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Sounds Physiological is a podcast from The Journal of General Physiology focusing on groundbreaking discoveries in cellular and molecular physiology. Each episode features interviews with pioneering physiologists from across the globe.

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A podcast focusing on groundbreaking discoveries in cellular and molecular physiology
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Viewing things the way the channel does: Karl Magleby

A conversation with Karl Magleby on short-term synaptic plasticity, discovering BK, and viewing things the way a channel does. Download PDF transcript Key words: synaptic plasticity, facilitation, augmentation, potentiation, BK, calcium-activated K cha...
Rockefeller University Press author

A well-channeled journey from heart to brain: Dick Tsien

A conversation with Dick Tsien on moving from cardiac physiology to LTP in a half-dozen years, conformational signaling by channels, and being a physiologist in the UK when Hodgkin, Huxley, and Katz were all doing experiments Download PDF transcript Ke...
Rockefeller University Press author

Why we don’t twitch when we smoke: Henry Lester

A conversation with Henry Lester on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, inside-out pharmacology, teaching MOOCs, and Richard Feynman’s thoughts about single-channel recording. Download PDF transcript Key words: nicotine, nAChR, nicotinic receptor, insid...
Rockefeller University Press author

Calcium signaling in the heart: Don Bers

A conversation with Don Bers on calcium signaling and compartmentation in cardiac myocytes. Download PDF transcript Key words: calcium, cardiomyocytes, cardiac contractility, calcium compartmentation, arrhythmias, CaM kinase
Rockefeller University Press author

Did Alan Hodgkin dream of calcium sparks? Eduardo RĂ­os

A conversation with Eduardo Ríos on post-Hodgkin thought, the voltage sensor in EC coupling, calcium sparks, and the university system in Uruguay. Download PDF transcript Key words: dihydropyridine receptor, ryanodine receptor, calcium sparks, cardiac ...
Rockefeller University Press author

Getting from “This can’t be right” to “Of course”: Paul Greengard

A conversation with Paul Greengard on“hormonal” communication between nerve cells, the biochemical bases by which antidepressants work, and the Pearl Meister Greengard Prize for outstanding women in biomedical research. Download PDF transcript Key word...
Rockefeller University Press author

Fleeing complexity: Chris Miller

A conversation with Chris Miller on channels, transporters, radical reductionism, and trusting your sense of scientific aesthetics. Download PDF Transcript Key words: ion channels, ion transporters, biophysics, ClC, chloride, fluoride, Fluc, lipid bila...
Rockefeller University Press author

Jumping into the unknown: Rich Lewis

A conversation with Richard Lewis on electrical resonance in hair cells, channels and signals in T cells, papayas in the lab, and following your nose. Download PDF transcript Key words: calcium, T cell, Hair cell, Papain, Orai, STIM, CRAC channels
Rockefeller University Press author

Molecular hermeneutics and unusual sorbets: Barbara Ehrlich

A conversation with Barbara Ehrlich on calcium signaling, interpreting Truth, and what’s wrong with green apple-wasabi sorbet. Download PDF transcript Key words: calcium, IP3 receptor, ryanodine receptor, polycystin-2, paramecium, molecular hermeneutic...
Rockefeller University Press author

In search of the unexpected: David Clapham

A conversation with David Clapham, on where scientific curiosity can take you. Download PDF transcript Key words: calcium, sperm, mitochondria, cilia, TRPM7, GPCRs, CRAC, noise analysis, patch clamp, channels
Rockefeller University Press author

Investigating calcium compartmentation and dynamics: Tullio Pozzan

A conversation with Tullio Pozzan on calcium compartmentation and dynamics, and signaling between the mitochondria and the ER. Download PDF transcript Key words: calcium, cAMP, mitochondria, endoplamic reticulum, calcium indicators
Rockefeller University Press author

Shedding light on the action potential: Brian Salzberg

A conversation with Brian Salzberg on using optical methods to measure membrane voltage, calcium, and neuropeptide secretion. Download PDF transcript Key Words: Potentiometric dyes; voltage-sensitive dyes;  arsenazo III, merocyanine-540, posterior pitu...
Rockefeller University Press author

Peering Into the Black Box: Bertil Hille

A conversation with Bertil Hille, who has devoted many years to investigating ion channel regulation, and permeability mechanisms. Download PDF Transcript Key Words:  Ion channel, permeability, frog, nerve, muscle, GPCRs, local anesthetics
Rockefeller University Press author

Taking a thermodynamic approach: Baron Chanda

A conversation with Baron Chanda, winner of the 2013 Paul F. Cranefield Award Download PDF transcript Key Words:  Ion channel, gating, voltage-clamp fluorimetry, thermodynamics, allosteric linkage
Rockefeller University Press author

Friends of Physiology: Clay Armstrong and Clara Franzini Armstrong

A conversation with Clay Armstrong, who has devoted many years to investigating ion channel permeability mechanisms and gating processes, and Clara Franzini Armstrong, who has spent many years investigating the structural bases of excitation–contractio...
Rockefeller University Press author