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Giving you the skinny on transhumanism and the future in a semi-informed, conversational format.

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A podcast about transhumanism, the future, and the technological singularity
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Episode 117: Policy vs. Advice

Just two bros that are having a good time. Which two? No spoilers. Notes “Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico” Johann Hari went on Joe Rogan’s podcast to plug his new book, Lost Connections. Zach listened to that podcast. I listened to Zach tell me a...
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Episode 116: Space Wushu

Hi. We’re back. A bit more on that: We got busy. Not in the way Humpty did. No, just in the regular way. The way mundanities pile up, into a pile, and then you have to dig yourself out of that pile and put the pile somewhere. Oh, there’s another pile o...
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Episode 115: Eric Schwitzgebel on Introspection, AI, and Consciousness

Eric Schwitzgebel is here to make you doubt and ponder all kinds of stuff. Check it. Eric Schwitzgebel is a professor of philosophy, a blogger, and a science fiction writer. His output is crazy expansive—and from what I’ve read so far, crazy good. And ...
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Episode 114: John Danaher on Having Sex with Robots

One of our faves, John Danaher, returns to the program. What do we talk about? Oh, nothing all that exciting: just SEX ROBOTS! Seriously, John‘s the best. Listen to the chat, read the book (Robot Sex), follow the links, live happy life. Peace. Notes Tw...
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Episode 113: Future Monsters

Will the future judge us harshly? Well, will it? Tell us, future listeners. Notes Hey, we came in at #43 on the 2017 World Press Freedom Index! U, S, A! U, S, A! Perhaps I spoke hastily when reporting those figures for vegetarianism/veganism. This 2010...
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Episode 112: The News Tightens

We’re besieged on all sides by useless information. In retaliation, here is our rambling defense of deliberate ignorance and simplicity. If you’re a news junkie, ask yourself this question on occasion: what can I do with this information? However, neve...
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Episode 111: Michael Garfield on Paleontological Futurism

Let’s study the future with Michael Garfield. Come on, let us! Michael Garfield is the host of the Future Fossils podcast, as well as a writer, fine artist, and musician. And he’s our buddy now, yay! Travel with us to the edges of the Broosphere, won’t...
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Episode 110: Andrew G. Ferguson on Big Data and Predictive Policing

Andrew G. Ferguson stars in this delightfully chilling conversation about the future of big data and law enforcement. Also starring Scott, Tom, Zach, and featuring Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as “Beyoncé.” Andrew G. Ferguson is a professor of law at the Uni...
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Episode 109: Moral Mark Out

Moral illusions and whether we ought to fall for them. Additionally: Captain Planet. Mark Out: To temporarily forget that wrestling is fake because something cool happened. I think I’ve been guilty of marking out for ethical consumerism, ethical eating...
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Episode 108: Hurricane Happy Hour

More weather-based wonder in the works. Welcome. We back wit dat conceptual freshness. Will we ever run out of hot newness? Don’t count on it. Hurricane Happy Hour “Scientists have spiders producing enhanced web that can hold a human” “Denmark’s Corpor...
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Episode 107: Thunder Claps

A drastically different episode from last week’s! How do we do it? Even we don’t know. Thunder Phase™ “AI uses bitcoin trail to find and help sex-trafficking victims” Want to know more about Lenore Skenazy and Free Range Kids? We recommend checking out...
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Episode 106: Lightning Crashes

It’s the return of Lightning Round™. Get indoors and cozy for this one. Lightning Round™ “CGI and AI are going to turbocharge ‘fake news’ and make it far harder to tell what’s real” “New, reusable [nanotube] filter cleans heavy metals from water” “How ...
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Episode 105: Space Abacus

Should we engineer the extinction of mankind on utilitarian grounds? Another normal conversation. An essay prompts us to consider whether suffering is part and parcel of consciousness, and whether this means existing is worse than not. Plus, Bill and T...
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Episode 104: Screedgate

More screed in your feed: we tackle the notorious Google memo. This episode’s topic is the prequel to Need for Screed II: Screedo Shot Last. If you don’t know what’s up with this memo yet, you will soon. Notes Before we get into the screed weeds, we re...
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Episode 103: Hector Monsegur on Staying Safe Online and IRL

Famous former black hat, Hector Monsegur, gives us the lowdown on how secure we really are (or aren’t). A troubling conversation with a very cool dude. Hector Xavier Monsegur is a security researcher and Director of Assessment Services at Rhino Securit...
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Episode 102: Joe Huston on Cash Transfers and Basic Income

Please welcome GiveDirectly’s Joe Huston to the program. You won’t regret it. Joe Huston is the CFO of GiveDirectly (Twitter), this podcast’s favorite charity (or mine, at least). You’ll notice that, despite the rambling questions and non-questions I p...
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Episode 101: Diana Fleischman on Disgusting Stuff

Evolutionary psychologist Diana Fleischman talks about what we find disgusting and why. Also, cannibalism and how great it is. Zach and I had a great time speaking with psychologist and lecturer Diana Fleischman. Originally we planned to discuss transh...
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Episode 100: James Hughes and the Transhumanist Zeitgeist

Our very first guest—and one of our favorites—James Hughes returns to keep it 100. James Hughes, Executive Director of the IEET, and the first guest we ever had, is back. He’s the best. Prepare for a transhumanist delight. Notes What’s that you say? Ni...
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Episode 099: You Know the Drill

Amazon is taking over; so what? Plus: thoughts on power drills. Look, drills are technology. So they are fair game for this podcast. Also, according to some jerks, nearly everything is technology. So everything is fair game. Thanks, jerks. Take that, o...
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Episode 098: Helicoptration

Helicopter parenting, VR prison pods, and more. Oh my. This one’s all over the place. Thanks again for the interesting feedback, superheroic listeners. Notes Here’s what you really came here for: military commercials from our collective memory. Army of...
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Episode 097: Kevin Kelly on Virtual Worlds and Raising the Global Teenager

One day he’s in Uzbekistan, the next he’s on our podcast. There’s no predicting the inimitable Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly. Where to start? Whole Earth Review. Wired. A slew of dope books, including The Inevitable (now available in paperback). He’s a man ...
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Episode 096: Extreme

No, it’s not our new line of energy drinks (yet). We talk extreme interests, hobbies, pursuits and the like. Oh, the like. Warning: jiu jitsu is discussed at length. As is fasting. I encourage you to deal. Notes SURPRISE: I’m a big fan of Jason Fung, f...
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Episode 095: No Pain? Insane!

Is eternal bliss desirable? Possible? Intelligible? We discuss, you decide. The singularity gets a bad rap, I think. It’s often mocked as the rapture of the nerds, and part of that is deserved. There are, admittedly, some singularity-enthusiasts whose ...
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Episode 094: Sebastian Brosche on Yoga, BJJ, and Finding Meaning in a World Run by Robots

Sebastian Brosche has black belts in jiu jitsu, judo, and futurism. Respect. Confession: I’m a huge fan of Sebastian and Yoga for BJJ. I knew I wanted to pick his brain, and the podcast is my catchall pretense for doing that, picking the brains of thos...
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Episode 093: Robin Hanson on the Age of Emulation

Is the next great era one of whole brain emulations? Robin Hanson makes the case. The inimitable Robin Hanson regales us with a startling picture of the future—one in which human emulations, or ems, are the dominant form of mind. Hmm. I suppose he’s on...
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Episode 092: Flight Makes Right

We talk about flying cars as if they were real. Turns out, they soon might be. Is anything more emblematic of the future than the flying car? The answer is, “no, shut up.” That said, we do talk about other stuff as well. Promise. Notes Batman vs. Ubu S...
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Episode 091: The Bloop Curve

Onward and upward. What could go wrong? We put on our Musketeer caps and get giddy about a solar city. Then we go into this whole, weird thing about brains, minds, language, programming, and a bunch of other junk. With any luck, we come out a little le...
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Episode 090: Robotany of Desire

Sex, crimes, and robots. Get some. We clobber our way through all the delicate, digital dilemmas of the day. Who knew it was so easy? Notes So people think there’s a “27 Club,” comprised of famous famousies who died at 27. Ditto for 32, and maybe 33 as...
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Hedonism 2.0

A little on our collective self-denial, and how it was really hedonism the whole time. Also, other stuff. Spoilerz: basic income. Notes Look, I know we’re all busy, but it’s v. important that you know the history of the Power Rangers. Art Smelly’s “I’m...
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Episode 088: George Dvorsky on Pandemics and Humanzees

The most prolific writer of all time, George Dvorsky returns to the show. Hell yeah. George Dvorsky is a writer and contributing editor over at Gizmodo. He’s our kind of transhumanist, and one of our elite few returning guests. Enjoy this conversation ...
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Episode 087: Rick Searle on Utopia and Dystopia

Rick Searle is that dude, and he’s with us today. Yank that microchip out of your ear and boot us up. Rick Searle is a blogger, writer, and an affiliate scholar over at the IEET. And now, he’s a friend of the show. And your best friend. Take that, your...
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Episode 086: Schrödinger Jones

We’ve got a jones for something, we know not what. Our three-way mental breakdown resumes. You mean, on top of having to become Batman, I also have to become Famous Batman? Oh man, I’m fucked. All this, and more, on today’s episode of The Singularity B...
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Episode 085: Peter Frase and the Four Futures

Author Peter Frase is on this one. You will enjoy it. I say thee yay. Peter Frase works on the editorial board of Jacobin, writing and analyzing stuff, trying to make sense of our mad world. He’s the author of Four Futures—the article and the book—and ...
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Episode 084: The Anti-Sesame Street

We are the opposite of that wholesome goodness from your childhood. Unlearn how to count to twelve with us. Lessons learned: We can’t be whatever we want to be and we’re no better than pigs. Our experiment with the Job Immortality Clause was a dud, but...
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Episode 083: Singularity Blues

If you know a good crossroads demon, holla @ cha boi. If you’re having a bad day, throw this episode on and feel some solidarity. What do we do with this world and/or simulation? Notes So, here’s the thing. We dumb. We repeatedly conflate margarine and...
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Episode 082: Brian Tomasik and the Matter of Suffering

Assemble and tremble. Brian Tomasik talks suffering with us. Brian Tomasik is a researcher at and co-founder of the Foundational Research Institute, a charity that examines the best ways to reduce suffering. We get into the nitty-gritty about what suff...
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Episode 081: Dark Futures

Cheery. Breezy. Forecasting is easy. We’re in one of those moods. The future looks dim. Will we survive the coming speciation event? To help my odds, please send me your discarded animal bones at Singularity Scott c/o the woods. Notes Since recording t...
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Episode 080: Musketeers

For the first, last, and only time, we talk about Elon Musk. (Wrong. Sad.) Most of this episode is a response to Aeon‘s recent piece, “Whitey on Mars.” Whatever, you’ll hear when you hear. What’s important right now is that I tell you this: the word mu...
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Episode 079: Graphiends

Just some bros fiendin for graphene—and for meaning in a world where jobs are soon replaced with oxycodone scripts. Everything’s great! Notes To properly calibrate your terror level re the internet of things, check out Joshua Corman’s TEDx talk. The pr...
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Episode 078: Future Dude, Future Shrewd

Just Tom and Zach here, mentioning all the things, mostly Alex Jones. What a mess these dudes made for me. OK Google, do the notes. It didn’t. Just checking. Notes Hans Rosling of Gapminder passed away. RIP. We recommend you check out Gapminder and any...
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Episode 077: True Bruv

Two dudes try to make sense of the fiasco that was Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris talking to each other. Then three dudes mention some media in the triumphal climax. TRIUMPHAL! Notes Here it is, the disaster in question. Jordan Peterson sounds much mor...
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Episode 076: Cold Showers and Superpowers

  An unintentional powwow about the powers we’re trying to acquire. If a spider bites you while you listen, you will get all of them. Powers! One of my favorite topics. These powers are, admittedly, more mundane than flight and teleportation. Still, th...
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Episode 075: Ford Fischer and the Transhuman Condition

Our fantastic, futuristic feature with filmmaker Ford Fischer. Fun for you, friends. Ford Fischer of News2Share and Transhuman: A Documentary is with us on this one. He helps us try to make sense of the futuro-political landscape in this chromium-cover...
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Episode 074: Calum Chace and The Existential Fire-Tornado

His Chace returns. Author and friend of the show, Calum Chace (@cccalum), is back. (Back as in again. Again as in he was on the show before.) But this time, it’s for real. (It was for real last time too. I’m just playin.) Notes Trump. Well, look. I’m n...
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Episode 073: Serengeti Superheroes

What be these strange apes, we? Before the world of humans dies, how best we to optimize? We get into a whole thing here, man. In trying to figure out how best to be people, we reminisce about our favorite brograms and workout broutines. There’s no own...
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Episode 072: AI Overparents

Is this the first podcast to be released in 2017? No. Is it the best? Maybe. Is it something else? Yes. Oh man. Welcome back, me. In this episode, everyone’s favorite characters, the Singularity Bros (don’t question it), travel to the future. All the w...
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Episode 071: Steve Maxwell on Training, Breathing, and Fasting

Legendary trainer Steve Maxwell is here. Nuff said. Listen! as we just barely contain our man-crushes on Steve Maxwell. Steve is an icon in the worlds of strength training, body maintenance, grappling, and physical culture. His wisdom and workouts have...
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Episode 070: Scott Santens Session 1

Zach Zoom—AKA Zach—brings you the first installment of the Scott Santens Sessions. For the people in your life that still don’t know what’s up with UBI, this is the perfect holiday gift. Now this is a thing! It’s this, in audio form. As Zach says in th...
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Episode 069: Future Left Podcast

Adam Simpson and Casey Rogers of Future Left Podcast join Tom and Zach to talk about progressive futurism. We get a little political in our discussion of technology, the future of work, and automation, but that is our right as free men who have once be...
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Episode 068: Mike Johnston, Lord of Robonia

His lordship, Mike Johnston, joins us for this one. Assemble and tremble. Scott here. But not really here. I mean, not on-this-episode here. I was out of town and the bros replaced me with Mike Johnston of the Robot Overlordz. Good choice, I admit, but...
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