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Learn about sharks and ocean conservation from With constant updates on shark research and ocean ecology, there's something for everyone. Travel to remote locations and see things few get to see in person. It's fun and informative. - why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

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Everything you wanted to know about sharks and ocean conservation.
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Mako Shark Evolutions

A special edition to the show... the Guy Harvey Podcast... and Mako Sharks... This time on the show, you’ll go behind the scenes of the documentary Mako Shark Evolutions to meet the scientists working with Guy Harvey to study the Shortfin Mako Shark. I...
George C. Schellenger author

Sharks - Hope from Dr. Sylvia Earle

This time on the Shark Task Force, a special thought for 2017 from the one and only Dr. Sylvia Earle. She talks about the special bond between Tiger Shark Expert, Jim Abernethy and a Tiger Shark he's known for more than a decade - Emma. We've spent man...

This is Your Ocean Sharks: Part 2

It's hard to believe we've been at this for more than 10 years. To celebrate the start of 2017 and a new year for sharks - check out this brand new trailer for This is Your Ocean: Sharks - Part 2.  The film brings back all of your favorites - including...

Tiger Beach - Tiger Sharks

This time on the Shark Task Force, we return to Tiger Beach - the best place in the world to see Tiger Sharks. This expedition was in part to shoot the sequel to the film "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" with Guy Harvey and Jim Abernethy. That will debut t...

Diving at Night with the Oceanic Whitetip Shark

It seems like only yesterday we jumped in the water with Oceanic Whitetip Sharks at night without a cage for the first time. It was nerve-racking at first... but then the unexpected.Find out more in this episode of the Shark Task Force.Remember, for th...

Shark Task Force: One of our favorite sharks

Over the years we've spent a lot of time in the water with the Oceanic Whitetip Shark. Here are two great ways to find out more about this shark - 1 - head over to (soon to be an iPhone and android app) and look at all the tracks for t...

Shark Task Force - 2016

This March, the Shark Task Force invites you to celebrate sharks! Join us as we update you on our work - and where we've been.Take part by downloading episodes we've produced over the past ten years - or simply download a Guy Harvey Expedition on iTune...

Sharks: Documented Fact versus Hollywood Fiction

This time on the Shark Task Force, a preview of "The Oceanic Whitetip Shark." This film was just made an official selection at the Gray's Reef Film Festival in Savannah.In this clip, Guy Harvey talks about how the shark has disappeared from our oceans....

Guy Harvey's Early Start

"Meet Guy Harvey" is one of the many Guy Harvey Expedition episodes now available on Apple iTunes. In this episode of the Shark Task Force, you'll find out how Guy Harvey got his start at an early age - and why Ernest Hemingway had such a profound impa...

The Oceanic Whitetip Shark - A Guy Harvey Expedition

Here's a preview of Guy Harvey's Oceanic Whitetip Shark now on iTunes.It used to be one of the most prolific animals on the planet over 100 pounds - the Oceanic Whitetip Shark. In this unprecedented expedition, Guy begins a long-term research expeditio...

Guy Harvey Expeditions now on iTunes

We've been gone for a while, but we're back with 9 Episodes of Guy Harvey Expeditions on iTunes. Over the next several weeks, we'll be giving Shark Task Force users and exclusive look at each episode, but for now, here's a beautiful preview of what's t...

The Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Dr. Guy Harvey introduces us to a shark you may not know... The Oceanic Whitetip Shark. At one time ,the Oceanic Whitetip Shark may have been one of the most prolific animals over 100 pounds in the ocean, but overfishing and a demand for shark fin soup...

The Awesome Whale Shark

This time on the Shark Task Force, a quick review of one of our favorite sharks, the whale shark. It may be December now, but those July days off the coast of Isla Mujeres are calling... when hundreds of these creatures have a feast. Dr. Guy Harvey tak...

Shark Bite Victim Discusses Bull Sharks

Jessica Vaughn had an encounter with a Bull Shark - and was very lucky. Dr. Guy Harvey introduces us to her - in this clip from Sharks of the World: A Guy Harvey Expedition. The DVD is available now from  The Shark Task Force...

Great White Shark NOT so Great?

This time on the Shark Task Force, we hear from leading shark scientist Dr. Mahmood Shivji on the species name "Great White Shark."  Is a White Shark really that Great? Maybe not... For the full story on Dr. Guy Harvey's ten favorite sharks - check out...

Sharks and Dr. Guy Harvey

This time on the Shark Task Force, Dr. Guy Harvey talks about filming big animals like sharks, tuna and billfish - and the artwork he works on every day. The Shark Task Force... why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Lemon Shark Snaps

In this preview of Sharks of the World, Dr. Guy Harvey introduces us to the Lemon Shark. This abundant sea creature can make diving in the Bahamas a mesmerizing experience. Just watch your hands! Sharks of the World is available from

How Much is a Living Shark Worth?

Dr. Guy Harvey takes a look at the potential value of one living shark - the Caribbean Reef Shark. The Caribbean Reef Shark is well known to divers, and a treat to see underwater. Dr. Harvey explains why this shark is also a boost to Bahamas tourism. W...

Shortfin Mako Shark Tagging

In this episode of the Shark Task Force, Dr. Guy Harvey discusses the difficulty of tagging a Shortfin Mako Shark off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The tracking from these animals is impressive, and it's hoped the research will help protect this s...

Great Hammerhead Shark

In this edition of the Shark Task Force, Dr. Guy Harvey introduces us to the Great Hammerhead Shark. You can see all of Dr. Harvey's favorites in the new documentary Sharks of the World: A Guy Harvey Expedition - now available from

Sharks of the World - Preview

Greetings! Thank you to all of our subscribers!  This time on the Shark Task Force - we begin an eight part preview of Sharks of the World - A Guy Harvey Expedition. In the coming days you'll meet all types of sharks - from the Tiger Shark to the Whale...

Blue Shark vs. Mako

This time on the Shark Task Force, we examine the basic differences between a Mako Shark and a Blue Shark. Captain Mark Sampson shares his knowledge....  If you're interested in tracking a shark, check out  We'll see you next time on ...

Whale Sharks of the Yucat√°n

It's one of nature's greatest spectacles - hundreds of Whale Sharks feeding off the coast of the Yucat√°n Peninsula. Dr. Guy Harvey and filmmaker George C. Schellenger take you into the heart of an underwater wilderness to witness Whale Sharks, Sailfish...

Jaws: A New Start

On July 27 and 28 history was made in the fishing community of Montauk, New York. Once known as a complete shark killing zone - a new tide is rising. Find out more in this edition of the Shark Task Force in conjunction with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundat...

Shark - Ocean - Veteran Kickstarter Project

Here at the Shark Task Force, we love sharks and the ocean.We now want to take our love and share it with some very important people - veterans coming home from war.We believe that introducing them to this world will change their lives.In fact it alrea...

Operation: Blue Pride Sharks

The Shark Task Force is proud to present this exclusive look at a new project to help save the ocean and ourselves. Operation: Blue Pride brings together a group of severly wounded veterans to join forces to save the ocean. But the power of the ocean i...

Tiger Sharks with Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey returns to Tiger Beach to talk about Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas and the plan in place to protect them.For more information on sharks, check out - why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Help Save the Stingray

The Shark Task Force takes a moment out with Guy Harvey to honor the stingrays of Stingray City.Discover how you can help protect these creatures at the number one dive site in the world in Grand Cayman.For more information, check out www.sharktaskforc...

Tiger Shark Takes on the World

Emma the Tiger Shark takes Jim Abernethy's camera - and it becomes an internet sensation. We take a look at that story and Oceanic White Tips in danger - plus a new protection for sharks, this time on the Shark Task Force.... Why wait a whole year for ...

Manta Ray Slaps Diver

When it comes to photography, even Manta Rays have their comfort level. This video was taken in The Revillagigedos Archipelago, also known as the Socorro Islands. The diver in question would like to remain anonymous (he's trying to stay on good terms w...

Great White Shark - Extreme Close Up!

A great white shark smiles for the camera near the island of Guadalupe... do you see any cavities? It's a whole sharkweek in just a minute. We'll see you next time because, why wait a whole year for just one week on sharks? Also remember, This is Your ...

Shark Takes Camera

Here's a quick look at what happens if you leave your camera unattended at Tiger Beach. Natural underwater sounds of Emma T. Shark taking Jim Abernethy's camera.  For more on sharks check out and I'm Geo...

Shark Shocks Diver - Part 2

The full story behind Jim Abernethy's encounter with a massive Mako Shark in the Bahamas. Filmed in association with an upcoming Guy Harvey documentary on Oceanic White Tip Sharks. For more on sharks check out and the www.sharkt...

Shark Shocks Diver - Part 1

Photographer and Shark Expert Jim Abernethy thought he was getting some photographs and video of a blue marlin, but he wasn't alone. Part 1 of 2.We'll see you next time for the full story, because why wait a whole year for just one week on sharks? Phot...

Jaw Dropping Shark Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale

Sharks have taken over the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. There you'll find a world class exhibit featuring shark art from around the world. Artist, author and environmentalist Richard Ellis is the curator of the event. He's created an unforgettable mu...

Shark Camera "SharkCam" at Tiger Beach

This time on the Shark Task Force - we go behind the scenes of This is Your Ocean: Sharks from a new point of view. We want to give you a look at raw video from a fixed camera used to help make the film. The camera briefly shows some of the setup invol...

Oceanic White Tip Shark - Raw Power

This time on the Shark Task Force, we look at the raw power of the Oceanic White Tip Shark. Special thanks to and The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. This is Your Ocean: Sharks is now available from and  We'll...

Mega, Super, Swarming, Red-Eyed Sharks

This time on the Shark Task Force, we look at the wild world of shark entertainment. Everything from Mega Sharks to Swarming Sharks to sharks vacationing in Malibu or on the Jersey Shore. You'll meet jawsome sharks and actors looking for a quick payche...

Sharks - Save it For the Kids - Music Video

To celebrate the release of "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" on DVD - we are proud to present this special music video called "Save it For the Kids" - It captures highlights from the film - and gives you a preview of this great new song by Colton James - S...

This is Your Ocean: Sharks on DVD

Jim Abernethy and Guy Harvey talk about taking This is Your Ocean: Sharks - as it comes home to DVD. This is Your Ocean: Sharks follows the adventure of Jim, Guy and marine artist Wyland as they set on on a mission to save sharks. Along the way they se...

Tracking Tiger Sharks

The Shark Task Force returns with an update on the film, This is Your Ocean: Sharks - and a look at how to track a Tiger Shark. Also, find out how you can make a difference to help protect sharks. That and more in this edition of the Shark Task Force. ...

More Shark Protection in Florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to protect Tiger Sharks and three types of Hammerhead Sharks in state waters. George Schellenger has more in this report from Key Largo.  Why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Whale Sharks: Behind the Scenes

George Schellenger takes you behind the scenes of diving with Whale Sharks off the coast of Mexico. For more information on sharks, check out -- Why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Sharks: Oceanic Whitetips at Night

The Shark Task Force is proud to be a part of a new film featuring the first ever planned and organized night dive with Oceanic Whitetip Sharks without a cage. We've dove with these incredible animals before - this time we meet them at night on their t...

Lunch with a Whale Shark

As we think about World Ocean Day, George takes time out to take us to lunch and to take a swim with a whale shark. For more on sharks, check out Why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Jaws, Fishing and Shark Conservation

In this special edition of the Shark Task Force, Dr. Guy Harvey interviews Wendy Benchley, the widow of Peter Benchley, author of Jaws. They talk about the impact of the movie 3 decades later, how shark catch and kill tournaments are becoming catch and...

Washington, D.C. Shark Recap

George C. Schellenger and Jim Abernethy wrap up the showing of This is Your Ocean: Sharks, in Washington, D.C.And really, why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks? For more on This is Your Ocean: Sharks, check out For mo...

Sharks Come to Washington, D.C.

Real sharks are heading inside the beltway this Friday, May 20, 2011 for Celebration of the Seas."This is Your Ocean: Sharks" will be featured at the Carnegie Institution for Science at 8pm. Join scheduled guests Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jim Abernethy and Geo...

Saving Sharks: Art Meets Science

In the new shark documentary, "This is Your Ocean: Sharks"  photographer and artists Jim Abernethy, Wyland and Guy Harvey strive to paint a new picture of sharks. A picture of a creature which plays a critical part in the ocean - and a creature in trou...

Sharks you should know: Emma the 14-foot Tiger Shark

As we celebrate the World Premiere of "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" - it's time to meet Emma, the 14-foot Tiger Shark we first met several years go. Once you take a swim with her, you'll never see sharks the same way again. "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" ...