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Are you ready to really go out of bounds? Despite what Gumbel says, he doesn't really go there. However, we're usually there to give that little cheap shot in life to whichever overpaid athlete deserves it.

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Not about who wins or loses, but whether you got amused making the spread.
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SportsBastardcasting Episode 8

The solo episode, which I hope doesn't bore you folks too much. Take a listen, won't you? author

SportsBastardcasting Episode 7

Take a listen as we pull out the Veteran's Day show. Nothing fancy, just good old fashioned two person rambling, useless knowledge, the police blotter... Oh, and the usual sarcasm about sports that aren't the NFL... author

SportsBastardcasting Episode 6

Listen as we try really, really hard not to talk about politics... But fail anyways. All the relevant stuff you want with 20 percent more prune action.In other words, KSK hate, undefeated Titans, losing Lions, and oh... Cincinnati decided to win. Ne... author

Sportsbastardcasting Episode 5 (Very Late Edition)

Watch as Ron and James go nuts yet again with the show script. On tap, the Saints make Jaime cry. Titans are on a roll. The top five remained unchanged (updated on the next recording.) And they talk about Bud the Geek.All the craziness on this very... author

SportsBastardcasting Episode 4

Listen as our new Stat Girl, Kris, comes in and realizes she's got Ron and James to deal with. We skim football, talk about Kellen's balls. And also... We go on a toss up rant dedicated to Jay the Joke, Horny Korny, and Rick...And you thought your f... author

SportsBastardcasting Episode 3

Check out the sports deenhanced edition of the podcast. Ron is on muscle relaxers. Rich is on painkillers. We cover the nerd schools, the MLB playoffs, and the NCAA Top Five.Also, can the Titans and Giants keep up the no losses. See what else we ha... author

SportsBastardcasting Episode 2

This week, we cover the end of LaneWatch. Ron gripes about Cincinatti. We crow about the AFC's undefeated teams. The NFC's undefeated Giants. And our wishes for Me-O to get killed by Marion Barber. Also, BCS Bullshit Action, MLB chokings and a new... author

SportsBastardcasting Episode 1

The first and very short episode of the SB Podcast. And yes, we'll do better next time... We think. author

SB Promotional Clip

The promotional clip for SB. Take a listen as our real cast comes this weekend or so. author