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Hosted by Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach, the Witnessing Greatness Sports Podcast breaks down stories from across the NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA and much more! We also feature LGBTQ athletes and interviews with coaches, players, and advocates across sports.

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Hosted by Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach, the Witnessing Greatness Sports Podcast breaks down stories from across the NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA and much more! We also feature LGBTQ athletes and interviews with coaches, players, and advocates across sports.
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6.07.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Muhammad Ali Museum, U.S. Women's Soccer and Megan Rapinoe, NBA Draft 2019

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses the legacy of Muhammad Ali, the U.S Women's Soccer Team and Megan Rapinoe's politics, and briefly touches on the NBA Draft. 
5.06.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NBA Finals Predictions, Drake, Best NBA Stories this year, where Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis will go, and much more!

On this episode, Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the NBA Finals, the best stories from the 2019 NBA season, and where off-season free agents Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Davis may end up. 
18.05.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

The Boston Red Sox White House Visit and the Castor Semenya Decision

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses why some Boston Red Sox players are visiting the White House and some are not. Then she turns to the decision by the IAAF to force female runners who have naturally higher testosterone levels to take medications.
29.04.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Second Round NBA Playoffs, NCAA Advertisements, Rob Gronkowski Retires, Bruce Arians Hires Female Coaches

On this episode, we discuss the match-ups for round 2 of the NBA Playoffs, including the Bucks vs. Celtics, Raptors vs. Sixers, and Golden State vs. Houston. We then discuss the falsehood of NCAA advertisements, and discuss Rob Gronkowski's retirement....
5.04.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NBA Playoffs Preview: Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder and many more!

On this episode, we discuss the 2019 NBA Playoffs, if anyone can beat the Golden State Warriors, and who will come out of the Eastern Conference. We also talk the Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Houston Rockets, and much more! 
20.03.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Tyreek Hill Investigation, USWNT Sues US Soccer, NCAA Predictions, UFC Fight Night in Wichita, Zion Williamson

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses if Duke's Zion Williamson should play in the NCAA tournament, makes NCAA predictions, recounts what UFC fight night in Wichita was like, goes over the issues surrounding the USWNT suing for equal pay and treatment...
27.02.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Robert Kraft's Arrest, Al Horford and the Boston Celtics, Paul George for MVP, and Ole Miss Players Kneel

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses Robert Kraft's arrest and how it intertwines with human trafficking, describes why Al Horford is one of the most important players on the Boston Celtics, makes an argument why Paul George is the MVP, and discusses...
20.02.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid Settlement, Sixers Trade for Tobias Harris, MLB's free agency problems, and Anthony Davis trade

On this episode, we tackle the top stories from the last few weeks, including the NFL's settlement with Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, if the Sixers are an instant title contender after adding Tobias Harris, what is wrong with the MLB's free agency sy...
23.01.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics, James Harden, South Dakota's SB49, and Chiefs vs. Patriots

On this episode, Leisl Veach tries to dissect what's wrong with the Boston Celtics, James Harden's scoring run, and the Chiefs vs. Patriots game. Finally, South Dakota's SB49 is criticized for discriminating against high school athletes. 
1.01.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NFL Playoff Preview: Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers and much more !

Leisl Veach and Jeremiah Born discuss the chances for every team in the playoffs, dark horses, scary first round match-ups, and likely Super Bowl winners. 
23.12.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Oklahoma City Thunder, Indianapolis Colts, Orlando Magic, Kevin Durant, and Stanford Volleyball

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses the unsung heroes on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Indianapolis Colts, and the Orlando Magic. She then dives into the pettiness of Kevin Durant and congratulates the Stanford Cardinals on another volleyball champions...
8.12.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Kareem Hunt Released by Chiefs and Dwight Howard Allegations

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses the allegations that Dwight Howard and his closest peers threatened a former male lover, and the twitter storm that followed. We will then break down the Kareem Hunt assault, how it compares with national statisti...
18.11.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Jimmy Butler Trade, K-State vs. KU game, Carmelo Anthony and the NBA, and Jeff Rohrer marries

On this episode, Leisl Veach and Jeremiah Born discuss the trade for Jimmy Butler and who got the best of the deal: the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Philadelphia 76ers? Leisl Veach also touches on the antics in last weekends KU vs. K-State game, Steph...
1.11.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

World Series, NBA Reactions, and Lauren McCluskey and Domestic Violence

On this episode we discuss our thoughts on the World Series, the early NBA season, and what Lauren McCluskey's death can teach us about domestic violence and violence against women. 
19.10.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NBA Eastern Conference Season Preview: Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, and much more!

On this episode, Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach preview the NBA Eastern Conference for the 2018-2019 season. We discuss who will win the east, who are pretenders, sleeper teams, and storylines we love. 
6.10.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Jimmy Butler Trade, NFL Season, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, Big Ten Football

On this episode, we discuss Jimmy Butler's trade request, the success of the Kansas City Chiefs, whether the Atlanta Falcons can bounce back, and how disappointed we are with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Wisconsin Badgers. 
28.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

MLB Playoffs Preview and Addison Russell Abuse Allegations

One this episode we discuss the MLB Playoffs, including the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago Cubs. We also break down the Boston Red Sox historic season and it the Houston Astros...
17.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Urban Meyer's Suspension, Nike and Colin Kaepernick, Equal Pay in Surfing, WNBA Playoffs, US Women's Soccer

On this episode, we discuss Urban Meyer's suspension, Nike's new deal with Colin Kaepernick, the decision to offer equal pay in international surfing, and the US Women's Soccer team's decision to cut Jaelene Hinkle. 
15.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Interview with Tiffany Bias: Women's Sports, WNBA Pay Gap, and Being a Leader

On this episode, Leisl Veach interviews Tiffany Bias, former WNBA champion, Thailand National Team player, international professional baller, and outspoken advocate for women's sports. 
1.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 NFL NFC Preview: New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons

On this episode, Leisl Veach discusses the 2018 NFC teams, including the Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, and many more! 
26.08.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NFL AFC Preview: New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and much more!

On this week's episode, Leisl Veach previews the AFC division of the NFL including: Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, and many more! 
13.08.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Michael Jordan or Lebron James: Who is the GOAT?

On this episode, Leisl Veach tackles a question across the NBA. Who is the Greatest of All-Time? Michael Jordan or Lebron James? After discussing their offense, defense, coaches, teammates, intangibles, and influence on the game, she makes her choice. 
26.07.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NBA Free Agency, Lebron to the Lakers, Kawhi to Toronto, NFL National Anthem Policy, and France's World Cup Victory

On this episode, we discuss the NBA's ever changing free agency market, if Lebron can succeed in Los Angeles, Toronto's gamble on Kawhi Leonard, and if the Atlanta Hawks made the right decision on Carmelo Anthony. We also discuss the NFL's decision to ...
29.06.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 World Cup Quarterfinals

On this episode, we preview the World Cup Quarterfinals, including the fate of Portugal, Uruguay, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Japan, Argentina, Sweden Belgium, Russia, and the rest of the round of 16! 
25.06.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 NBA Draft Review

On this episode we discuss the Orlando Magic picking Mo Bamba, and the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves' choices. We also discuss if Luka Doncic or Deandre Ayton is the best player to come from this draft, or if...
12.06.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 FIFA World Cup Preview

On this episode, Leisl Veach breaks down all 32 teams in the FIFA World Cup, including favorites Spain, Uruguay, Portugal, and Germany.  Don't know who to cheer for? We have great reasons to love Nigeria, Mexico, and Iceland as well! 
29.05.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NFL National Anthem Policy, MSU Nassar Settlement, Minnesota Vikings LGBTQ Summit, NBA Playoffs, Las Vegas Knights in Stanley Cup

On this episode, we critique the NFL National Anthem Policy and MSU's $500 million dollar settlement to the survivor of Dr. Larry Nassar. We also discuss the NBA playoffs, the Minnesota Vikings LGBTQ Summit, and the improbable run of the Las Vegas Knig...
14.05.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Becky Hammond Interview, NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, Washington Cheerleaders, and NHL Playoffs

On this episode, we discuss a number of sports topics, including Becky Hammond's interview with the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA Playoffs. We also touch on the scandal surrounding the Washington Redskins cheerleaders, the NHL playoffs, and final comment...
3.05.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles and much more!

On this episode, host Leisl Veach and guests Tony Manganaro and James Davis discuss the success of the Cleveland Browns draft, as well as the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles. We also discuss some of our favorite players in this year's draft. 
21.04.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NBA Playoffs, Cleveland Cavaliers Problems, MLB Ticket Sales, Boston Marathon, Dez Bryant Released

On this episode, we discuss the NBA playoffs, including the possibility the Cleveland Cavaliers to lose in the first round, Houston's dominance, and the New Orleans Pelicans surprise victories. We also discuss the Boston Marathon including trans runner...
10.04.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 WNBA Draft Preview

On this episode, host Leisl Veach discusses the 2018 WNBA draft, including which players she thinks would be the best fit for each squad. This includes analysis of the Las Vegas Aces, Dallas Wings, Minnesota Lynx, Los Angeles Sparks, Connecticut Sun, C...
30.03.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NCAA Tournament, NBA MVP, NBA Playoffs, MLB Collusion, and You Can Play Project

On this episode, we discuss the Men's and Women's NCAA tournament, the NBA MVP race, and look ahead to the NBA playoffs. We also touch on the NHL and You Can Play Project, and collusion in the MLB. 
15.03.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

2018 Winter Olympics, new MLB rules, Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell, NBA Tanking, and Dallas Mavericks #MeToo

On this episode, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the 2018 Winter Olympics highlights, new MLB rules, and the continued battle between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. We also tap about tanking in the NBA, and Mark Cuban's response to the asex...
1.03.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 58: Serena Williams Pregnancy and the US Healthcare System

This article discusses the birth of Serena Williams daughter, maternal mortality, infant mortality, and black women's experiences with the US healthcare system.
28.02.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Serena Williams Pregnancy and the US Healthcare System

This article discusses the birth of Serena Williams daughter, maternal mortality, infant mortality, and black women's experiences with the US healthcare system.
12.02.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Eagles Super Bowl Win and Season Review

On this episode, host Leisl Veach and guest Tony Manganaro from SBNation discuss the Eagles Super Bowl run and what we can expect from the Eagles moving forward. 
29.01.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 56: NFL Coaching Jobs 2018

On this episode, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the NGL head coaching carousel, including Marvin Lewis signing a two-year deal, why they fired Jim Caldwell, and the potential of Matt Patricia. We also discuss Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and...
12.01.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NFL Playoffs and NBA Trade Deadline

In this episode, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the NFL playoffs, the poor performance of the AFC, and who we think will make the Super Bowl. We then discuss our NBA midseason observations and potential trade chips. 
29.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

#metoo Campaign, Panther's Owner Jerry Richardson, Dr. Larry Nassar, U.S. Gymnastics, Time Magazine Person of the Year

On this episode, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the #metoo Campaign and sexual assault allegations that have emerged in the sports world. This included the allegations against Panther's owner Jerry Richardson and Dr. Larry Nassar. We also ...
13.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 53: IOC Bans Russia, Giants Bench Eli, Hope Solo for U.S. Soccer President, College Football Playoff, Russell Westbrook

On this episode, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the IOC ban of Russia in the 2018 Winter Olympics, the problems with the New York Giants, and Hope Solo applying to be president of U.S. Soccer. We also discuss how much Russell Westbrook is ...
3.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 52: Best of...NFL Concussions, interviews, MLB, NFL, NBA, and much more!

On this episode, Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach highlight some of their best moments from the last year. This includes interviews with Mary Rand, Andrew Palmer, Tom Geil, and Nico Hernandez. It also highlights conversations about the NFL, MLB, NBA, and ...
17.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 51: Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell, Top NFL teams, Olympics LGBTQ Policy, NBA Update

On this episode of the Witnessing Greatness Sports Podcast, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss Roger Goodell's contract demands and the top 3 NFL teams. We also discuss the challenges to LGBTQ policy in the Olympics and NBA storylines. 
5.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 49: World Series, NFL owner Bob McNair, FIFA Equal Pay, Megan Rapine, and NBA Reactions Halftime: Top 5 Scary Movies

On this episode hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the Houston Astros World Series win, Bob McNair's comments at the owners meeting, the lawsuit against FIFA for equal pay, Megan Rapinoe's half-hearted protests, and our reactions to the first ...
24.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 48: College Football Conference Play, MLB Playoffs, NBA Season Starts, and trans swimmer Schuyler Bailer

On this week's episodes, hosts Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss all the things we love about October, including the MLB playoffs, the start of the NBA season, College Football Conference play, and Harvard trans swimmer Schuyler Bailer. Halftime: W...
12.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

NBA Season Preview: Part 2: Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, Washington Wizards, Minnesota Timberwolves, Toronto Raptors, and many more!

On Part 2 of our NBA season preview hosts Leisl Veach discusses the possibilities for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers, Charlotte Hornets, Indiana Pacers, and many more!
9.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 46: NBA Season Preview, Part 1: Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers and many more!

On this episode, host Leisl Veach does her annual NBA Season Preview and predictions. Teams discussed win Part 1 include the Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Bosto...
5.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 45: Carmelo Anthony Trade to Oklahoma City, NFL Protests, MLB Playoffs, College Basketball Scandal Halftime: Top 5 Chance the Rapper songs

On this episode of Witnessing Greatness, Jeremiah Born and Leisl Veach discuss the trade of Carmelo Anthony to Oklahoma City and if there is any way to fix the imbalance between the Eastern and Western Conference. We then talk NFL protests, the MLB pla...
24.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 44: Top 10 Soccer Leagues in the World

On this episode, host Leisl Veach counts down the top ten soccer leagues in the world. Based on their competitive balance and depth, awards and championships, and best players both past and present, this list features discussions of the Bundesliga, Ser...
14.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 43: US Open Finals, St. Louis Cardinals LGBT Night, Michael Bennet's Arrest, NFL Week 1

On this episode, Leisl Veach and Tony Manganaro discuss Sloan Stephens victory at the US Open and the all USA final four. We then talk about the problems with the St. Louis Cardinals LGBT night, discuss Michael Bennett's arrest and the NFL Week 1 resul...
Leisl Veach author
3.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/d/5/6/7d56c567c39aceda/wg_podcast_2_3000.png

Episode 42: NFL Season Preview Part 4, AFC East and AFC North: the Patriots dominance of the AFC East, the Browns ability to win more games, the Steelers as Super Bowl Contenders

In this episode of Witnessing Greatness, we finish our NFL season preview with a discussion of the AFC East and the AFC North. We discuss how the Browns could win six games, if the Steelers are Super Bowl Contenders, and if Andy Dalton can ever make th...