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From the minds of The Cat's Paw League of Drunken Justice and Drinking of America comes... a podcast!

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From the minds of The Cat's Paw League of Drunken Justice and Drinking of America comes... A BLOG.
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C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 36 – Revenge of Professor Jingles

Treavor aka Chubbs McDoogle aka Professor Jingles makes his triumphant return to the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. studio! Our resident scientist is back and gets all science-y in this motherfucker! SCIENCE CORNER LIGHTNING ROUND™!!!!!!! Also – Dobell makes his podca...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 35

This week’s podcast debuts a new game “Paula Deen or Rick Ross?” That’s worth the price of admission in itself! Also: Aaron Hernandez Grocery Store BBQ North West and a bunch of other things I can’t remember off of the top of my head!
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 34

Here’s another amazing C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast for ya! We hit all of the checkboxes to your interests. If this podcast was on Match.com, you would have 97% compatability with it. It would take you on a date after 3 charming email exchanges. Then it woul...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.P.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 33

This week we have Extra Special Guests: Chase and Cassidy! Together we explore the astounding world of abnormally large male genitals. It’s strange. Then we talk about other stuff! We also cover: Cicadas (which aren’t the same as Shakiras) M. Night Shy...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 32

Disclaimer – I did not draw this episode’s rhino. But I could have drawn that. I am pretty awesome at drawing rhinos. Another action packed episode of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast. We invent a superhero who is more than likely Canadian, and share some in...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 31*

*Ignore the #30 on the rhino pic, I was confused. Some things we talk about on this podcast: Hornzilla Miley Cyrus Blow-up Doll Hobby Lobby Sucks We explain to Laci what a “Cleveland Steamer” is And More! This podcast features the debut of Pope’s new s...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 30

Welcome to the 3rd podcast in our Grand Re-Opening celebration. Recorded immediately preceding the “Mayan Calendar – End of the World” scare, Podcast #30 was our way of playing the fiddle while Rome burned down around us. Even while staring down the ap...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 29

Hey there C.P.L.D.J.D.A.-ateers! Here’s the second podcast of our Grand Re-Opening Extravaganza. Using the magic of technology we are joined this podcast by our good friend Treavor (Chubs McDoogle). Obviously, this goes off without a hitch and there ar...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 28 – We’re Back!

It’s been too long internet. We’ve missed you. You missed us too? We know. We’re sorry we were gone. Want to be part of The C.P.L.D.J.D.A. podcast experience? Give us small appliances. This week we explore the concepts of international waters, Weather....
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 27 – Vacations

I started drawing a rhino on a beach. That was kinda boring. This one is a Robo-Rhino on a beach. Better! Episode 27 of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast is ostensibly about vacations. We might have gotten off topic a little bit. Featuring our special guest –...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 26

“What’s black and white and red all over?” Here’s a brand new(ish) podcast of us talking about pretty much anything under the sun! Some highlights - Bath Salts Cannibalism High Cuisine Japan Penis The Best Garage Sale Ever Wrap-Up The World’s Strongest...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 25 – Summer!

We’ve been gone for a minute, now we’re back! With the weather turning nice we’ve actually been spending our evenings in the bushes outside your house. You should probably put some clothes on. There’s some real perverts out there. Here’s some Summer fu...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 24 – Video Games

The girls were gone for this podcast, so we took advantage of that and we talk about what most guys are thinking about all the time… VIDEO GAMES. We run through the history of video games and our feelings about them, from the Atari to the SNES! Turns o...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 23

This one’s about fucking. We talk about some other stuff too. But mainly it’s about fucking. Fucking for money. Fucking Secret Service agents. Fucking Dick Clark. “Fucking It Forward” (Trademark). Fucking. We also talk about Tupac Holograms, 420, James...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 22

Mugshot courtesy of TMZ… and a painkiller-addled douchebag. Oh Ryan Leaf, after you denounced Montana we were thrilled to hear you hated this hick state and never planned on coming back. Unfortunately you did. The really disappointing thing is that Rya...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Our 21st

Wooo Hooo!!!! 21!!!!! The big 2-1. Our little podcast is finally old enough to drink! We celebrate this momentous event by…. wait for it… DRINKING!!!! Help us celebrate by drinking along with us. Don’t worry, we made some fun and easy rules for you to ...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 20

We explore the dangers of “Date Rate” on this weeks installment of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast. WARNING: 80% of rates are done by someone you know. Also: 90′s Clothing Fads, Stupid games in Gym Class, The Ginger Mexican, Romanian Pickpockets and more! W...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 19

Turns out this podcast has been living in the center console of my car for a week. I’ve decided to give it a new home on the internet. This is the heart wrenching story of a little podcast that wouldn’t give up! It wasn’t going to live in a car on a CD...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 18

In this thrilling episode we talk Hulk Hogan sextape and other important happenings in the news. Featuring “Q&A with T&A” and the N.W.O. themesong! You can check us out on iTunes also.
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 17

Episode #17 of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast is ready to take the world by storm. It’s like a comedy hurricane! Tune in for stories from Vegas and other miscellaneous shenanigans. You can check us out on iTunes also.
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 16

Episode #16 of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast is ready for your listening enjoyment. From “Weird” Al to triceratops to extreme parenting this is your one stop shop for all of your podcast needs! You can check us out on iTunes also.
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Episode 15

WHAT??? Two podcasts in one day? Yep. We love you that much. Even though you can’t be bothered to “Like” us on Facebook. This podcast is a hodgepodge of current events and drunken tangents. Mainly the latter. Enjoy! You can check us out on iTunes also.
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – High School

Join us while we reminisce about our High School years. Amazingly we all graduated, and now we do this… High School is pointless. But this podcast isn’t! You can check us out on iTunes also.
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Valentine’s Day

“When arrows don’t penetrate, Cupid packs a pistol.” – Andre 3000 Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Why not spend it with someone you love? Us… The C.P.L.D.J.D.A. In this podcast we talk about lots of relationship type stuff. Ladies try to explain thing...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Battle Royale!!!!

This week’s podcast we stuff 48 podcasters into one studio. 48 enter, only one may win. That’s a slight exaggeration, but holy shit, there was a lot of us. And we had been drinking. This one’s a shit show. But I mean that in the most complimentary way ...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

Zombie Apocalypse Tuesday – The Song

This one’s for all of the fans of our Zombie Apocalypse Tuesday instructional series of blog posts. Here it is, the musical version of “Zombie Apocalypse Tuesday”. I know I said we weren’t going to debut it until later this week, but we’re too excited ...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Metal!!!! feat. Stacy

Hello Podcast Fans, this week we have a treat for you… a very special guest! Stacy, the amazing frontman for The Mighty Flick, joins us in the studio for our “Metal” episode! We play “Six Degrees of Metal Separation”! Our scientist answers a question… ...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – New Year’s 2012

“Who let the rhino make the calendar? They can’t count past 2012!” – Mayan Guy Welcome to 2012, loyal C.P.L.D.J.D.A. fans! It’s our last year until the world ends, so enjoy listening to this podcast with your loved ones. And we should probably all just...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Christmas Extravaganza!

Merry Christmas everybody from the C.P.L.D.J.D.A.! Here’s our special present to you. Us! You’re sure to enjoy listening to this holiday themed episode of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast! If not drink more and then listen again. Share this with your family....
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Man Crushes

This installment of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast is all about Man Crushes! Ever wonder what happens when we drink through an entire podcast and then make one about our heterosexual desire to hang out with famous dudes we think are cool? This does. Rated ...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Pet Peeves

This installment of the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast is about Pet Peeves we have. Man, we hate many, many things. Hate things with us. This part of the post is only for John Tesh. I’m going to fight you, John Tesh. I know you’re listening. We’re going to fig...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Podcast – Guilty Pleasures

Hey all you C.P.L.D.J.D.A. podcast fans, I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. I know that I am thankful that John Smith and Pocahontas used the Ark of the Covenant to drive all of the turkeys out of Detroit so the Lions could lose to various...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

Podcast – Kids Think the Stupidest Things

Placeholder image - I fucked up my black marker drawing on pumpkins, so I couldn’t draw a rhino. Holy shit kids are dumb. Listen to how dumb we were when we were kids. Laugh with/ at us. Tell your friends. Repeat as necessary. BEGIN PEER PRESSURE All t...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

Podcast – Our Favorites (and Least Favorites)

Pickles and Gingers and Almond Joy Bars, Rape as currency, and certain pop stars, The Jersey Shore and the Snooki it brings, These are a few of our least favorite things! Check us out on iTunes also!
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

Podcast – Social Networking

Oh shit, internets!!! Get ready for some podcasting awesomeness. Listen to our podcast about Social Networking and then go “like” us on Facebook. We are friend-whores. Not to be confused with sex-for-money-whores. Not that we have a problem with that… ...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

Podcast #2 – The 90s & Us

Hey Yo! Stop, collaborate and listen. The C.P.L.D.J.D.A. is back with a brand new invention. A Podcast that’ll grab a hold of you tightly. Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly. Will the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. ever stop? Yo, I don’t know! Press play on the pla...
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author

C.P.L.D.J.D.A. Inaugural Podcast!

Hey everybody! Guess who made a podcast? We did! It’s chock full of the half drunken ramblings you’ve come to expect from the C.P.L.D.J.D.A. but with none of that pesky reading. Enjoy! You can check us out on iTunes also!
C.P.L.D.J.D.A. author