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Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.
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PFAS, Will they be around forever ? Dr Gavin Scherer & Dr Karl on a persistent modern bio-hazard.

The PFAS family of chemicals were Jet-Age wonders. Now some of them are biohazards that can cause cancer in high concentrations. PFAS are proving very hard to contain and break down. Dr Gavin Scherer has the job of finding them and making them safe. ht...

Walking after Eating may be very good for you

Dr Kyra Sim treats takes Dr Karl through The benefits of exercise - after eating. @kyrasim

3 Docs on Astro AI, Danish Bugs and reverse psychology. Drs Motion, Supernova and Karl Return

How we are training computers to look and see like us, how young Danish Citizen Scientists discovered new bacteria and the Benjamin Franklin effect - no kites or thunderstorms involved. Dr Alice Motion, Dr Jessica Supernova (aka Bloom) and Dr Karl retu...

Foods we could eat more of - Professor Claire and Dr Karl have both changed their diets (125)

Tongue to tail, our bodies need this more than ever. The science is absolute - hearts, brains, bodies, guts - this works. It's affordable, tasty and we all need more of it. Bananas, popocorn and high cocoa dark cholocate ? Professor Claire and Dr Karl ...

Drilling for Clues with Dr Tas Van Omen

Geology reveals deep history. For recent history , 1 to 2 million years, glaciology has answers. The bubbles buried in ice in Antarctica are like a time machine for our atmosphere. Earth's Ice Ages are out of kilter and we need to know why. Dr Karl and...

Our Ice Ages with Dr Tas Van Omen

We are oficially in an interglacial period - between ice ages. Dr Karl talks with Australian Glaciologist Dr Tas Van Omen about the times when Ice sheets were a kilometer thick. What caused them and how long did they last. Understanding earth's history...

Insects, Cinema and Chemicals

In the 60's the Green Revolution promised to feed the world. It succeeded with huge productivity gains, new products and profits. Now we are discovering a legacy. Plus More than 40% of this species are declining and a third are endangered. Plus does yo...

Wastewater Science with with O3

Did you you know the atmospheric layer that shields us can also clean dirty water ? Meet 3 MegaKennies. Scientists who know about ozone and how to use it.  Australia's largest music festival site produces a Megalitre of waste per day for a few weeks ea...

Antarctic Krill, Bubbles and Whales with Dr Gwen Fenton (130)

As the Christian world marks almost 2,000 years of Easter, Dr Karl searches for million-year-old air bubbles. The Chief Scientist for the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Gwen Fenton, outlines why it will take 4 antarctic summers to drill for air that...

Dean Ahern Antarctican Allrounder

To operate at the earth's extremities you need a special skillset. Dean has been a professional chef,  mining machine operator and martial arts instructor. Dr Karl discovers how this produces rock solid members of our Antarctic support team. Dr Karl tr...

Prof Suzie and Jordan Digging in the Antarctic Dirt (128)

Antarctica has virgin soil which is frozen most of the year. Inside are some of the most hardy and unusual life forms including Tardigrades. RMIT Professor Suzie Reichman and PhD Student Jordan McCarthy are studying the local species and to trying to a...

Antarctic support with Sharon Labudda

For every Scientist in Antarctica at least 5 support staff are needed. Dr Karl meets one of them. Sharon Labudda. She's in logistics but will turn her hand to fixing engines, carting supplies or getting scientists and their experiments done safely. Dr ...

How Antarctica is melting with Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi

If you want to know how Global Warming works, ask a Glaciologist. Dr Karl talks with  Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi about his measurements on the Totten Glacier - one of the fastest flowing in Antarctica. His measurements, models and predictions are rewriting th...

Dr Karl, Dr Alice and Antarctica

Dr Karl gives Dr Alice a first hand report on Antarctica in February 2019. So how is climate change affecting the area ? Who are the scientists and what are Australians like living in our coldest territory ? Dr Karl traveled south to Casey research sta...

The Salty Truth with Dr Karl & Dr Nick Fuller and 5 Misconceptions that will save you.

We all need Salt, but too much makes you sick. Too much for too long kills you. So how much is enough and which foods have it ? Dr Nick busts FIVE common Myths to help you toward a simple lower-salt lifestyle plan. Feel  better and you're likely to los...

Damien Manuel on CyberWar

Dr Karl probes Damien Manuel from Deakin University on the foundations of modern Cyber warfare. From Stuxnet to Brexit, Trump16 and IIWAM, our Digital space is being warped and manipulated. Part 2 on Dr Karl's 2019 Cybersecurity podcast. 

Damien Manuel on spotting Cyber Warriors (122)

Dr Karl probes the Director for Centre for Cyber Security Solutions, Damien Manuel, on digital safety. Smartphones, Digital health records, Credit Cards, Huawei and the most common types of cyber warriors. Update your shields in 2019 because smart refr...

Saving lives with a drop of Blood Plasma

Dr Karl meets Daniel Alexander, who commutes 700km each month to donate his plasma. Daniel's particular blood saves the lives of babies and he is one of 150 Australians donating fortnightly. Blood is central to life and our immune system. Find out how ...

Not-so-super Foods- Dr Nick Fuller & Fads that Fail

Imagine something that would undo all the bad stuff you put in your mouth. Now that would be a Super Food. Superfoods do not exist and Dr Nick Fuller takes Dr Karl through recent claims.  Twitter: @drnickfuller Website:  

Spotting sharks with drones - Dr Karl & AI expert Dean Blumenstein

Dr Karl and AI expert Dean Blumenstein from UTS Sydney discuss the application of drones being deployed on Australian beaches this summer. Can deep learning improve on helicopter surveillance ? Can a drone save someone from drowning faster than lifegua...

Deep Neural Networks - How Artificial Intelligence has grown. Dr Karl & Dean Blumenstein on the Phenomenal decade. (XX)

Two decades in and the 21st century being swarmed by digital services - both wanted and unwanted. Dr Karl discusses how we've got here - and where we're going with AI expert, Dean Blumenstein from UTS Sydney. When deep neural networks have lifetimes of...

Science Olympics and Sydney gold medallist in 2018.

Meet Rebecca Whittle, an Australian Teenage Gold medallist in the 2018 Science Olympics. Rebecca was part of a four-member team representing us at the International Earth Science Olympiad. While sports dominate media, it is brain power that will provid...

The Antarctic Treaty & Space Law. Annie Handmer compares the laws of space with the Antarctic.

An aspiring space diplomat tries to determine space law using the Antarctic Treaty. Both were set in the Cold War but the times have changed. Compare and contrast with Dr Karl and Annie.

Annie Handmer - Space Junk

In the next decade, specialist jobs will be created for the first time. Annie Handmer is ahead of the game as a "Space Diplomat". If junk from the sky kills your satellite or pollutes your land then space law applies. You need representation but who to...

White Drink Scams . Dr Nick Fuller lifts the lids with Dr Karl

A whole new drink category has sprung up in your supermarket. The Labels say "Milk" - but what's really inside ? On the internet you'll find all kinds of nice things being said, but some of these products have hidden health hazards - like loss of bone ...

Ultimate organic cleaner, Enzymes & Mongolia (113)

Is the ultimate cleaning compound a human byproduct ? What if Evolution was part of an experiment ?  Can a Virus kill Bacteria ?

Highlights from the Ignobel & Nobel prizes (112)

Dr Karl & Dr Alice bring you some of the remarkable innovations being honoured in 2018. A process that transformed manufacturing and surgery, the Deborah Number and Cats and why a team of researchers went to a Post Office to investigate male impote...

Guidelines for relief of Lower Back Pain with Dr Karl and Prof Chris Maher.

7% of the listeners to this podcast will be affected by attacks of lower back pain. For both men and women it is a debilitating condition. Worse still, some prescriptions result in death. Professor Chris Maher challenged orthodoxy in a 2018 Lancet arti...

The day Ergonometrics took a dive with Prof Chris Maher

You are qualified and experienced. An invitation comes to speak at an international conference. Your research questions 30+ years of practice. Which path do you choose ? You know most of your audience will walk away disappointed. If you're Prof Chris M...

The Chemistry and Science of Eating. Doctor Karl consults dietitian Dr Kyra Sim and analytical chemist Dr Yvette D'Entremont

Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease are ruining the lives of otherwise healthy people. Many of us are at risk through uninformed choices. Doctor Karl consults dietitian Dr Kyra Sim and analytical chemist Dr Yvette D'Entremont for the latest. Did you kn...

How does a maths teacher become an Australian Local Hero ? Dr Karl meets Mr Woo (108)

Eddie Woo is Head Teacher Mathematics at a government high school in Sydney, Australia - and a whole lot more. He is someone with a gift for teaching and is now internationally regarded for the lessons he posts online with his woo tube channel. https:/...

Dr Karl talks contellations with Astro Kirsten (she 60,000 years of stargazing experience)

Kirsten Banks recently graduated from Sydney University. She has a deep passion for space and astronomy and writes on her twitter page "I won't be the next Brian Cox, I will be the first Kirsten Banks! Proud Wiradjuri woman ". Discover an entirely diff...

Artificial Intelligence and the people problem- Ellen Broad with Dr Karl

A.I. is already surrounding us. The internet, cars, courts, recruitment agencies. Already serious issues are surfacing. For instance removing prejudice is proving very difficult. The data sets we train our devices with are imprinting our own society ba...

The future of Everything with Tim Dunlop and Dr Karl

Inequality. How dangerous is it ? Are our democracies fair ? Author Tim Dunlop says even the Ancient Greeks didn't trust their democracy to popularity contests.  They recognised human weakness and used alternatives. Tim also has a convincing explanatio...

How to illuminate big idea with Dr. Katerina Kimmorley

Dr. Katerina Kimmorley co-founded Pollinate Energy, a solar startup,  in Bangalore India. She's since helped expand that business to three more cities, cutting carbon and transforming lives. What drove her from Sydney to the the London School of Econom...

Bill Bailey & Dr Karl on the Ascent of US

Two Polymaths share stories from the past few Millennia.  Bill reveals his DNA profile and links to European History. Karl on Empires and psychopaths. Who said the week should be 7 days long ? How Unready was Ethelred ? Many of Bill Baileys tour dates ...

Quantum Computing and and the The Slow Giants - Doctor Karl with Prof Patrick Hayden from Stanford Uni

Prof Patrick Hayden from Stanford Uni continues his talk with Dr Karl on Quantum Supercomputers. Many of the experiments being tried are based on confirmations of Astrophysical theories. It's where Macro meets Micro. We are approaching the limits of bi...

Quantum Supercomputing . What is it and why it is Necessary ?

Prof Hayden from Stanford Uni briefs Dr Karl on the next generation of computing. Prof Hayden from Stanford Uni briefs Dr Karl on the next generation of computing. As we approach the limits of Silicon, new ideas are being tried and tested. As with the ...

When Galaxies Collide - Dr Karl and prof Lisa Harvey-Smith Live

30 minutes with Dr Karl and prof Lisa Harvey-Smith will turn your head around. What is our place in the Universe? Recorded live at a function for prof Lisa's "When Galaxies collide" book this is a roller coaster ride through physics, chemistry and our ...

A 300 million year old Killer. Dr Karl and Irukandji expert Lisa-ann Gershwin

They're 300 million years old. They're almost invisible and they are deadly. Cubozoa, Box jellyfish or Irukandji, are both the smallest and the most venomous jellyfish in the world. There are more than 50 species and Dr Karl joins Lisa-ann Gershwin on ...

Fight Fat with Science - It takes both mind & body.

95% of Diets fail & Dr Fuller knows why. It's not only what you eat but how and when. He takes Dr Karl on a neuronal , hormonal and intestinal journey plus he latest science on maintaining a healthy balance. We are hardwired for hard times and so i...

Longitude - Our gateway to the fourth dimension. Knowing where you are without GPS.

Longitude was maritime history’s greatest scientific breakthrough. Dr Karl discovers why  with Kevin Sumption and James Hunter from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. What connects Lieutenant James Cook to the early computers ? Extraord...

Laughter is Infectious - How can we use it for good ? Alanta Colley does Science Comedy without Borders.

International Public Health Workers witness human tragedies daily. Sometimes they get sick too. Alanta Colley has many tales to tell of years abroad. She talks of the parasites she's been infected with,  parasites she's seen and even more she's read ab...

AI - Avian Intelligence with Professor Gisela Kaplan (94)

The original "AI" could be Avian - and from Australia. Professor  Gisela Kaplan with Dr Karl of her research on why Australian birds are smarter than their Northern cousins. NOTE = Professor Kaplan is highly qualified with vast experience treating wild...

In a changing climate, what is native ? Dr Karl with Tim Low

Since European settlement in Australia, the ecology has been continuously disrupted as species have been moved. Naturalist Tim Low is interested because some species have thrived while others have have failed. Kookaburras, snakes, Redback Spiders and f...

Ultra-Processed Foods and Drinks - what harm can they do ? Professor Claire Collins explains to Dr Karl.

A dietary study in Europe reveals a connection between processed foods (and drinks) and cancers. 8 years of research they tried to eliminate factors such as socioeconomic and diet preferences from the data but the link remains strong. What does it mean...

What is Real ?

Three Cases cracked by Three Doctors. From Floppy Hats, to Firebirds, The Dark Knight and the Broken Escalator Phenomenon. Doctor Karl is joined by Alice and Jessica as the explore the science behind three observed phenomena. The fire carrying birds of...

Why Great physics is Messy with Dr Helen Czerski

Dr Karl and Dr Helen - talking about .World's longest echo, how to photograph the molecules inside an explosion, Oceans, Coffee rings and climate change. Physics today is "messy" and "complex" and she loves it. (from 2017)

The "E" in STEM - Dr Karl & Dr Kanga talk Engineering (89)

Meet Dr. Marlene Kanga, president of an international governing body looking after 2 million engineers. Our future depends on innovation. The creative application process is what Engineering is all about. She talks with Dr Karl of the value Engineers b...

Randomistas -Prof Andrew Leigh puts Dr Karl through Randomised Trials

They have won wars, healed the sick, saved us money, helped us spend money and helped us learn. We have been running Randomised Trials for more than 200 years in medicine, business and government. There is no simpler or more powerful tool for finding o...