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102 - Midnight Cowboy by John Barry

Version of the John Barry theme, capturing the sound of the studio as much as my arrangement.
SOTL Podcast author

101 - Hex Poker (demo)

Bass and beats with my fretless and my novation circuit. Enjoying playing around with a soundtrack-y instrumental track.
SOTL Podcast author

100d - 10,000 Letters Of Love (Spirit Of Play)

Lucy Dallas and Michael Caines from Spirit of Play cover "10,000 Letters of Love".
SOTL Podcast author

100c - My Sensitive Feelings (Kimon Daltas)

Kimon Daltas from The Footage covers "My Sensitive Feelings" from "The City of Gold and Lead" by The Sound of The Ladies. Original here:
SOTL Podcast author

100b - The Only Girl Who Would Ever Break My Heart (Dave Pickering)

Dave Pickering covers "The Only Girl Who Would Ever Break My Heart" from "The City of Gold and Lead" by The Sound of The Ladies. Original version here:
SOTL Podcast author

100a - Books Before Bros (Michael Caines)

Cover of "Books Before Bros" from "Kill it With Fire" by Existential Meltdown, performed by Michael Caines from Spirit of Play. Listen to the original here:
SOTL Podcast author

99 - Bed For The Scraping by Fugazi

Cover of fiddly post-punk classic by underground superheroes Fugazi. Email or tweet @martinaustwick if you're interested in contributing a cover version for the 100th episode!
SOTL Podcast author

98 - Click Subscribe on My Heart

Check out my newdirection
SOTL Podcast author

97 - Let's Dance (band version, live)

Band cover of Bowie's Let's Dance with an M Ward flava.
SOTL Podcast author

96 - Good Morning, Beautiful (demo)

Demo for a brand new song I haven't finished yet. "Good Morning, Beautiful" will be one of the lyrics.
SOTL Podcast author

95 - He Doesn't Have a Soul

Brand new song, written incredibly quickly, about my looming doppelganger.
SOTL Podcast author

93 - Yes by McAlmont and Butler

Cover of the wonderful "Yes" by McAlmont and Butler - the arrangement inspired by their live performance at Leicester Square in 2011, but a bit simpler still.
SOTL Podcast author

91 - There's Going To Be Rain On My Window Tonight

This song is about a year old, but this version is about a day old. I feel like "There's going to be rain on my window tonight" should have been used by some old soul band, but I can't find evidence of it having been - Fleetwood Mac is the closest. And...
SOTL Podcast author

90 - Boxing By Ben Folds

Cover of Ben Folds classic "Boxing".
SOTL Podcast author

89 - The Bats And The Bears (demo)

SWEARY WARNING: This has a swear word in it. Brand new song inspired by misandry and birds.
SOTL Podcast author

81 - Methuselah (Live)

Live version of "Methuselah" recorded at the launch for "Through Intermittent Rain", at the Bookseller Crow on October 17th this year. With Kimon Daltas from The Footage on very quiet lead guitar.
SOTL Podcast author

80 - You're No More Than A Mile From The Beach (Album Version)

Album version of apocalypse-fest "You're no more than a mile from the beach" with really kickass slide bass part. You can get the new album, Through Intermittent Rain, from
SOTL Podcast author

79 - The Man Who Could Not Read Minds (Folk Version)

First track from the new Martin Austwick album, Through Intermittent Rain. About someone who can't read minds.
SOTL Podcast author

76 - What Do You Think Of When You Don't Think Of Me?

Brand new song for this podcast. Words and pictures, thoughts and feelings.
SOTL Podcast author

74 - Spiral By Dave Pickering

Spiral by Dave Pickering, arranged and produced by me for the Open EP: - links to his other music, podcasting and storytelling projects are there too.
SOTL Podcast author

73 - 17 By Youth Lagoon

Another cover - this time of "17" by Youth Lagoon. I promise I'll write some original material soon.
SOTL Podcast author

68 - One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Magic realist pastoral folk from the brand new Existential Meltdown album - - all money goes to Arts Emergency:
SOTL Podcast author

66 - Landslide Years

What happens when you cross Steely Dan's "Reelin' in the years" and Stevie Nicks' "Landslide"? A song that's only half rubbish. It has a "A Little Time" vibe to my ears.
SOTL Podcast author

64 - Lullaby

Cover of "Lullaby" by Loudon Wainwright III from his album "Attempted Moustache". To see the new video for "10,000 Letters of Love", visit and go to for Spirit of Play's new EP.
SOTL Podcast author

62 - Oblivion by Grimes

Because what every electronica prodigy needs is a thirtysomething bloke to acoustic-up their oeuvre.
SOTL Podcast author