lost Control, The Deal Silenced Everyone

UK retailers suffer the sharpest decline in sales, this is the biggest drop in 22 years. America is in debt and it has now surpassed the 2008 crisis. Wholesale sales inventories disappoint. These indicators show that the economy is in really bad shape....

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Connecting The Dots, The Plan Of Plans Is Now In Motion

Venezuela and Palestine decide to use cryptocurrency to bypass the dollar. More and more nations are starting to move into the blockchain so they do not need to deal with sanctions or the dollar.  The Fed has made it known that the Bitcoin futures mark...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Prepare Yourself, Deep State Narrative Falling Apart

Toronto’s housing bubble is popping, its only a matter of time before this spreads from country to country and it all starts to fall apart. Commercial price index is now back to 2008 levels. Credit card delinquencies are on the rise, charge offs are in...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Blackhat Disinfo, Yes The Swamp Is Being Drained

Bitcoin is going physical, a new start-up is launching Bitcoin banknotes. Russia is going to use the blockchain for the their payment system.  We are now seeing another indicator that the entire system is about to implode on itself,credit has been crac...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Message Is Clear, Warnings Have Been Issued

The unemployment numbers are out and the unemployment rate is down to 3.9%. Nothing has changed, we are still using the same calculation which is manipulated to give the appearance that the economy has recovered, more people dropped out of the workforc...

STDA - 001 Steve Anderson Show

Steve Anderson Show - www.sanderson.us      

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Apple, Planes, And The Mysterious Shipment

Major investors are moving into the crypto sphere. Factory orders rebound but core order decline, the pattern is very similar 2001 and 2008 and we were in a recession back then. Unit Labor revised lower. The establishment is now pushing their agenda, t...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Central Banks Make Their Move On Cryptocurrency With “Fed Electronic Money”

Hong Kong government released a report confirming Bitcoin is only a medium to low risk of being used for financial crimes. ADP prints a very weakest job gain, the economy is manipulated and these job number, gdp and other stats are created to make the ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - America Has Been Sold Out And These Are The People Who Did It

Canada’s housing bubble is about to pop big time, this will spread to the rest of the world. The inflation from the Fed has been pushed into Canada’s housing market. UK housing market is doing terribly, housing is declining. The US Economic Expansion I...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Deep States Plan Much Larger & Horrific Than Originally Thought

More chaos to Bitcoin will be coming soon, it looks like they are getting ready to dump another huge amount of Bitcoin on the market, this will bring the price down once again. US savings rate drops, pending home sales decline as Freddie pushes its new...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Plan To Bring Down The Economy And Blame It On The Central Bank

Irish retail sales fall sharply, UK growth collapses, the dominoes are starting to fall.The CBO says the economy will continue on with strong growth for the 10 years. The next crash is being pushed by both sides. Trump is pushing the Fed into a disaste...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Text Messages Released To Congress,Toxic,Order 187 Discussed

UK retail has not improved, this has nothing to do with the weather, the economy is around the world is falling apart. Subway is closing more shops, maybe all sandwich sales are being moved to online.Mortgage rates continue to go higher and higher, we ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - They Feel Threatened, Deep State Changes Tactics, Next Move Could Be Huge

The central banks are demonizing the crypto market, now we have the former CEO of Intuit who says that bitcoin is a pump and dump scheme. If we compare this to the stock-market I wonder which is the pump and dump scheme. Finland decided to end its Univ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - The Creation Of A New International Trade Currency Will Damage The Dollar

Home prices are now surging, the central bankers have succeeded in creating the bubble of all bubbles. When looking at the data, unemployment is at its lowest point but home buyers are no where to be found. The data shows housing sales are down except ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - North Korea Complete, Phase II, Operation Search & Destroy Clowns

The central bankers are showing how nervous they are about the crypto market, they continue to say that cryptocurrency could never replace paper money printed by the Fed. For the first time millennials have a negative net worth. US banks are pushing mo...

STDA - X22 Report Edition -Cornered, No Way Out, The Trump Card Is About To Be Played

Tax day has passed and the crypto market is on the rise again. Bank of America said the last time we saw this happening it was 2007. The Fed is at it again, back in 2008 they explained to the American people that they were not forecasting a recession, ...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - ECB Is Now Preparing All Banks For The Economic Collapse

The house of lords or pushing to overturn the BREXIT, the central bankers will not allow the BREXIT to happen and they will used everything they have to stop it.The Canadians just broke the old record for borrowing against their homes. This is happenin...

STDA - X22 Report Edition - Sleeper Cells Activated, Bad Booms Incoming, Threat Real

 Another dump was made in Bitcoin, this time it was 50 million worth of digital currency, this drop came one day after the third largest bicoin wallet unloaded 50 million. Trump opposes the TPP, looked at it and it will not fit into the new trade syste...