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The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where you will find fascinating and educational interviews with the best free-flight pilots in the world. If you fly a hanglider or paraglider, if you fly acro or cross country, the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where we glean how the great pilots of the world get there. Hosted by Red Bull X-Alps pilot, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and current holder of the North American foot launch record, Gavin McClurg. Follow me on Instagram @gavinmcclurg or on Facebook @ or Twitter on @cloudbasemayhem.

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A Paraglider's Rant
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Episode 105- Tyler G and the critical Phases of Flight

Tyler G is on the board of the Canadian Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and he's taken on trying to solve a tough problem in our sport right now: To create a syllabus and model for learning to speed fly safely. Speed flying, especially in Nor...
Tyler G author

Episode 104- Maxime Bellemin and Performance and Preparation

Maxime Bellemin is a name all veteran competition pilots know well. Not just because of his decades of experience and multiple wins at the national and international level but because of his performance coaching with the French team and his two incredi...
Maxime Bellemin author

Episode 103- Chris Gursky and Don’t Let Go

Hang On. That's what Chris Gursky had to do for the longest 2 minutes and 14 seconds of his life on his first even Hang Gliding flight. In what has been dubbed the "Swiss Mishap", this American got a little more adventure than he was looking for in Int...
Chris Gursky author

Episode 102- Laurent Borella and the Vercofly

Laurent Borella began flying in 2001 and very quickly afterwards changed his entire life to accomodate more free flight into his world. Eleven years ago his passion for cross country and hike and fly lead him to create the VercoFly, an annual 4 day hik...
Laurent Borella author

Episode 101- Primoz Susa and the art of the SEND

Primoz Susa is the pilot you will see year after year at the top of the rankings on XContest. He's been sending huge, huge lines for years, competed in the 2009 Red Bull X-Alps, flies tandems commercially, guides, flies a LOT of competitions, and on mo...
Primoz Susa author

Episode 100- Live audience show with Jean Baptiste Chandelier!

Jean Baptiste Chandelier makes films that transport millions and millions of viewers into an aerial world of fantasy and fun. In this episode we learn about JB's creative process and how he turns his dreams and ideas into films that connect to audience...
Jean Baptiste Chandelier author

Episode 99- The 2019 Red Bull X-Alps (Installment 2)

This is a special episode of the Cloudbase Mayhem to give all of the fans of the race a little insight into the greatest game on Earth directly from the perspective of the athletes. In this second of three installments we hear from Tom De Dorlodot (BEL...
Chrigel Maurer author

Episode 98- Learning it all from an XC Master, Alex Robe

There is the most information-dense podcast than possibly any previous show we've done. Alex Robé and one of his main flying partners Primoz Susa are nearly always the two guys right at the top of XContest on the big days. Alex won the XContest in 2015...
Alex Robe author

Episode 97- The 2019 Red Bull X-Alps (Installment 1)

This is a special episode of the Cloudbase Mayhem to give all of the fans of the race a little insight into the greatest game on Earth directly from the perspective of the athletes. In this first of three installments we hear from Nick Neynens (NZ 1), ...
Aaron Durogati, Nick Neynens, Kinga Masztalerz, Gaspard Petiot author

Episode 96- Christian Ciech and a life of Hang Gliding

Christian Ciech has been flying Hang Gliders for over 30 years. He remembers watching his Dad fly when he was just four years old. He has an arsenal of trophies that showcase his legendary competition skills, including 3 World Championship wins. Christ...
Christian Ciech author

Episode 95- Willi Canell and wrestling with the Risk

Willi Canell will represent the US in the 2019 Red Bull X-Alps, the 5th US athlete in the history of the race to call Sun Valley, Idaho home of the 10 US athletes who have competed. He'll be lined up with me in Salzburg June 16th in the greatest game o...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 94- Patrick Von Kanel and the greatest Game on Earth

Patrick Von Kanel is only 25 years old but in a few days he'll be one of the athletes to really watch in the Red Bull X-Alps. His mentors include Michael and Chrigel Maurer, he's a test pilot for Advance, he's big, he's strong, he's of course Swiss (no...
Patrick Von Kanel author

Episode 93- Wolfgang (Wolfi) Siess and the Hang Gliding obsession

Wolfi Siess has been chasing it hard for the past 19 years. He watched his Dad fly from the time he began to walk- the flying blood runs thick in this family! As soon as it was legal (and his mom gave him the ok!) Wolfi took to the skies and hasn't loo...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 92- Marcella Uchoa and breaking the Women’s World Record

On October 25th, 2018 Marcella Uchoa flew into the record books by flying 411 km across the Sertao, Brazil. She broke Seiko Fukuoka's record of 402 km in Australia set in December of 2015. Marcella was in good company, team flying with Rafael Saldini, ...
Marcella Uchoa author

Episode 91- Rick Heatley and the pucker factor

Let's face it- sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes you get lucky. This is one of those stories and there is a LOT here we can all learn from. Rick Heatley was having a lovely day in the sky on a near-perfect day at a new site on the rugged and wil...
Rick Heatley author

Episode 90- Threat and Error Management (TEM) and Free Flight

TEM is a simple system that helps pilots identify threats so they don't lead to errors which if they multiply could lead to an "undesirable aircraft state." It's simply an awareness protocol laid out through a series of checklists and procedures that b...
JK Nicholas author

Episode 89- Travis Burke and believing it’s possible

Travis Burke is an athlete, professional photographer and content creator for some of the largest adventure and action-sports brands in the outdoor industry. This is a remarkable story told by a very driven and interesting guy who spends as much time a...
Travis Burke author

Episode 88- Rob Sporrer and building community, risk awareness and focus on fundamentals

This conversation covers a lot of ground- we discuss risk management; the importance of working on the fundamentals no matter where you are in your progression as a pilot; where the sport typically bites and how you can beat the odds; how you can and s...
Rob Sporrer author

Episode 87- Paul Guschlbauer and the Ultimate Adventure

Paul Guschlbauer and his wife Magdalena have just completed a proper awesome adventure- flying his supercub two-seater bush plane from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina, across thirteen countries. The journey took six months a...
Paul Guschlbauer author

Episode 86- Annalena Hinestroza and managing a passion for flight

In this wide-ranging episode we discuss women in the sport, the importance of getting solid foundational skills, gear and why people choose the wrong equipment for their skill level, how to get into comps and how to be an efficient pilot, why learning ...
Annalena Hinestroza author

Episode 85- Mark Watts and letting your subconscious do the work

Mark Watts is one of only a very few UK pilots to have won the British Championships, a PWC, the UK X-Contest League, AND held the open distance record (at 275 km, which held until 2017). He has been on the British team many times, currently shares the...
Mark Watts author

Episode 84- Adrian Garza and Chasing thin Air

After getting his novice sign-off in Mexico (30 flights) under the instruction of 2019 Red Bull X-Alps pilot and recent podcast guest Marko Hrgetic Hrga, for his very first solo flight (flight 31) Adrian Garza hiked up one of the highest volcanoes in N...
Adrian Garza author

Episode 83- Ziad Bassil and Dust of the Universe

Ziad Bassil is someone most pilots who have gear questions already know. His blog the "Dust of the Universe" is probably (definitely?) the most comprehensive independent gear testing site on Earth. He does it solely for pleasure and is PROLIFIC. If it ...
Ziad Bassil author

Episode 82- Mark “Forger” Stucky and becoming a Rocket Man

On December 13th, 2018 test pilot Mark "Forger" Stucky piloted SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic's tourism spaceship into space for the first time after years and years of testing and many set backs. He and his co-pilot Rick "CJ" Sturckow had a "long burn"...
Mark Stucky author

Episode 81- Damien Lacaze and Touching the Void

During their six-week expedition to Pakistan this summer, Damien Lacaze and Antoine Girard traveled more than 1,500 kilometers in just 14 days of flight, making the second highest flight in the history of paragliding, bivouacked at more than 6,000 mete...
Damien Lacaze author

Episode 80 – Can Hang Gliding be saved?

Hang gliding is arguably the first "extreme sport" in human history and it literally changed the world. Drawing inspiration from Leonardo Davinci, Otto Lillienthal built the first foot-launched hang gliders in the late 1800's. His wings inspired Octave...
Bruce Weaver author

Episode 79- Felipe Rezende and breaking the mold

In this episode we discuss why we are sometimes in the "flow" and confident and everything is just clicking and why at other times we can't seem to get anything right, and how we can maybe improve the odds to be in the former. Felipe talks about how im...
Felipe Rezende author

Episode 78- Cade Palmer and the Ultimate Pursuit

Cade Palmer is a speed test pilot and designer for Ozone Paragliders; is one of the most accomplished aerobatics pilots in the world; flies tandems professionally in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; regularly sessions some of the most awe-inspiring terrain on Ea...
Cade Palmer author

Episode 77- Comp Tactics and Strategies

I sat down with veteran comp pilots JP Robert Vandenbegine (Canada and Belgium), Chin Chien Huang (aka Jimmy from the US), and Francisco Mantaras (Argentina) to discuss the A to Z of comps. These guys collectively have decades of comp experience and we...
JP Vandenbegine, Jimmy Huang, Francisco Mantaras author

Episode 76- The Ask Me Anything show! And a fun little story of a Big day:)

It was a remarkable week- nearly 1,000 km in three flights, all of them one personal best after another. But the big one is a pretty wild story in extreme conditions in huge terrain on a very marginal day at best, and one that probably should never be ...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 75- Dominic Rohner and Chasing the Dream

Dominic has been flying for 21 years, recently sold his share of a very successful school (Paraworld) in Zurich and has been living the dream- traveling the world in the pursuit of the skycrack. From Tanzania and Kenya to Brazil to Colombia Dominic tak...
Dominic Rohner author

Episode 74- Theo Warden and Winning BIG

Theo Warden is only 19 years old and just took home two wins that would be truly amazing in a career of competition flying, let alone from someone who's just getting seriously into the game. Theo took home gold at the Europeans in Portugal in August, t...
Theo Warden author

Episode 73- Mitch Riley and X-Alps madness, Developing Mental toughness, Thinking Fast VS Slow, Growth Mindset, Discipline and More

Mitch Riley has been chasing the sky crack as hard as anyone the last few years. He's averaging 500-600 hours a year, instructs full-time for Eagle Paragliding, competes regularly, does commercial tandems, competed in the 2017 X-Alps and guides around ...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 72- Greg Hamerton and FlyBubble, gear choice, bivvy, and the road to Mastery

Greg is a former PWC pilot and is the man responsible for all those awesome FlyBubble videos, participated in the X-Pyr in 2016, is passionate about vol biv and has a lot of great thoughts and advice for pilots at every level. We discuss gear and choic...
Greg Hamerton author

Episode 71- Bernhard Kalin and the coming future, dangers of overconfidence, Speed flying best-practices

Bernhard (Benni) Kalin is a Swiss all-things-flight instructor at ChillOutParagliding. Based in Interlaken, speedflying was his initial addiction but over the years it has spread to all canopies- paragliding, base jumping, kitesurfing, kiteskiing- you ...
Bernhard Kalin author

Episode 70- Nick Greece and Comp Tactics, Discipline, Progression, Performance and Mentors

Nick Greece returns to the Mayhem to share a wealth of insights into competition and flying insights and some very honest talk about the manic ride that often defines our sport. This is an honest and at times hysterical talk about the risks of our spor...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 69- Armin Harich and Sending Flatlands and Flying accident free

Armin Harich is the co-founder of Skywalk Paragliders, started flying in 1989 and has never had an accident, and is the first person to fly over 300km in Germany, and he did it on a EN B wing (the Skywalk Tequila). I was told by many people before spea...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 68- Nik Hawks and weighing the risks

Nik Hawks returns to the Mayhem to share two pretty scary incidents that ended well, but came with a LOT of lessons that every pilot can learn from including: coming back from "fear injuries"  by using the big 4, time, building exposure, and pattern re...
Nik Hawks author

Episode 67- Fabien Blanco and SIV, Single Surface Wings, Bivvy and Safety

Fabien Blanco is the founder and head instructor at Flyeo in Annecy, a premiere paragliding school focused on teaching SIV, Cross Country and adventure flying. Fabien was a professional acro pilot and is a passionate ski-mountaineer and brings a wealth...
Fabien Blanco author

Episode 66- Andy Hediger and becoming an Airman

If it flies, Andy Hediger flies it (or jumps out of it!). Sailplanes, trikes, hang gliders, light-weight airplanes, wingsuits, Swift, Archaeopteryx, Virus, but he rates the paraglider as the king of them all. The developer of the D-Bag, Andy was there ...
Andy Hediger author

Episode 65- Myles Connolly and Reserve Toss Hindsight 20/20

Two days before the Monarca kicked off in Valle de Bravo, Mexico this January our podcast editor Myles Connolly had a cascade episode low and threw his reserve for the first time. Myles got hung over 80' off the ground in a dead tree without injury. So...
Myles Connolly author

Episode 64- Till Gottbrath and Rethinking Performance and Risk

Several years ago Nova Paragliders changed the way we think about performance when they put some of their top pilots on the Mentor, an EN B wing and the world watched as they ticked off some of the biggest flights that had ever been done in the Alps, i...
Till Gottbrath author

Episode 63- Adél Honti and what makes a successful pilot

What makes a successful pilot? Is it just talent and hours or something anyone can learn with training and application? Sports psychology gives us the answer if we break it down into three dimensions: technical, physical and mental. In this episode Adé...
Gavin McClurg author

Episode 62- Patrick Hennessey and Speed Flying basic to expert

After many many requests we bring you our first show dedicated to speed flying and mini wings. Patrick Hennessey is a pilot based in the Northwest of the US who's been getting after it but came into the sport via skydiving and has a pretty interesting ...
Patrick Hennessey author

Episode 61- Marko Hrgetic Hrga and How to Fly FAST!

Marko Hrgetic Hrga has been flying World Cups for the past 11 years, has a paragliding school in Valle De Bravo, Mexico which operates under the Swiss APPI system. In this episode we get technical on how to fly fast. Hand position, use of speed bar, ho...
Marko Hrgetic Hrga author

Episode 60- Lisa Hope Tilstra and taking your first steps…into the magic

Lisa Hope Tilstra gives us a perspective all of us can relate to as pilots as she's a total newbie- as a brand new pilot she's going through what we all have at some point in our flying lives. No flight can ever match that first time we stepped into th...
Lisa Hope Tilstra author

Episode 59- Christoph Weber and Behind the Veil of the Red Bull X-Alps

Christoph Weber has been the race director of the Red Bull X-Alps since 2007. This episode dives into the behind-the-scenes for our fans of the show who wanted more than what's available on live tracking. How do athletes get chosen? How is the route de...
Christoph Weber author

Episode 58- Théo De Blic and becoming a professional

Théo De Blic is one of the new generation of professional acro pilots who has been staggering audiences around the world with his incredibly difficult twisted sequences. In this episode we learn how Théo has become one of the most-winning pilots on the...
Théo De Blic author

Episode 57- Phil Glutz and Confidence, Complacency and Chasing it

Phil sends big lines in the biggest terrain in the Alps and decided a couple decades ago to ditch his engineering career because the sky was calling. An Australian native, Phil discovered Zermatt over twenty years ago and made it his home. We discuss t...
Phil Glutz author

Christmas Bonus Episode with Chrigel Maurer!

It's here folks! The bonus episode you've all been waiting for. We released this follow up episode with Chrigel Maurer a couple months ago for our Patreon supporters. Don't miss these! Sign up to support the show through Patreon and get immediate acces...
Chrigel Maurer author