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Collegiate drinkers and intermediate athletes Jake Ramirez and Robert Koepl co-host the Shots Hops & Handles podcast. They cover all sports (not hockey), both professional and amateur, with humor and knowledge.

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Cold Drinks and Hot Takes
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2019-04-28 20:43
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2015-09-26 02:27
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Episode 10: Andrew Lock Struggles Jake and Rob continue their football talk as the different seasons continue, Rob goes to 8-1 in Shot Bets as the Packers(-3) triumph over the Seahawks. This weeks shot bet has ...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 9: The Patriot’s Radio Broadcast Jake and Rob talk futbol and all things football. A quick Champion’s League preview and review and preview of the past and upcoming weeks in NCAA, NFL, and fantasy football. Weekly Pick...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 8: Football’s Back!!! Jake and Rob return after a long absence to talk all things football. Preview the FBS season (after it already started), talk the upcoming NFL season, and give fantasy football t...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 7: We Hate Skip Bayless Jake and Rob tackle the NFL Preseason, Vince Wilfork and Geno Smith’s offseason antics, Nick Symmonds, distaste for Skip Bayless, Iwakuma’s No-No, Harden’s new shoe deal and the best logos ...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 6: LaMarcus Builds A Shoe House Rob and Jake podcast from across the country. James Harden gets a shoe deal offer, LaMarcus Aldridge builds a house for his shoes, NFL HOF induction preview, and the guys play a ...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 5: Pure Purple Power Jake and Rob record in the same room for the last time this summer. LeSean McCoy’s party, Russell Wilson’s contract, President Mark Cuban, baseball Hall of Fame, steroids, Gol...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 4: If You’re Reading This It’s Mailbag   Jake and Rob finally start answering the overflowing mailbag questions. NBA Player Awards are given, Brett Favre is honored, make-up sex with DeAndre Jordan, Gold Cup action, counterfeit...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 3: Running Thru Wimbledon With My Woes It’s Sports Dead Day! Jake and Rob talk what-ifs. Serena and Drake, death songs, NBA preseason power rankings, origins of the Shots Hops & Handles theme song. Modelo Especials are dran...
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 2: Deandre Jumps (Banana) Ship Rob and Jake kick off the show by looking back on the 4th of July. Women’s World Cup final, Gold Cup, NBA free agency, NFL Top 100. Emojis dominate the day.
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author

Episode 1: STARTED

Jake and Rob start out by introducing themselves and the podcast’s origin. NBA draft review, NBA free agency talk, Women’s World Cup, Cross-Sports Fantasy Draft. Robert fails to finish an IPA.
Jake Ramirez & Robert Koepl author