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318 Now Podcast, based in North Louisiana, aims to Motivate, Inform, Consult and Entertain on a wide-range of topics. The goal is to give its guest a platform to provide insightful information to the listening audience.

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New Heights 318 presents "318 Now Podcast". 318 Now Podcast is an informative and entertaining Podcast that will keep you up to date in the latest happenings in Northeast Louisiana. In addition, special guests will be featured to bring helpful insight and motivation into common daily barriers we all face! Thanks for downloading 318 Now Podcast!
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7.03.2018 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Hazardous Waste Pod Cast with Stuart Hodnett

Josh author
15.02.2018 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Frank Hoffmann Legislative Special Session Podcast

Josh author
31.01.2018 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

January 2018 Pelican Trade Exchange Podcast

Josh author
27.11.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Christmas on the River podcast 2017

Josh author
21.11.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Small Business Saturday Podcast 2017

Josh author
30.10.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

America Recycles Day Podcast

Josh author
21.10.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Oct 20 Podcast 2 Cottonland Marathon

Josh author
27.09.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Sept 22 Podcast1 Celtic Fest episode

Josh author
27.04.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 92- Whitetail Widow Makers

Episode 92 welcomes Krystle Mahoney, Co-Owner of Whitetail Widow Makers! Krystle informs us about the role Whitetail Widow Makers plays in the hunting community! In addition, Krystle gives tips and advice for new and prospective hunters! Also, learn ab...
Josh author
14.04.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 91- D-BAT

EEpisode 91 welcomes Jamie Johnson, Co-Owner and General Manager of D-BAT Monroe! Jamie discusses his professional baseball career, how he became involved with D-BAT as well as the exciting services provided by D-BAT! Also, learn about Easter festiviti...
Josh author
5.04.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 90- Whiddon Law Office

Episode 90 welcomes Keith Whiddon with Whiddon Law Office! Keith discusses his experiences in the legal profession, important legal information people should be aware of, as well as debunks common misconceptions surrounding the legal profession! Also, ...
Josh author
29.03.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 89- Ouachita Brewing Company

Episode 89 welcomes Heath Lord, Brewmaster with Ouachita Brewing Company, to the podcast! Heath shares his story of opening Ouachita Brewing Company in 2014, what inspired him to do so as well as gives advice to inspiring brewmasters! In addition, Maca...
Josh author
22.03.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 88- Railroad Festival

Episode 88 welcomes Joshua Mitchell, Founder of the Inaugural Railroad Festival, which takes place on Saturday, April 8th in Ruston, LA! Josh discusses what led to the creation of the Railroad Festival, previews makers, artists, bands and much more! In...
Josh author
15.03.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 87- Pop-up Dinner

Episode 87 welcomes Hope Anderson, Owner of Health with Hope, as well as Elizabeth Lee Prine, Owner of We Are Gathered! Hope and Elizabeth share exciting information about their inaugural Pop-Up Dinner event, scheduled for Saturday, March 24th! We'll l...
Josh author
8.03.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 86- Talkin Sports

Episode 86 features Part Two of our discussion with Byron Avery! Byron discusses his personal highlights of Talkin Sports thus far as well as previews upcoming Talkin Sports show! Also, Josh shares exciting news about Podcasting efforts in the 318 area...
Josh author
7.03.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 85- Byron Avery

Episode 85 features Part One of our discussion with Byron Avery, Host of Talkin' Sports! Byron shares with us his lengthy ties to local athletics as well as his athletic inspirations, including sports journalists! In addition, Byron shares a life-chang...
Josh author
2.03.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 84- Our H.O.M.E.

Episode 84 welcomes Andy Yarbrough, Founder of Our H.O.M.E.. a local non-profit organization! Andy discusses what inspired him to launch Our H.O.M.E., some of the services they provide for veterans and much more! In addition, Andy details the first ann...
Josh author
22.02.2017 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 83- 318 Now Podcast is back!

The 318 Now Podcast is back! We are ecstatic is bring the 318 Now Podcast back to you each week! Episode 83 welcomes Adrienne LaFrance, Director with Chennault Aviation and Military Museum! Adrienne shares information about his journey to becoming the ...
Josh author
2.11.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 82- Walk to End Alzheimer's

Episode 82 welcomes Alana Babb and Bonnie Farmer Hay, who detail the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer's event, which takes place this Saturday at Forsythe Park in Monroe! Alana Babb and Bonnie Farmer Hay share important information about the Walk, as well as...
Josh author
4.10.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 81- Depression Awareness Month

Episode 81 welcomes Christine Murphy, Chief Operations Officer with Liberty Healthcare, to the podcast! Christine details what services Liberty Healthcare provide, signs and causes of depression and thoughts of suicide as well as steps you can take to ...
Josh author
30.09.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 80- Cesar Camacho

Episode 80 welcomes Cesar Camacho, Owner of InFit Infinity Fitness! Cesar details how InFit was formed, common misconceptions about going to the gym, healthy tips and much more! You'll find the discussion with Cesar to be highly informative and motivat...
Josh author
21.09.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 79- North Delta Food and Wine Festival

Episode 79 welcomes Chefs Anthony Miletello and Chris McKnight, as well as Tommy Usrey, to the podcast! They'll inform us about the second annual North Delta Food and Wine Festival, which takes place the weekend of October 7th-9th. You will not want to...
Josh author
24.08.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 78- Bayou Jamb 2016

Episode78 previews the 2016 Bayou Jamb, which takes place this coming Saturday! You'll learn all the information you'll need for the football-filled day! In addition, you'll get a sneak peak of the debut episode of the Fiesta Nutrition Podcast! Thanks ...
Josh author
16.08.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 77- Josh Brooks w/ULM Athletics

Episode 77 welcomes Josh Brooks, Deputy Athletics Director with ULM Athletics. Warhawk fans, you'll love the discussion with Josh! He covers tons of topics, including what Warhawk fans can expect from new Coach Viator, exciting plans for innovative gam...
Josh author
10.08.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 76- Express Employment Professionals

Episode 76 welcomes Jay Mulhearn, Owner of Express Employment Professionals, to the show! Jay shares valuable advice for job seekers, industries that are hiring at high rates in the 318 area as well as what services Express offers to the area! If you o...
Josh author
2.08.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 75- Twin City Jazz

Episode 75 welcomes the Twin City Jazz to the podcast! Lajuana Logan, Co-Owner and President of Operations, James Gill, General Manager and Thomas Jones, player with Twin City Jazz, stop by to inform us what led to the Jazz calling Monroe, Louisiana th...
Josh author
27.07.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 74- 2Dudes Catering & Radio

Episode 74 welcomes Chris Brown and Kevo Meredith with 2Dudes Catering and 2Dudes Radio to the podcast! Chris and Kevo discuss how their passion for cooking came to light, their philosophies on customer service, hilarious stories including sports wager...
Josh author
19.07.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 73- L Club of ULM

Episode 73 welcomes Andy Snelling, President of the L Club of the University of Louisiana at Monroe and avid Chicago Cubs fan, to the podcast! Andy details the vital role the L Club plays for ULM, how the community can support the L Club as well as inf...
Josh author
12.07.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 72- Louisiana Small Business Development Center

Episode 72 welcomes Jami Kay Salter, Marketing and Training Specialist with the Louisiana Small Business Development Center in Monroe! Jami details the vital role the LSBDC plays for small business owners, including FREE consultation opportunities in a...
Josh author
6.07.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 71- Macaroni Kid

Episode 71 welcomes Tiffany Olmstead, Publisher with Macaroni Kid Monroe-West Monroe, to the podcast! Tiffany discusses the great perks of subscribing to the weekly Macaroni Kid email newsletter, which highlights family-friendly events in the Monroe ar...
Josh author
27.06.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 70- Blue Sky Yoga

Episode 70 welcomes Donna Franks, Owner of Blue Sky Yoga in Monroe and Ruston! Donna discusses the creation of Blue Sky Yoga, what different classes are available as well as the numerous benefits of practice yoga, plus an tremendous deal for first time...
Josh author
21.06.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 69- Ramsey Christian Coaching

Episode 69 welcomes Chris Ramsey, Founder of Ramsey Christian Coaching, to the podcast! Chris informs us about how Ramsey Christian Coaching was launched, what services he provides, including personal growth, leadership development, spiritual guidance ...
Josh author
13.06.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 68- Strauss Youth Academy For The Arts

Episode 68 welcomes Walter Allen, Executive Director with Strauss Youth Academy For The Arts, to the show. Walter informs us about the history of SYAA, exciting upcoming summer workshops, how becoming involved with SYAA is a great way to develop import...
Josh author
7.06.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 67- Anthony Miletello

Episode 67 welcomes Anthony Miletello, Executive Culinary Director with the City of West Monroe and Owner/Curator of Creepshow Museum, back to the podcast! Anthony details his new position with the City of West Monroe, his bi-weekly segment on KNOE's G...
Josh author
31.05.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 66- OnTheGoDelivery.Com

Episode 66 welcomes Seth Manly, Lisa Reyenga and Brent Upshaw of OnTheGoDelivery.Com! They inform us about the tremendous success OTGD has enjoyed in the Shreveport area and their plans to expand into the Monroe region. Also, the trio detail how OTGD w...
Josh author
24.05.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 65- Choice Brands & Downtown RiverMarket

Episode 65 welcomes Delia Simpson, Craft and Import Manager with Choice Brands, as well as Lindsey Sivlis and Caroline Smalling with Downtown RiverMarket in Monroe. Delia informs us about popular beer brands that Choice Brands distributes in the 318 ar...
Josh author
17.05.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 64- Susan G. Komen of North Louisiana

Episode 64 welcomes Becky Tripp, Affiliate Coordinator with Susan G. Komen of North Louisiana. Becky informs us about the recent merger between Northeastern and Northwestern Susan G. Komens as well as the exciting Komen events that have taken place the...
Josh author
9.05.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 63- Just Run The Play

Episode 63 welcomes Coach DJ Davis, Owner of Just Run The Play by Coach DJ Davis and Head Football Coach/Teacher at Riser Middle School in West Monroe! DJ reflects on his football career in the 318 area as well as discusses what inspired him to begin J...
Josh author
3.05.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 62- Rhythm And Wine For Alzheimer's

Episode 62 welcomes Alana Babb, Co-Owner of Riverport CreativeGroup, back to the podcast to discuss the second annual Rhythm andWine for Alzheimer's Wine Pull, which takes place this Friday from6-9 pm at Landry's Vineyard in West Monroe! #purplemovemen...
Josh author
26.04.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 61- NFL Draft & New Orleans Saints

Episode 61 presents the 2nd Annual NFL Draft preview and New Orleans Saints Off-season review! Brian Eskew, Owner of Bayou Media Group and football fanatic, rejoins the podcast to share his insights and predictions for the 2016 NFL Draft as well as dis...
Josh author
21.04.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 60- One Year Anniversary!

Episode 60 celebrates the one year anniversary of the 318 Now Podcast! Josh shares his experiences during the first year of the podcast, including his highlights and what it takes to run a podcast. In addition, Josh shares sponsorship opportunities for...
Josh author
13.04.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 59- AmeriCorps

Episode 59 welcomes Dylan Rothell, Program Coordinator with SEE West Monroe AmeriCorps, to the 318 Now Podcast! Dylan informs us about the services AmeriCorps provide in the 318 area. Also, Dylan discusses the perks of being an AmeriCorps member, inclu...
Josh author
5.04.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 58- Throwback Edition

Episode 58 is a special Throwback Edition of the 318 Now Podcast! Highlights from Episodes 53-57 will be featured so if you happen to have missed any Episodes from 53-57, you're in luck! Thanks for your continued support of the 318 Now Podcast! 
Josh author
25.03.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 57- Chicago Cubs 2016 Preview

Episode 57 welcomes Brown Kelley, die hard Chicago Cubs fan and friend of the 318 Now Podcast, back to the show! Brown and Josh preview the Chicago Cubs 2016 season, including an in-depth look at the Cubs roster, off-season acquisitions as well as give...
Josh author
22.03.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 56- Food Bank of NELA

Episode 56 welcomes Sarah Hoffman, External Communications Officer with The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana, to the 318 Now Podcast! Sarah discusses the role The Food Bank plays in the 318 area, including the flood recovery efforts that have occurred ...
Josh author
16.03.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 55- Cleanup Ouachita Parish & Flood Info

Episode 55 welcomes Courtney Hornsby, President of the West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce, back to the podcast. Courtney informs us about the Great American Cleanup and Leaders Against Litter events, which will take place this Spring! In add...
Josh author
8.03.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 54- St. Patrick's Day

Episode 54 welcomes Tom McCandlish, Membership Director with the West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce, joins the podcast to discuss the 4th annual St. Paddy's Day Bicycle Parade and Festival as well as other exciting upcoming events! In additi...
Josh author
2.03.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 53- Cole Prine

Episode 53 welcomes Cole Prine, Owner Operator of Cole Prine Wedding Film Company. Cole discusses his many filming services, including Weddings, Commercials, Short Films, Documentaries and Music Videos! In addition, Cole informs us what led him to purs...
Josh author
23.02.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 52- Throwback Edition

Episode 52 is a special Throwback Edition of the 318 Now Podcast! Episode 52 features highlights from Episodes 46-51 of the 318 Now Podcast. If you've missed the past several episodes, then you're in luck! In addition, Josh details how you can become a...
Josh author
16.02.2016 https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/66065/Sample_FB_Default_Pic.jpg

Episode 51- NELA Career Fair

Episode 51 welcomes Sue Nicholson, President of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, back to the 318 Now Podcast! Sue discusses the 2016 Northeast Louisiana Career Fair, which takes place next Wednesday, February 24th from 10am until 2pm at the Monroe Civic...
Josh author