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A short weekly wrap-up of the latest news and science from the International Space Station.
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Space to Ground: Release the Dragon: 06/07/2019

Two cargo spacecraft departed from the space station this week. Also, the crew installed an experiment to continue studying plant growth in space for future long duration missions.

Space to Ground: Saluting an Icon: 05/31/2019

Two cosmonauts wished the world's first spacewalker a Happy Birthday during their own spacewalk this week. The rest of the crew is loading the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft with science for return to Earth on Monday.

Space to Ground: The ABCs of DNA: 5/24/19

NASA astronaut Nick Hague is exploring how space radiation damages DNA and how the cell repair mechanism works in microgravity.

Space to Ground: Watching the Earth Breathe: 05/17/2019

A new science experiment will allow scientists to monitor carbon dioxide emission hotspots from space. Also the kidney cells experiment will examine how microgravity affects the health of the kidney.

Space to Ground: Reservations for Seven: 05/10/2019

The SpaceX Dragon became the sixth spaceship at the station Monday delivering about 5,500 pounds of supplies. Also, researchers are exploring microalgae as a dietary boost for future astronauts going to the moon by 2024.

Space to Ground: The Droids You're Looking For: 05/03/2019

With the station back to full power, SpaceX is ready to launch their 17th resupply mission. Astrobee, a new free-flying robot will assist the crew with chores on board station.

Space to Ground: Extreme Exposure: 04/26/2019

Since the arrival of the U.S. Cygnus space freighter the crew has been unloading the new cargo, including a new air scrubber system, and new materials to be tested in the harsh environment of space.

Space to Ground: Marathon Mission: 04/19/2019

The U.S. Cygnus space freighter delivered new science today that will challenge future scientists. Also, Christina Koch's will stay in space until February 2020 and new astronauts Jessica Meir and Drew Morgan are now due to launch to the station.

Space to Ground: Extended Duration: 04/12/2019

Two astronauts completed the third spacewalk of the year. The first crewed Boeing flight has been extended to a full-duration expedition. Also, results from the One-Year Mission Twins Study are in!

Space to Ground: Express Delivery: 04/05/2019

A Russian cargo ship brought food, fuel and supplies to station this week. Meanwhile, two astronauts get ready to complete the last of three spacewalks to upgrade the batteries on station.

Space to Ground: Power Walking: 03/29/2019

This week two astronauts conducted the second in a series of three spacewalks to upgrade the space station's power storage capacity. Also, did you know there have been over 2500 experiments on the Space Station?

Space to Ground: Stepping Out: 03/22/2019

Two spacewalkers are working outside today to upgrade the space station's power storage capacity.

Space to Ground: Fire in the Sky: 03/15/2019

Three new crew members arrived at the station after six hours in the Soyuz spacecraft, bringing the crew complement back to six.

Space to Ground: A New Era: 03/08/2019

This week the crew welcomed the SpaceX Crew Dragon to the station, after completing it's five day mission Dragon undocked and returned to Earth.

Space to Ground: An American Dawn: 03/01/2019

This week astronauts onboard the station have been preparing for a special visitor.

Space to Ground: Personal Space: 02/22/2019

Astronauts are preparing an experiment that will test the ability to store fuel for long duration missions. The crew also conducted leak checks to ensure their space suits are in proper working condition.

Space to Ground: Femtosatellites: 02/08/2019

A U.S. cargo craft departed the station today. Now it will deploy CubeSats before reentering Earth's atmopshere. Next, NASA is preparing for commercial crew missions.

Space to Ground: Packing and Prepping: 02/01/2019

A U.S. spaceship is being packed with trash before it leaves the station next week and students are teaming up with the crew for a high-flying robotics competition.

Space to Ground: A Second Chance

Nick Hague will launch again with Alexey Ovchinin, this time taking NASA astronaut Christina Koch with them. Back in space, two cosmonauts went for a spacewalk to inspect a Soyuz crew ship before it returns to Earth.

Space to Ground: Four Orbits Later: 12/7/2018

A new crew reached the station Monday faster than a flight from New York to London! The SpaceX Dragon resupply ship launched this week too carrying over a ton of science experiments.

Space to Ground: Constructive Ideas: 11/30/2018

Watching cement dry in space? It could impact the construction of future lunar or Martian habitats. Plus a new crew and cargo are due at the station next week.

Space to Ground: The Beginning of Tomorrow: 11/23/2018

The International Space Station celebrated 20 years in space and the crew feasted for Thanksgiving after a pair of space deliveries this week. #SpaceToGround

Space to Ground: Honoring a Legend: 11/16/2018

Two space deliveries, one in honor of a legendary U.S. astronaut, are launching to the space station this weekend carrying supplies and goodies for the crew just in time for the holidays. #SpaceToGround

Space to Ground: Surviving the Plunge: 11/09/2018

The crew said farewell to a Japanese spaceship this week. The resupply ship will send protein crystal samples back to Earth before it burns up over the Pacific Ocean Saturday.

Space to Ground: Getting a Grip: 11/04/2018

Astronauts are teaching scientists how they grip and manipulate objects in space to help engineers design inteligent controls and interfaces aboard spacecraft. NASA also delivered the first 8K video of the crew working in space this week. ​

Space to Ground: Neutron Dance: 10/26/2018

The Expedition 57 Commander got fired up for science this week working on gear that studies flames and gases. Outside the station, a device is making the study of pulsars NICER.

Space to Ground: A Successful Failure: 10/19/2018

Two crew members are safe following an aborted ascent to space last week. Meanwhile, science continues on the station as NASA astronauts get familiar with SpaceX hardware and facilities.

Space to Ground: Kounotori 7: 09/28/2018

A Japanese supply ship, loaded with new science and supplies, was captured at the station on Thursday. The crew will soon unpack the new Life Sciences Glovebox that will help us better protect space explorers on long voyages.

Space to Ground: Long Distance Call: 09/21/2018

Ivanka Trump visited Johnson Space Center with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and talked to the Expedition 56 crew. The astronauts also checked U.S. spacesuits ahead of upcoming spacewalks.

Space To Ground: Above the Storm: 09/14/2018

A Japanese cargo craft is set to lift off today to the station after a typhoon caused delays. The Expedition 56 crew also shared spectacular imagery Hurricane Florence.

Space to Ground: Batteries Included : 09/07/2018

The Expedition 56 crew is getting ready for the arrival of a Japanese cargo craft next week and a pair of spacewalks soon afterward. A space fan also wants to know if astronauts play sports in space.

Space to Ground: Potential Game Changer: 08/31/2018

The BEST experiment is studying how life adapts in space and has the potential to be a game changer. Meanwhile, pressure is holding steady on the station after the crew patched up a small hole on a Soyuz spaceship.

Space to Ground: ICARUS Ascending: 08/17/2018

Two spacewalkers installed an animal tracker outside the station this week. A study inside the station is observing how liquids behave in the open cabin of the orbital lab.

Space to Ground: A Star to Steer By: 08/10/2018

Astronauts on the space station are testing an device that guided sailors for centuries and sharing space science lessons plans with teachers on Earth.

Space to Ground: From American Soil: 08/03/2018

NASA assigned nine astronauts to the first flights of the Boeing and SpaceX commercial crew vehicles. Dragon also departed the space station with over 3,800 pounds of cargo for return to Earth.

Space to Ground: Locally Grown: 07/27/2018

The Expedition 56 crew aboard the space station harvested plants and explored microbes this week to help astronauts in space and humans on Earth.

Space to Ground: Concrete Science: 07/20/2018

The Cygnus space freighter took out more than 6,600 pounds of trash this week and the crew studied the microstructure of cement possibly Earth and space habitats.

Space to Ground: Same Day Delivery: 07/13/2018

From cancer treatment research in space to a fast-track cargo shipment, the space station was a hot-bed of activity this week.

Space to Ground: Meet CIMON: 07/06/2018

The station crew has a new AI-based assistant called CIMON delivered on Dragon this week. CIMON is a test case possibly offering space-based solutions to astronauts on future long-term missions.

Space to Ground: Rocket's Red Glare: 06/29/2018

Dragon lit up the sky when it blasted off on a three-day journey to the station. A new experiment it is delivering will help us undertand how plants respond to water and stress as astronauts learn how to grow food in space.

Space to Ground: Clearing the Cosmos: 06/22/2018

Junk is a growing problem in space and a new satellite is exploring ways to clean it up. Also, a pollution and fire safety study has been reignited on the space station after some soot cleaning.

Space to Ground: Enhancing the View: 06/15/2018

Drew Feustel moved into third place for all-time spent spacewalking. He and Ricky Arnold installed high definition cameras to provide views of the SpaceX Dragon Crew and Boeing Starliner spacecraft.

Space to Ground: Launches and Landings: 06/08/2018

One crew returns to Earth, another crew launches to space while two astronauts get ready for a spacewalk to outfit the space station in support of commercial crew spacecraft.

Space to Ground: Handoff: 06/01/2018

Expedition 55 comes to a close as Commander Anton Shkaplerov hands control of the station today to NASA astronaut Drew Feustel. Meanwhile, the crew is staying busy with new experiments delivered aboard Orbital ATK's Cygnus cargo craft.

Space to Ground: Cold Hard Science: 05/25/2018


Space to Ground: Kilauea Volcano: 05/18/2018

The Expedition 55 crew wrapped up the fifth spacewalk of the year this week and photographed the Kilauea Volcano ash plume on Hawaii.

Space to Ground: Ready for a Walk: 05/11/2018

This week on #SpaceToGround, the crew worked on an experimental furnace that levitates, melts and solidifies materials while also preparing for the 210th spacewalk at the space station.

Space to Ground: Color of the Sun: 04/27/2018

The station crew welcomed the new Administrator of NASA and nourished small organisms living on the orbital lab for space research this week on #SpaceToGround.

Space to Ground: Operating an Outpost: 04/20/2018

NASA released a free e-book describing how flight directors operate the station and the astronauts studied unique molecules vital to the design of newer, more stable product mixtures. #SpaceToGround

Space to Ground: Genes in Space: 04/13/2018

This week on #SpaceToGround, the crew explored how living in space impacts the relationship between DNA alterations and a weakened immune system while materials outside the station are being exposed to microgravity to see how they stand up to the extre...