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A biased, uneducated and highly skewed look at sports.
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NFL 2017 Conference Championships

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell first Ryan's G-men were knocked out in Wild Card Weekend. Then my Texans got popped in Divisional round. But Jerry's Boys had to be the most shocking of what happened last week.Now with three games left in the season we are dow...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

College Championship and Wild Card Weekend

Click Here To ListenHappy New Year! We are down to ONE final bowl game, but at least this is THE Championship game. Everyone but the Nittany Lions are probably pretty good with this rematch of Alabama against Clemson.And then we have the NFL Wild Card ...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

NFL Playoff Projections and Bowl Preivews (not all 42)

CLICK HERE TO LISTENNeedless to say, Cowboys and Patriots fans are pretty happy campers as we approach the end of the season. Packers and Texans fans are a little scared. Panthers and Cardinals fans are crying. Bring on the early playoff projections.An...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

PAGING MR. HERMAN. Oh and Conference Championship Games

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell, there were just a few changes in college football. UT and Oregon fired coaches, UT and LSU made some great hires, or did they?Meanwhile we have games that will settle who makes the CFP bracket and one Power 5 Championship that...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Dak Breaks the Mold, CFP Ranking Shake Up

CLICK HERE TO LISTENSo we've focused mainly on college this year, but what's happening with Dak, Zeke, Romo and the rest of the Cowboys can't be ignored any longer. We cover this week's announcement and probably curse them to lose to the Ravens.And the...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

2016 UT at Tech (battle of 4-4) and Aggies #4 in CFP

CLICK HERE TO LISTENNow that the pesky World Series is out of the way, we can concentrate on the real games! UT and Tech meet in Lubbock this Saturday after both finding surprising ways to win last week. Somethings got to give, I'm betting its Tech's d...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Tech vs KSU, UT vs. Baylor Many Better Games

CLICK HERE TO LISTENLook, its late, I'm tired. Listen to the podcast, you'll enjoy it.
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

UT and Tech Get Outcoached

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell last week both our teams lost, but really everyone lost as technical gremlins showed up and prevented us from recording a show before UT/OU.Well we all know what happened there and in Manhattan with Tech and KSU. One coach is d...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Les is Gone, Football Continues

CLICK HERE TO LISTENTech returned Thursday with a pounding of KU. Can UT come off a bye and do the same against Okie State? Does LSU turn things around against Mizzou and can Notre Dame find a defense?We will tell you (and you should bet the opposite)....
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

College 1st Qtr Review, NFL Week 3 and Basketball?

CLICK HERE TO LISTENOnly in college football can you have two teams with 1-2 records be in the Top 25 and one of them actually seem to belong. What about every else with the season a quarter of the way through? We review.And then there are some big gam...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Big 12 Not Having a Great Non-Conference Year, NFL Week 2

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell, week two of the college season certainly didn't help the Big 12 in the eyes of national media asTCU, Oklahoma State and Tech joined OU in the loss column. Can OU rebound and take down Ohio State this Saturday? Can the UT turn ...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

College Week 1 Reaction, Week 2 Previews and final NFL Division Previews

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWow what a weekend in college football. Horns had a huge win against Notre Dame and may have finally turned the corner. Tech takes care of SFA and preps for showdown against Arizona State in the desert. And 'Bama makes me shut up an...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Big12 Preview and College Week 1 Games!

CLICK HERE TO LISTENOk folks, the season is finally here.Before we dig into that, your loving co-hosts have to provide our wisdom on the Big12. OU certainly looks like the big dog this year, with TCU and OSU hot on the heels. One of us still thinks Bay...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author


Click Here To ListenWell after keeping this streak going strong for years, we dropped the ball and didn't get Coach Leach on last year. And that was good for him as the Cougars went 9-4, went bowling and beat Miami.So Coach risks it all, by joining hal...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

2016 Preview - SEC

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell we planned on doing both the SEC and NFC South previews. But like Tyson said, "everyone has plans until they get punched in the mouth". Or in our case, plans change when our mouths run on and on. So here's the 2016 SEC preview ...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

2016 Previews: AFC West and Pac12

Click Here To ListenWe continue to celebrate the US dominance in the 2016 Olympic games with another Gold Medal winning podcast.Continuing this year's Football previews we cover the AFC West and actually disagree on who is going to come out on top. One...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

2016 Preview: Big10 and NFC North

Click Here to ListenHey did you know the Olympics started yesterday? Oh and its less than a month before college kickoff, thank the good lord.We continue our always in-depth and accurate football previews with Big10 (and Lovie making his return to coll...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Big12 Expansion, ACC and AFC North Previews

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell what do you know, having 12 or 14 teams is better than 10. Good thing we let up and coming programs like Nebraska and A&M leave so we can add powerhouses like Cincinnati and Colorado State. Nice work men.And we continue our...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

NBA Free Agency, 2016 NFL Preview: AFC East and Baseball

Click Here To ListenWell for the first time in a long time, we don't have to talk about Baylor (yet again).Its the time for hope, big dreams and ridiculous overspending in the NBA, its Free Agency!We also kick off our 2016 NFL previews with AFC East or...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Baylor Debacle

CLICK HERE TO LISTENWell its about time! While the Baylor issues have piled up and Briles was surprisingly quiet (except for a random tweet about the team's academic performance), we now know the first person to fall. Art Briles, the leader of the back...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

Spring Cleanup, Big 12 Mess

CLICK HERE TO LISTENSpring has not been kind to Wisdom of the Wannabes picks. Spurs find the Fountain of Age, the Stars Goalies decided to hit off season earlier than the rest of the team and in the NBA EAST... Who Cares!Here's a quick RIP to the Stars...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author

NBA Playoffs and NFL 2016 Draft Guesses

CLICK HERE TO LISTENUBER ride from Hell!Well well well, just when you think you know what's happening in the NBA (I don't), the injury bug jumps up and takes out three super stars. How does that impact what will happen? I think it opens the door big ti...
noreply@blogger.com (RANTSOFWISDOM) author