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Spiders (part 2)

Join Shane, Dave, and Zach for another episode on SPIDERS!!! This is part 2 of 2woooooo!!! In this episode: -Spider sex! -Spider families??? -Things that aren’t quite spiders…but close enough -INFINITE KNOWLEDGE Tune in and learn something new!   https...
Scientifically Speaking author

Spiders (part 1)

SPIDERS!! Join Dave, Shane, and Zach for an episode about SPIDERS! (part one of two!) Dave is the (extremely excited!) expert for this episode, and we cover a TON of ground! In this episode: -What exactly makes a spider a spider? -SPIDERS DON’T HAVE MU...
Scientifically Speaking author

Things Alyssa Knows About (Polymers, Lotion, and Sunscreen)

Join Zach, Dave, and… ALYSSA (not Shane unfortunately😦 ) but yayyyy ALYSSA for a show on THINGS ALYSSA KNOWS ABOUT (so like polymers and sunscreen and stuff) In this episode: -What’s a polymer? -Who cares? -Wait tires, rubber bands, and chewing gum are...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Shane, Zach, Dave, and special guest DOUG as we talk about MUSIC!!!! In this episode: -What is the definition of “music” -How do we tell different instruments/vocals apart? (TIMBRE) -How do musical scales work? -What are some of the differences be...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Zach and Dave with special guest SARAH as we talk about VIRUSES!!! In this episode: -What the heck is a virus? -Where did they come from? -How do they infect us? -What’s going on with the Zika virus?? -WHY ARE VIRUSES SO FRICKIN WEIRD??? Tune in a...
Scientifically Speaking author

Climate Change

Join Zach, Dave, and Shane as we talk about CLIMATE CHANGE aka GLOBAL WARMING aka we’re maybe screwed but also we’ll see. In this episode: -What’s the difference between climate and weather?” -What is climate change? -What’s causing climate change? -Ho...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Dave, Shane, Zach, and special guest TAYLOR for good ol’ fun time talking about horrible, terrifying, super cool parasites! Everything is scary and the worst! In this episode: -What kinds of parasites are there? -What are some of the craziest thin...
Scientifically Speaking author

Digestion (and Poop!)

Join Dave, Shane, and Zach on Scientifically Speaking, ‘s science talk show, as we talk about DIGESTION! In this episode: -How does digestion work? -POOP? -Is the urinary system part of the digestive system? -What can go wrong? -Why do...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Zach, Dave, and Shane of Scientifically Speaking as we talk about SLEEP! In this episode: -What happens when you sleep? -Why do humans sleep? -What does sleep actually do? -What are dreams? -Are you sleep deprived??? -What are the effects of sleep...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Zach, Dave, and Shane as as we talk about MARS, the reddest planet in our solar system. In this episode: -Why is Mars red? -Why do we want to live on Mars? -Is there really water on Mars? -IS THERE LIFE ON MARS??? -What color is Mars’ sky? Tune in...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Shane, Zach, and Dave as we struggle to describe how light works! In this episode: -Jesus christ, light is freaking hard to describe -it’s soooo non-physical -how does light reflect off of things? -why is glass transparent? -is light a wave or a p...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Zach, Shane, and Dave on Scientifically Speaking as they discuss VACCINES. In this episodeeeeee…… -How does your immune system work? -How do vaccines work? -Are vaccines magic? -Do vaccines cause autism? (hint: NO) -Are vaccines safe? (hint: YES) ...
Scientifically Speaking author

Cannabis (Marijuana)

Join Dave, Zach, and Shane of Scientifically Speaking as we talk about the Devil’s Lettuce aka lots of other names for various forms of cannabis! In this episode: -What is part of a cannabis high? -Why does the cannabis high happen? -Is it really true ...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Shane, Dave, Zach, and special guest TAYLOR!!! (and sort of Scott Stapp of Creed) as we talk about SEX! In this episode: -What exactly is sex? -Do animals have sex differently than we do? -How does sex work? -How can you practice safe sex? -What a...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Zach, Dave, and (at least for the last 20 minutes) Shane, the hosts of Scientifically Speaking, as we talk about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)! -Are GMOs actually bad for you? -What's the difference between GMOs and traditional breeding? -...
Scientifically Speaking author

Alternative Medicine

Join Zach, Dave, and Shane, the hosts of Scientifically Speaking,'s resident science talk show, to learn about alternative medicine. In this episode, we cover: -Does alternative medicine actually work? -If it does, what can it treat? -...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Shane, Zach and Dave on Scientifically Speaking as we talk about BABIESSSSSS WOOOO and how they learn incredibly well but are dumb too! -How do they learn language? -Can infants actually count things? -When do baba-roonies start learning? -and mas...
Scientifically Speaking author

The Earth

Join Dave, Zach, and Shane, the hosts of Scientifically Speaking, as they talk about Earth: -How did the atmosphere form and why is it important? -What the heck is the magnetosphere? -How did the moon get here? -What are the earth's stats? A/S/L https:...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Scientifically Speaking (Shane, Dave, and Zach) as we talk about EVOLUTION! In this episode: -What exactly is natural selection? -Is evolution limited to natural selection? -Why "survival of the fittest" is misunderstood -isn't evolution "just a t...
Scientifically Speaking author


Join Scientifically Speaking (Dave, Zach, and Shane) as we talk about our five senses! And our sixth sense. And seventh…did you know there are more than 5 senses?? In this episode we discuss: -How vision works -How smell and taste work, and work togeth...
Scientifically Speaking author

The Internet

Listen to us talk about THE INTERNET! (and we go on some fun tangents) In this episode, we talk about: -What happens when you click a link? -How does a router work? -What's the difference between the internet and the world wide web? -Did someone invent...
Scientifically Speaking author

Rosetta& Philae

In this episode, we talk about the recent comet landing (AKA the only comet landing ever!). We cover: -What's up with all the weird names of these spacecraft and this comet -Why we care about studying comets (and asteroids and space in general) -What’s...
Scientifically Speaking author


In this episode we talk about diets. We cover: -What makes a good diet (including how fat and carbs work, what is ABSOLUTELY essential to your body, and the one thing you should probably never eat) -Why you should eat your vegetables -How you should st...
Scientifically Speaking author


Here’s a summary of Scientifically Speaking’s first episode! All the facts about alcohol that people could want to know! Alcohol is a depressant, which means it has effects on the brain that cause you to process things more slowly. Your reaction time i...
Scientifically Speaking author