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Sustainable farming, real food for real life.

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Shine Springs Farm--Sustainable Farming, Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy People.
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Ecosystem Services& Biodiversity with Dr. Scot Duncan

In this episode of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast®, I’m featuring a conversation with Dr. Scot Duncan, a professor of biology at Birmingham Southern College and the author of Southern Wonder, Alabama’s Surprising Biodiversity.Scot and I talk about ec...

021-Nighttime Reflections from the Farm

On Tuesday night, June 4, Sheree took the recorder outside and walked around the Farm to reflect and report on what's been happening at Shine Springs Farm in the past few weeks.

020: Bees Arrive at Shine Springs Farm

On May 26, two hives of bees arrived at Shine Springs Farm. Sheree shares some of the details about her first four days as a beekeeper.

019-Vermont's Bread& Butter Farm, Farewell George Jones

In episode 019 of the Shine Spring's Farm Shinecast Sheree talks with Corie Pierce co-owner of Bread & Butter Farm near Burlington, Vermont. Sheree also shares a brief story of George Jones' visit to Shine Springs Farm.Shownotes available here: htt...

018: Shinecast Vision, Tomatoes& Green Smoothies

This Newsletter edition of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features a discussion of Sheree's vision for the Shinecast and other related projects and how you can help guide the future of the Shinecast. Sheree also gives an in-depth look at the varietie...

017: Snow's Bend Farm, Snake in the Bluebird House

David Snow of Snow's Bend Farm talks about how he and partner, Margaret Ann, chose sustainable farming as their life's vocation and the opportunities and challenges of sustainable farming. Sheree ponders whether it's irresponsible to put up bird houses...

016 - Skye Borden on Returning to the Land

In this episode of the Shinecast Sheree talks with Skye Borden, a 28-year-old lawyer, who recently returned with her husband to live on family land in Central Alabama and grow their own food.

015-Winter Hibernation Ends, Farm Dog Update

In Episode 015 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast, Sheree emerges from the winter hibernation and explains what happened to the interview with Tim Zweber of Zweber Family Farms. And she gives an update on the farm dogs, Koda and Shine.

014: Water Policy, Water Use, Water Protection

Happy New Year: Episode 014 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features Mitch Reid, program director for the Alabama Rivers Alliance, who talks about water policy, an overview of the history of water rights and water management and efforts in Alabama ...

013: Thanksgiving Family Edition

Episode 013 of the Shinecast features an update on Koda and Shine, news about what's growing at Shine Springs Farm and reflections from the Thanksgiving table.Back on a regular schedule starting December 11, when we'll feature a conversation with Tim Z...

012: FoodBlogSouth 2013& Cranberry Muffins

In episode 012, Sheree interviews Jason Horn and Shaun Chavis, co-founders of FoodBlogSouth, one of the premier food blogging conferences around.Full show notes at

011: Social Media for Farmers

This episode of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast includes a quick update on farm dog Koda. The rest of the podcast features an edited version of Sheree's presentation on Marketing Your Farm Through Social Media at the Farm and Food Forum, an event host...

010: Shine the Dog, the Wildwood Ruminators& Farm Update

Episode 010 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features:An update on Koda's injuriesShine the DogAnnouncement of the Special Bonus Episode of the ShinecastFarm UpdateMusic from the Wildwood RuminatorsComplete shownotes will be available at www.benfran...

009 Shinecast: Bees& Beekeeping with Dr. Jim Tew, Local Food Systems& Farm Update

This week's episode features:a brief conversation on bees and beekeeping with Dr. Jim Tew, ag extension beekeeping specialist and consulting professora list of great books about the cultural history of bees and beekeepingan update from Shine Springs Fa...

008 8:30 Breeze, Raising Rabbits& Slow Money Farming

Jan Hoadley of Slow Money Farm is the guest on episode 008 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast. Jan raises heritage breed rabbits and poultry, along with vegetables at Slow Money Farm. In this episode, Jan shares her farming philosophy, the role of com...

007: Turnip Greens, Green Cabbage Worms, Green Building, Green Jobs (and more)

Episode 007 is not sponsored by James Bond. But we do talk green this week: Turnip greens, green cabbage worms, green building, green communities and green jobs.Our featured guest is Justinn Overton. Justin is the Green Workforce Program Director for t...

006: Farm Update, Blister Beetles, Conversation about Soil& Sustainability with John Obert Jr of J3 Organics.

In this episode, you'll hear a detailed update about the fall vegetable crop at Shine Springs Farm, including the results of using buckwheat as a perimeter and trap crop, concerns about the appearance of blister beetles.John Obert Jr. shares the histor...

005 Featuring Shane Tutmarc, Nashville recording artist

This episode features an interview with Nashville recording artist Shane Tutmarc. Shane just finished his new album and was very gracious to let the Shinecast include several tracks as part of this week's podcast.Visit for co...

004 Featuring Jen Barnett of Freshfully

Episode 004 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features an interview with Jen Barnett, co-owner of Freshfully, a local foods market in Birmingham, Alabama.We also talk about what's growing at Shine Springs Farm.This episode features music by Shane Tut...

003 Shinecast: Featuring Katie Farms

Episode 003 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features an interview with Margaret Purcell, co-owner/farmer of Katie Farms in Coker, Alabama.For more information and complete shownotes, visit or

002 Shine Springs Farm Shinecast

The second episode of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features a farm update, Eliot Coleman's hypothetical ad for the ideal small farm, comments on: the importance of real food to health, the cost of real food, Collard Green and White Bean Soup, and A...

001 Shine Springs Farm Shinecast

Episode 001 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast. This podcast focuses on topics related to sustainable farming practices, local food systems, economics of food, the science of sustainable agricuture and creation care. Episode 1 looks at the range of to...