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The latest video recordings from New Hope Hillside Church, Calgary, Canada. Our church believes that God is at work in our world today. Watch and see the world with new eyes.

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The latest video from New Hope Hillside Church, Calgary, Canada.
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The Grateful Dead

"Pastor Rich looks at the human spiritual quest and longing for God through the lens of the Grateful Dead – a psychedelic jam band that’s has been called Jehovah’s choir touring extensively for decades with a devoted fan base.
Rich Braaksma author

God's Signature Moves

"In his message Pastor John is going to talk about God’s Signature Moves (and how his ways, work, and truth as we find them in the bible can help us recognize his ways, work and truth in our lives).
John Van Sloten author

Crossfit, Suffering and Glory

"In this message we’re going to lean into God’s truth as it’s found in Crossfit
John Van Sloten author

God's Body Language - The Brain

"We continue our 8 part series on the body with the human brain our top organ that is marvelous, complex, organized, mysterious, plastic and revelatory!
Rich Braaksma author

The Vision Imagined

"From the very beginning of Ephesians, Paul gives us a big imagination for this big story and what becomes very clear is that church, and the Christian life we live with Jesus, is not something that we do or accomplish, it is what God Does, what God al...
Jacqui Mignault author

The Theology of Ice

"In this message Pastor John explores the Theology of Ice. What does its nature teach us about God?
John Van Sloten author

God and the Big Game

"In this message Pastor Rich wonders about Superbowl: Is it a godless orgy of consumerism, violence, and hero worship? An opportunity to know and experience God? Or maybe a bit of both.
Rich Braaksma author

God's Body Language, the Knee

"We continue our ‘God’s Body Language’ science series with a look at the knee. What do your knees teach you about who God is?
John Van Sloten author

The God Who Goes Before

"We welcome Faye Yu who shares about her work and ours in Malawi with World Renew.
Rich Braaksma author

Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

"Sabbath keeping may not be the thing we spend all our time worrying about. So what do we do with Mark 2:23-3:6? Two stories about Sabbath. Jesus disciples walking through grain fields and snacking, and then Jesus healing a man in the synagogue on Sab...
Rich Braaksma author

Moses and the Burning Bush

"Can you think of a time when God caught your attention? A time when the personal presence of God seemed to be right in front of you?
Cari Fydirchuk author

God's Greatest (New Year) Command

"Are you living the life God wants for you? In this message, Pastor John will be talking about God's greatest (New Year) commandment. What would 2017 look like if you really loved God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength?
John Van Sloten author

Christmas Eve 2017

"Celebrating the birth of Jesus.
John Van Sloten author

Ephesians - Joy

"We continue in Advent; remembering our longing and need for the one who comes to bring peace, hope, light, and joy.
Rich Braaksma author

Ephesians - Finding the Light

"In this message we’re going to talk about the light of God and how it shines on all of us.
John Van Sloten author

Ephesians - Hope

"We continue in Advent and consider angels singing to shepherds, Paul writing to Ephesus, hope, and the joining together of heaven and earth.
Rich Braaksma author

Ephesians - Finding Peace

"In a world filled with war, political strife, racism, gender bias, divorce, incivility, division, stereotyping, judgmentalism, gossip, enmity, strife, stress, sickness and death, we’re going to explore what it means to find peace (and be a peacemaker)...
John Van Sloten author

Trinity - Big Theological Words

"We'll be continuing our series on Big Theological Words with Trinity - a word/concept/reality that is simultaneously central to Christian faith and unfathomably mysterious.
Rich Braaksma author

The Most Human Book of the Bible

"In this message we explore the unwavering, brutally honest, heart warming, life saving, wisdom imbuing, strength giving, hope filled words of the Psalms.
John Van Sloten author

Overactive Amygdala VS James the Brother of Jesus

"In this sermon we look at the fascinating things we are learning from brain science and compare that to an insight from the leader of the early Jerusalem church trying to live in the Spirit in community.
Rich Braaksma author

Pictures of Jesus

"In this message Pastor Rich will touch on artist Ben Harper, the creation poem of Genesis 1, busts of emperors in Ancient Rome, idols vs. icons, the Imago Dei, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and our identity and calling to be"pictures" and"picture...
Rich Braaksma author

Sacramental - Big Theological Words

"Pastor Rich does another installment in our Big Theological Words series: Sacramental. Sacraments have often been described as visible signs of invisible realities. Usually we name Eucharist and Baptism as"sacraments," but can our whole lives be sacra...
Rich Braaksma author

Music, from 35,000 feet

"Music is one of those somethings we all know, we all have experienced, and hopefully enjoyed… And yet it is difficult to say exactly what it is, how it operates, or the power it has in our lives and the world around us. Today we look at music - mostly...
Rich Braaksma author


"Ubuntu is what we call our church’s ongoing partnership in Malawi and attempts to connect with our world at home.
Rich Braaksma author

God’s Body Language - Interdependence

"We begin a John Templeton Grant funded, faith and science sermon series entitled, God's Body Language. This message will explore the topic of interdependence (both in the body and in God’s nature!).
John Van Sloten author

Shalom and the Art of Building a Fence

"One person’s attempt to find the Everywhere God in a space shared with inability, frustration, self-pity, pride and shalom.
Rich Braaksma author

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

"In this sermon we are going to listen to Jesus’ Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (seeing as it’s the Labour Day and all).
John Van Sloten author

Searching for Sugarman (Glory and God)

"In this message we explore the topics of resurrection and glory through the lens of the Oscar winning film, ‘Searching for Sugar Man’.
John Van Sloten author

Our Hearts and God’s Heart in Reggae Rhythm

"Reggae is a genre of music infused with spirituality – a message of liberation, peace, justice, love and togetherness. The music of a tiny island with less than three million souls has had global impact…
Rich Braaksma author

Are You My Mother?

"a book that resonates with a search that every human being is on...
Rich Braaksma author

Apocalypse - Big Theological Words

"Apocalypse, while this word invokes images of stars falling from the sky and the world coming to a crazy, embattled end. The biblical use of the word (and concept) of apocalypse is something different entirely - and something very close to the vision ...
Rich Braaksma author

Green Eggs and Ham and an Ever-Pursuing God

"The story of"Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss, see what it has to teach about an unrelenting and ever-pursuing God.
John Van Sloten author


"In this sermon Pastor Rich will be talking about wine. Wine: the good gift of God. Wine: what Jesus made jugs of for his first recorded miracle. Wine: the blood of Christ poured out for us in love.
Rich Braaksma author


"Bread has a social and emotional significance beyond its importance in nutrition; it plays essential roles in religious rituals and secular culture.
Rich Braaksma author

God's (auto) Restoring Heart

"In this message we’re going to look for God’s renewing heart as it’s imaged in those who restore automobiles.
John Van Sloten author

Eschatology - Big Theological Words

"The End of the World as We Know It. Eschatology is a fancy word for end times... Or is it. Maybe when Scripture talks about heaven, the fulfilment of all things, reconciliation, peace, and everlasting life it is more concerned with how we approach the...
Rich Braaksma author

Atonement - Big Theological Words

"Pastor Rich continues our every-now-and-again series on Big Theological Words. We believe in Jesus, his death and resurrection, and his drawing us into relationship with God. But does anybody understand how that works?
Rich Braaksma author

Ends of the Earth (and the search for God)

"In this sermon we’re going to listen for God’s call through the Lord Huron song,Ends of the Earth.
John Van Sloten author

Called to Witness

"In this message we’re going to talk about God’s call to be a witness (and how this calling connects to our church vision).
John Van Sloten author

The Story of Ruth (and the love of God)

"In this message we’re going to listen for the love of God through the Old Testament story of Ruth
John Van Sloten author

Righteousness - Big Theological Words

"This morning’s two-person-readers-theatre-style play imagines Paul speaking with Timothy in Corinth circa AD 54 as he’s preparing to write Romans. Paul addresses how God is proved righteous / faithful in Jesus who fulfills Israel’s call to be God’s ch...
Rich Braaksma author

Seeing Unseen Things

"In this message we look at how unseen things help us see an unseen God
John Van Sloten author

Jonah - part 2

"Jesus talked about"the sign of Jonah" referring to his death and resurrection – but is it possible Jesus had Jonah’s story in mind when he composed his famous parable of the lost son (and lost brother)?
Rich Braaksma author

Jonah - part 1

"A prophet was given a message of doom for enemy Assyrians. Instead of delivering it, he fled from God, had a run-in with a fish, composed a psalm.
Rich Braaksma author

The Easter Story

"In this message Pastor John will be talking about what it means to know Christ through his suffering (Good Friday) and through his resurrection (Easter Sunday).
John Van Sloten author

Providence in a Tanking Economy?

"In this message we delve into the little questions of life like... why is there evil, destiny, the God-world relationship, and Jesus as the crux of human history.
Rich Braaksma author

Finding God through Unemployment (or any loss)

"In this message we continue our series on, The Parable of the Tanking Economy, with a focus on the topic of unemployment.
John Van Sloten author

The Saddest Country Song of all Time

"In this message we’ll look at Lament, scour the nominees for The Saddest Country Song of All Time, and pick a winner (loser?).
Rich Braaksma author

The Parable of a Tanking Economy - Facing Fear

"We continue a Lenten series exploring what faith and following Jesus looks like in a city experiencing economic downturn – facing fear, identifying with Christ, trusting his love…
Rich Braaksma author

The Parable of a Tanking Economy - Worry

"We continue our series on, ‘The Parable of the Tanking Economy’. This message will focus on the theme of worry.
John Van Sloten author