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A podcast about living, extinct, and imaginary animals!

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A podcast about living, extinct, and imaginary animals!
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Episode 111: Poisonous moths, venomous bugs

Let’s get gross and horrible this week! Are there any bugs with so much venom they could kill you? What would happen if you ate 5,000 moth digestive tracts? Why am I even talking about this stuff? Listen and find out! Thanks to Grady and Tania for toda...
shawk author

Episode 110: Three mystery animals from India

Thanks to Pranav for this week’s suggestion! We’re going to look at three mystery animals from India, ones you may not have heard of. A photograph reportedly of a kallana pygmy elephant, although scale is hard to tell: A pink-headed duck, deceased: Sho...
shawk author

Episode 109: Convergent Evolution

I mention convergent evolution occasionally, but what is it really? This week we learn about what it is and some animals that demonstrate it. Thanks to Richard E. and Llewelly for their suggestions this week! Jaguars and leopards look so similar I’m no...
shawk author

Episode 108: Strange Things Found in Amber

Thanks to Nicholas for suggesting this week’s episode topic! Lots of strange and fascinating insects and other animals are found trapped in amber. So what is amber, how does it preserve animal parts, and most importantly, what have scientists found in ...
shawk author

Episode 107: Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus

This week we’re going to learn about some armored dinosaurs, a suggestion by Damian! I love that there’s a stock picture of an ankylosaurus: Stegosaurus displaying its thagomizer: Show transcript: vWelcome to Strange Animals Podcast. I’m your host, Kat...
shawk author

Episode 106: Domestication with and without foxes

Thanks to M Is for Awesome, who suggested the topic of domestication! This week we look mainly at foxes and how they relate to the domestication of dogs. Also, chickens. Unlocked Patreon episode about chicken development and domestication: https://www....
shawk author

Episode 105: The Hagfish and the Sea Spider

This week’s episode is about two strange animals of the sea: the hagfish, which isn’t a fish, and the sea spider, which isn’t a spider. A curled-up hagfish: The sea spider is actually quite pretty as long as I don’t have to touch it: Show transcript: W...
shawk author

Episode 104: Tiger Salamanders

Thanks to Connor who suggested this week’s topic, tiger salamanders! Not only do we learn all about the Eastern tiger salamander and the banded tiger salamander, we also learn where asbestos comes from AND IT’S NOT EVEN LIKE I GOT OFF TOPIC, I SWEAR Th...
shawk author

Episode 103: Trace Fossils

You may know what fossils are (I hope), but have you heard of trace fossils? You have now! A giant ground sloth footprint with a human footprint inside it, made some 11,000 years ago: Climactichnites: A “devil’s corkscrew”: A Paleocastor fossil found a...
shawk author

Episode 102: Three Mystery Apes

It’s mystery ape time! Learn about de Loys’ ape and two other mystery apes this week! The only photograph we have of de Loys’ ape: A white-fronted spider monkey: Oliver the so-called “ape man”: A better picture of Oliver late in his life: A regular gor...
shawk author

Episode 101: Flying Without Wings

What better way to start out the new year than by learning about some animals that fly (or glide) without wings! Thanks to Llewelly for suggesting the colugo! Colugo looking startled: A colugo, flying, which startles everyone else: Flying fish! ZOOM! A...
shawk author

Episode 100: The Centipede of Episodes!

It’s our 100th episode! Thanks to my fellow animal podcasters who sent 100th episode congratulations! Thanks also to Simon and Julia, who suggested a couple of animals I used in this episode. An Amazonian giant centipede eating a mouse oh dear god no: ...
shawk author

Episode 099: Island Life

Those of us in the northern hemisphere are thinking a lot about island life right about now, where it’s warm and sunny. But there are islands everywhere, not just the tropics, and the animals on islands often evolve to look strange and different from t...
shawk author

Episode 098: River Dolphins

This week let’s learn about some unusual cetaceans, river dolphins! An Amazon river dolphin and the nose of another Amazon river dolphin: Another Amazon river dolphin. Note the teeny eye and disk-like teeth: A South Asian river dolphin. Note the almost...
shawk author

Episode 097: Unusual Reptiles

Thanks to listeners Finn and Leo, who suggested this week’s topics of strange lizards, and the thorny devil and mata mata turtle, respectively! Join us this week to learn about those reptiles and a bunch more! Also, the pictures are all huge and mixed ...
shawk author

Bonus episode! Reticulated siren discovered!

BREAKING NEWS, EVERYONE! A new giant salamander has been discovered, right here in the southern United States! It was only formally described YESTERDAY if you’re listening to this the night it goes live, assuming I manage to get it finished and uploade...
shawk author

Episode 096: Strangest Big Fish

Because there are so many weird fish out there, I’ve narrowed this week’s episode down to weird BIG fish! We’ll cover the smaller ones another time. Thanks to Damian and Sam for suggestions this week! A manta ray being interviewed by a diver: A manta r...
shawk author

Episode 095: Giant Tortoises

This week let’s learn about giant tortoises! What’s the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? The most basic difference is that the turtle lives in water and the tortoise lives on land. And there are some really, really big tortoises in the world...
shawk author

Episode 094: The Koala and the Monato del Monte

Thanks for this week’s topic suggestion from Jideobi! This week we’re going to learn all about koalas and some of their strange friends! The Blood on the Rocks podcast (not for kids) where you can hear a segment by me in the WWI megasode! An unlocked P...
shawk author

Episode 093: Insects Large and Small, mostly large

Many thanks this week to listeners Bob, Nicholas, and Damian, who all suggested insects of one kind or another! So this week is an insect extravaganza, or at least we learn about some gigantic insects, the rarest insect in the world, and a tiny ant. Th...
shawk author

Episode 092: Marine Reptiles

This week we return to the sea to learn about some marine reptiles, both living and extinct! A marine iguana, eatin: Maybe Darwin was right about the marine iguana looking like imps of darkness: A mosasaurus skeleton: A plesiosaur skeleton: Thalattosau...
shawk author

Episode 091: The Spookiest Owls

It’s Halloween week! Join us this week for an episode about spooky, spooky owls…including the chickcharnie and the owlman. I’ve unlocked a few Patreon episodes as a Halloween treat. Click through and you can listen on your browser: The Hazelworm VAMPIR...
shawk author

Episode 090: Spiders! NO COME BACK, IT’S SAFE TO LISTEN

As we get closer and closer to Halloween, the monsters get scarier and scarier! Okay, spiders are not technically monsters, but some people think they are. Don’t worry, I keep descriptions to a minimum so arachnophobes should be okay! This week we lear...
shawk author

Episode 089: The Lavellan and the Earth Hound

As we get closer and closer to Halloween, the monsters get weirder and weirder! This week let’s look at two mystery animals from Scotland, one of which is supposed to break into coffins and eat the bodies! That’s disgusting! A stoat in its winter ermin...
shawk author

Episode 088: Megabats and the Ahool

Our next Halloween monster is the ahool, a mystery bat from Indonesia and Java, but along the way we’ll learn about megabats in general–especially the hammerhead bat! Thanks to Grace, Grace’s sons, and Tania for the hammerhead bat suggestion! I’ve unlo...
shawk author

Episode 087: Globsters

It’s October! Let the spooky monster episodes begin! This week we’re starting off with a bang–or maybe a squoosh–with an episode about globsters. What are they? Why do they look like that? Do they smell? Yes, they smell. They smell so bad. Trunko, a gl...
shawk author

Episode 086: Ammonoids and Nautiloids

Is it extinct? Is it alive? What is the difference between the ammonite and the nautilus? Did Kate get the two confused her whole life until a few months ago and thought they were both extinct? Maybe. A fossilized ammonite shell: Another fossilized amm...
shawk author

Episode 085: Crocs, Gators, and Their Massive Terrifying Cousins

This week’s episode is all about crocodiles, alligators, and their relations. Thanks to Damian, John Paul, and John Paul’s son for the recommendation! A Chinese alligator: It’s easy to tell alligators and crocodiles apart. Just ask them to stand side b...
shawk author

Episode 084: Gorillas

This week let’s learn about a close relative, the gorilla! But first, if you don’t already listen to these fantastic animal podcasts, definitely check them out! Species   All Creatures   Life Death & Taxonomy   Animals to the Max   Varmints   Cool ...
shawk author

Episode 083: Lions, tigers, and other big cats…of mystery!

I’ve been meaning to do a big cat episode for a while, thanks to listener Damian who suggested lions and tigers! But when I started my research, I immediately got distracted by all the reports of mysterious big cats. So here’s another mysteries episode...
shawk author

Episode 082: Animals with Face Tentacles

This week we’re going to learn about animals with TENTACLES ON THEIR FACES oh my gosh Thanks to Llewelly for the topic suggestion! Don’t forget to come see me on the panel How to Start Your Own Indie Podcast at DragonCon 2018, at 4pm on Sunday, Septemb...
shawk author

Episode 081: Little Yard Animals

This week we’re staying at home and looking around our own yards and gardens to learn about some of the little critters we see every day but maybe never pay attention to. Thanks to Richard E. for the topic suggestion, and thanks also to John V. and Ric...
shawk author

Episode 080: Mystery Dogs

This week we’re looking at some strange and mysterious canids from around the world! The African wild dog: A dhole: An old photo of the ringdocus and a newer photo of the ringdocus: A coyote: Sri Lankan golden jackal: The maned wolf MONEY SHOT: A bush ...
shawk author

Episode 079: Starfish and Friends

This week’s episode is all about echinoderms, or at least the star-shaped echinoderms! Thanks to Llewelly for the suggestion about feather stars and crinoids! A very pretty starfish: Crown of thorns starfish. Do not touch: Pumpkin starfish or orange th...
shawk author

Episode 078: The Great Auk and Penguins

Let’s learn about the great auk this week, along with some lookalike birds, penguins! A great auk, as painted by Audubon: A razorbill, the auk’s closest living relative: A fairy penguin, so tiny: An emperor penguin, so big: Tony Signorini wearing his H...
shawk author

Episode 077: The Tratratratra, Lemur of Mystery!

I swear I didn’t make up the word tratratratra! It’s a real word for an animal that was probably real, although it may be extinct now. Let’s learn about this Lemur of Mystery and some of its friends! A mouse lemur: An indri: King Julian:   Further read...
shawk author

Episode 076: The Orang Pendek

This week we’re back to Sumatra, that island of mystery, to learn about a mysterious ape called the orang pendek. A beautiful Sumatran orangutan: This orangutan and her baby have won all the bananas: This picture made me DIE: An especially dapper siama...
shawk author

Episode 075: Archelon and Other Giant Sea Turtles

This week we’re going to find out about the biggest turtles that ever lived! Spoiler: one of them is alive right now, swimming around eating jellyfish. A green sea turtle. These guys are adorable: A hawkbill glowing like a neon sign! The majestic and e...
shawk author

Episode 074: Colossal Squid and the Things That Eat Them

We’re going to learn about the colossal squid in this episode, with bonus info about the giant squid…and then we’re going to learn about the massive things that eat this massive squid! A giant squid, looking slightly guilty for eating another squid: A ...
shawk author

Episode 073: Phantom and Otherwise Kangaroos

This week we’re learning about some out-of-place marsupials, from phantom kangaroos to colonies of wallabies living in places like England and Hawaii. Thanks to Richard E. for the suggestion! A Bennett’s wallaby and a red kangaroo: George Stubbs’s kang...
shawk author

Episode 072: Weird Whales

It’s been too long since we discussed whales, so this week let’s learn about how whales evolved and some especially strange or mysterious whales! Pakicetus was probably kind of piggy-looking, but with a crocodile snout: Protocetids were more actually w...
shawk author

Episode 071: The Not-Elephants

Not-Elephants! They’re like elephants but WEIRD! Let’s take a look at a lot of extinct proboscidea this week. Oh, and the Casual Birder Podcast episode where I talk about indigo buntings should be released this week, not last week. Oops. Gomphotheres, ...
shawk author

Episode 070: Mystery Birds

This week we’ll learn about birds that are mysterious in one way or another. If you need more bird knowledge, check out the awesome Casual Birder Podcast, especially this week’s episode with a guest spot by me about indigo buntings! Lots of pictures fo...
shawk author

Episode 069: The Cambrian Explosion

This week let’s find out a little something about the Cambrian explosion, where the relatively simple and tiny life on earth suddenly proliferated and grew much larger…and definitely stranger. The Burgess shale area: beautiful AND full of fascinating f...
shawk author

Episode 068: The Dingiso and the Hoan Kiem Turtle

It’s time to look at two more supposedly mysterious, supposedly identified animals off those “Ten Cryptozoological Animals That Have Been FOUND Please Click Please Click” articles. First is the dingiso, or bondegezou, which is just about as adorable as...
shawk author

Episode 067: More Sea Monsters

Finally, it’s the follow-up to our first sea monsters episode that sounds so terrible now that I know how to put a podcast together! Here’s the published drawings of a strange animal seen from the HMS Daedalus: Here’s Drummond’s sketch of what he saw: ...
shawk author


Thanks to Damian, who suggested T. rex as a topic! Let’s learn all about the T. rex and especially the most famous and controversial specimen ever found, Sue. A T. rex: Sue, also a T. rex: Show transcript: Welcome to Strange Animals Podcast. I’m your h...
shawk author

Episode 065: Animals that eat ants

We’re not looking at just any old insectivores in this episode, we’re looking at the big three of ant-eating mammals: the giant anteater, the aardvark, and the pangolin! A giant anteater and baby: Teeny anteater mouth alert! Also long tongue: An aardva...
shawk author

Episode 064: Updates and the Nandi Bear

It’s update week! I call myself out for some mistakes, then catch us all up on new information about topics we’ve covered in the past. Then we’ll learn about the Nandi bear, a mystery animal that is probably not actually a bear. Check out Finn and Lila...
shawk author

Episode 063: The Hammerhead Worm and the Ichthyosaur

This week we’re learning about the hammerhead worm and the ichthyosaur, two animals that really could hardly be more different from each other. Thanks to Tania for the hammerhead worm suggestion! They are so beautifully disgusting! Make sure to check o...
shawk author