Small Farm Academy Podcast

The Small Farm Academy Podcast is hosted by me, Luke Callahan, and is an exploration of different small farming businesses. We cover everything from how to produce microgreens to understanding the importance a Profit & Loss Statement. This show is equal parts how-to, business skills, and bad jokes. Enjoy!

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Interviews and lessons on small scale farming.
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Nursery - Akiva Silver of Twisted Tree Farm

For the second interview of a short segment on Nursery production, Akiva Silver of Twisted Tree Farm joins me to talk the details of his nursery production. We get really into the details in this episode so if you're looking to get started growing out ...

017 |Plant Nursery | Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres

Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres joins me today to talk about his plant nursery and food forest. If you're interested in starting a food forest or plant nursery, you'll want to give this one a listen.  Edible Acres: Edible Ac...

Mushrooms | Ivan Vincent of Ugly Barn Farm on Building Mushroom Farming Infrastructure

Ivan Vincent of Ugly Barn Farm joins me today to talk about his experience building infrastructure for his mushroom operation.  If you are interested in growing mushrooms or just building general infrastructure on your farm, there is a TON of wisdom to...

Herbal Blends | Sacha Begg of Bullygoth Farm

Sacha Begg of Bullygoth Farm joins me today to teach us how she has evolved her farm to specialize in growing and selling herbal blends.  If you are interested in growing and selling herbs, I highly recommend listening to this episode and paying specia...

Dahlias - Swan Island Dahlias w/ Nicholas Gitts & Heather Schloe

Nicholas Gitts and his daughter Heather Schloe join me today to tell the story of Swan Island Dahlias.  If you like dahlias, you will love this interview with them. We cover a LOT of ground in this interview. After listening you'll have a good sense o...

Mushroom Workshops & Tinctures - Steven Kirk of Hexenring Mushrooms

Steven Kirk joins me today to talk about the ongoing evolution of his family's farm. They started out by launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build infrastructure for their mushroom farm. When they didn't meet their funding goals, they p...

Shiitake Mushrooms - Producing 500 pounds a week w/ Alex Winstead of Cascadia Mushrooms

Alex Winstead joins me today to talk about Cascadia Mushrooms in Bellingham, WA. He shares his experience from starting this as a hobby in 2005 to where he his now producing 500 pounds per week of primarily Shiitake mushrooms.  Enjoy!  
Luke Callahan author

Building a Mushroom Enterprise w/ Amy Fox of Fox Farm and Forage

Amy fox joins me today to talk about Fox Farm and Forage in North Carolina. We talk about how she started growing mushrooms in her basement as a hobby and how that has evolved into building a 4000 SF mushroom production facility on a dedicated piece of...

Growing Oyster Mushrooms Commercially w/ Willie Crosby of Fungi Ally

Willie Crosby joins me today to talk about Fungi Ally in Hadley, MA. We talk about all of the details of Willie's production system of fresh oyster mushrooms for wholesale customers.  Willie gives us great, detailed information, on all aspects of his f...

010 - John Michelotti w/ Catskill Fungi - Mushroom Tinctures, Mushroom Walks, and More

John Michelotti joins me today to talk about Catskill Fungi. Specifically, we talk about mushroom tinctures, mushroom walks, and the story of his farm.  Enjoy! Click here to support the show on Patreon 

300 Pounds of Oyster Mushrooms/Week - Eli Talbert of Urban Choice Mushroom Farm

Eli Talbert joins me today to talk about Urban Choice Mushroom Farm in Richmond Virginia.  If you like details on production and infrastructure, you're going to love this interview with Eli.   Click here to support the show on Patreon 
Luke Callahan author

Ep. 8 - Dan Brisebois of Tourne Sol Seed Company (and Market Garden)

Dan Brisebois joins me today to talk about his cooperatively run Seed Company and Market Garden Tourne Sol. In the show we discuss: Why they started growing and selling seeds The different outlets they sell seeds through (Online, Seed Racks, Seedy Sat...

007 - Cider, Meat, and Medicinals: Homestead Enterprise Design w/ Curt Henry

Curt teaches us how he has approached choosing a piece of land for a family homestead land and the framework he has developed for choosing the enterprises that will be run by the family. Think of Curt like a mentor you get access to when you listen to ...

Nursery Production w/ Grant Schultz

Grant Schultz, founder of New Farm Supply and Versaland joins me to talk primarily about Nursery Production.I asked Grant to be on this show because he has undertaken an incredibly ambitious project called Versaland, 145 acres of degraded land in Iowa ...

Ep. 5 - Raising Pastured Pork w/ Luke Groce of Groce Family Farm

Luke Groce, of Groce Family Farm joins me today to discuss the details of pastured pork production. Luke started with a market garden and has grown to added pork to his offerings. In this episode we get into the economics of how much you can expect to ...

Ep. 4 - Mushroom Farming w/ Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain

Tradd Cotter, author of Organic Farming and Mycoremediation: Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor CultivationIn this episode we discuss Mushroom Production, Tradd's business Mushroom Mountain, and much more. Enjoy!View ...

Ep. 3 - Shiitake Farming w/ Steve Gabriel of Wellspring Forest Farm

Steve Gabriel, author of Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests, joins me to talk about his experience cultivating mushrooms and medicinals for his farm, Wellspring Forest Farm.In this...

Ep. 2 - How to Start a Shiitake Mushroom Farm w/ Joe Crawczyk of Field and Forest

Joe Krawczyk, founder of Field and Forest Products, joins me today to teach us how to go about starting a shiitake mushroom operation. Joe started Field and Forest Products 33 years ago and specializes in selling mushroom spawn, primarily Shiitake, to ...

Ep. 1 - Welcome to the Small Farm Academy Podcast!

Welcome to the Small Farm Academy Podcast. I've been wanting to start this podcast up again for the last couple years and am finally committing to it. This episode is an introduction of what's to come. Our goal with the Small Farm Academy is to teach t...