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A podcast hosting conversations about branding, design, technology, startups and creativity in the sports business. Guests include designers, art directors, marketers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, animators, developers and startup entrepreneurs working on sports-related projects.

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Conversations about design, branding, creative business, products, sneakers, technology and entrepreneurship in the sports industry. Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy (Feb. 2015). Missing episode numbers are paid & private community content. Join the community at
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From MLC 2019: Amy & Jen Hood, Creative Directors, Hoodzpah Design

“Fear is good, you can feed on it and it makes you work harder to be good and be better. If you get too complacent and happy, that's where you get in trouble.” A special episode from MLC Connect 2019 with two of the keynote speakers, Amy and Jen Hood ...
Makers of Sport® author

Insung Kim, Senior Creative Director, Atlanta Braves

“Working with people is something you need practice with. Everybody has their own agenda, everybody has things that are important to them. You have to respect that but there’s times you have to fight for what you believe in.” Insung Kim joined the sho...
Makers of Sport® author

Barton Damer, Founding Artist & Creative Director, AlreadyBeenChewed

Damer on getting work: "You have to be a hype machine. You have to create hype around yourself and most artists are very uncomfortable doing that because they feel they are bragging or they feel like they are going to get made fun of online." Barton D...
Makers of Sport® author

Simon Dent of Dark Horses on Sports Teams' Competition for Attention

Simon Dent shares his thoughts on the future competition of sports teams as it regards to selling attention and tickets.
Makers of Sport® author

Simon Dent, Founder & Managing Director, Dark Horses

"On a Saturday afternoon when every sports fan is going to watch their chosen sport, there are thousands of brands barking at them whether it's a print paper, online, in stadium on LEDs, in the matchday program; there's all these messages and presumabl...
Makers of Sport® author

Episode 100: Jeremy Mitchell, Founder & Creative Director of Mitchell Bat Co.

"It's 100% about relationships. Probably the most important part of Mitchell Bat is the people I've met along the way that I consider true friends or trusted advisors." Jeremy Mitchell, agency creative director, web designer and most notably founder o...
Makers of Sport® Podcast author

Episode 99: Adam White, Founder/CEO, Front Office Sports

"There's so much emphasis on people getting a job right after they graduate and getting into the workforce. You'd be hard pressed to find a lot more real life lessons than working at a restaurant...the real life world lessons and the things that you le...
Makers of Sport® Podcast author

Episode 98: Samuel Silverman, Assistant Director of Creative Media & Branding, Ohio State Football

"What makes a successful brand from a brand identity and visual language standpoint is having consistent style that can also be fluid and flexible where not everything necessarily looks exactly the same but everything should "feel" the same." Sam Silv...
Makers of Sport® Podcast author

Chris Do of TheFutur talks value based pricing on MoS #97

Chris Do elaborates on why creative people should value their services more and charge accordingly without feeling guilty.
Makers of Sport® Podcast author

Episode 97: Chris Do, Founder/CEO of Blind™ and TheFutur

"Designer as maker is what is celebrated in school, not designer as entrepreneur; designer as business problem solver. To me, when you're in the mechanics, when you have your hands in the work, it's all production and I make no distinction between doin...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 96: Xavier Jones, Footwear Designer, Reebok

“The Internet is a great tool but you can only learn so much. Actually going to a place physically where you have someone that has [designed] at the highest level, you learn so much more…that experience is invaluable.” FYI: Sneakers are a passion of m...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 95: Britt Davis, Senior Designer, Atlanta Falcons & ATL United FC

"Share your story, share your process; there might be somebody out there who's like you trying to find out where to start and you might have some insight they can use. Don't be afraid." Britt Davis, senior designer for AMB Sports + Entertainment (i.e....
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 94: The Baseball NZ Open Branding Project

On this episode, we have a crossover episode of sorts as I bring you the raw and uncut audio from a Q&A on I conducted with Brian Gundell of Brian Gundell Graphic Design Co. and Brandon Moore of the Miami Dolphins regarding their op...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 93: Marissa McClain, Sr. Designer and Brand Specialist, Boston Red Sox

"I think that the best design is design you don't notice most of the time, so I have no problem just putting up a beautiful photo if it's a beautiful photo." Marissa McClain, Sr. Designer/Brand Specialist for the Boston Red Sox joined this episode to ...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 92: Tal Lemming, Designer of United Typeface, Owner of Type Supply

"The main job of a typeface is obviously to convey some information; but the second part of that is that it has to convey information with a specific tone or a voice." Tal Lemming, the designer of the sports industry's favorite typeface, joins the pod...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 91: Shane Mielke, Interactive Creative Director, H.S. Football Coach & Crossfit Athlete

"At the end of the day, I consider myself a creative person. I've taken the time to grow these skills slowly over time and I want to have as much fun as I can on all aspects of a project—whether that's design, animation, etc., to me it's all fun. That ...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 90: MLC Connect Panel 2017 with Chin Wang, Joe Bosack, Todd Radom & Jon Contino

On this week's episode, I bring you a front seat at MLC Connect 2017 for "The Future of Sports Design" panel with Chin Wang (Creative Director, ESPN the Magazine), Todd Radom (Designer/Illustrator, Todd Radom Design), Joe Bosack (Creative Director, Joe...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 89: Alex Center, Design Director for vitaminwater, smartwater & Powerade, The Coca-Cola Co.

"In the past designers were thought of as craftsmen only and were the 'make it pretty department'. We have an uphill battle to convince other people...I think our job and obligation is to showcase the fact that we can be involved in much more than the ...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 88: riCardo Crespo, Chief Creative Officer, Th13teen (LA)

"It's a right of passage to know that you're good at executing, but also challenge yourself to understand that at the very root of what we do as designers—whether our medium is physical, digital, websites, billboards or t-shirts—at the end of the day, ...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 87: Olivia Brestal, Senior Designer & Photographer, Sporting Kansas City

"As a designer, we think as a I always try to make myself a brand." Olivia Brestal is a multi-talented midwestern creative that grew up in the soccer capitol of the U.S., so it's only fitting she has spent the entirety of her post-grad care...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 86: John Costacos, Co-Founder/Art Director, Costacos Brothers Posters

"Two things that helped us be really successful were that we treated the players like people—like everyday guys—[we] had fun with them and didn’t put them on a pedestal. And the second thing is we got them in and out of there fast." There is nothing b...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 85: Samir Gole, VP of Digital Products, Major League Soccer

“I started tinkering with our own processes, embracing an iterative approach and knowing that nothing is finite & complete — everything that we do is always in the hope of iterating and moving forward in an incremental way.” The first ever VP of D...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 84: Ross Yoshida, Director of Graphic Design, Los Angeles Dodgers

"You want to have as much control as possible as an in-house design staff...there is so much talent out there and talent isn't exclusive to well-known agencies on the market." Ross Yoshida, Director of Graphic Design for the L.A. Dodgers, joins the po...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 82 (Part 1): Crossover Episode with Sean Callanan of Sports Geek Podcast

"I do the podcast for my clients, my past clients and my future clients. If they're listening, then I'm happy...I'll unashamedly say it's a lead generation for Sports Geek." In the first ever crossover episode of Makers of Sport, Sean Callanan of Spor...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 81: Ambassadors of Sports Design Panel, MLC Connect 2016

On this week's episode, we go behind-the-scenes at Major Level Creative Connect (MLC Connect) 2016 with a panel that Todd Radom, Brian Gundell and myself were asked speak on called "Ambassadors of Sports Design". We come together for a no-holds-barred...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 80: Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith, Molly Mazzolini; Co-Founders; Infinite Scale

"In the environment, things need to be simplified, they need to have a quick read. You scale things very differently in environmental graphics than typical graphic design applications." Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith and Molly Mazzolini—co-founders & cr...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 78: Dylan Boyd, Managing Director, L.A. Dodgers Accelerator

"There's money & there's smart money. We believe there is capital, then there's creative capital." Dylan Boyd, Managing Director of the Dodgers Accelerator, joins the show to talk tech startups in the sports industry. Dylan tells his story and ho...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 76: Sloane Kelley, Senior Director of Content, PGA Tour Digital

"For us it's gotta be about innovation across the board...for 'The Tour', we've gotta make sure we're doing everything we can to meet our fans on the platforms where they are and bring them some amazing stuff." Sloane Kelley, Senior Director of Conten...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 75 (Halftime): Donating Your Creativity

COMMUNITY CONTENT PREVIEW A rare public Halftime episode as they are for paid Community members only now. I just felt this initiative is something worth sharing to everyone that may be interested. Many of us have worked hard in our creative disciplin...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 74: Brian Lindstrom, Art Director, Trek Bicycle; Illustrator, Bases Loaded Series

"You need to put food on the table. You need to do things you need to do to have a life. But, at the same time you need to feed your soul a little bit too." Brian Lindstrom, art director at Trek, joined the podcast this week to discuss his career desi...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 73: Tim O'Shaughnessy, Broadcast Art Director, ESPN

“You should start spending a half-hour a day learning Cinema 4D to advance your design repertoire. It's not hard, it will make you better.” ESPN College Football, Mike & Mike, NBA on ESPN, the 2014 World Cup—do these brands ring a bell? Our guest ...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 71: Brian Gundell, Brian Gundell Graphic Design Co.

“The best designers are always problem-solvers...[our] job is to figure out how to make this [project] the best it can be.” On this week’s podcast, freelance sports designer Brian Gundell joined the show to discuss his career working in a few differen...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 69: Mekale Jackson, Creative Director, St. John's University Athletics

“You can always learn from anyone — you can learn from people older than you, you can earn from people younger than you — always be open. Always be open to critique.” On this week’s podcast, Mekale Jackson from St. John's University athletics joins us...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 67: Aaron Masik, Senior Graphic Designer, Upper Deck

“When you get to work in pro sports, these players are their showcase...the message, putting people in the seats, getting people interested in the team and buying merchandise comes before cool graphics.” On this week’s episode, Aaron Masik joined the ...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 66: Jeremy Darlow, Author of Brands Win Championships

"Everyone is trying to find their own 15 minutes online with their's not about that 15 minutes, it's about that 15 years and what are you doing right now to build something that lasts..." On this week's episode, Director of Brand Marketin...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 65 (Halftime): Announcing the Makers of Sport Community

The Internet has given us an uncanny ability to connect to others that share our passions in different regions of the world. Joining online communities is vital for networking purposes, cultivating relationships and professional growth. It has been a...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 64: Ben Osborne, Editor-in-Chief, SLAM Magazine

"There's a lot of talented people out there. A lot of smart people. A lot of great writers. A lot of great editors. You gotta work... [Ben on side projects & growth]." On this week’s episode, it's basketball, sneakers and hip-hop as Ben Osborne, E...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 63 (Halftime): Cultivating Relationships

The world is about relationships. Plain and simple. We have relationships with family, friends and even objects. In our professional lives, building relationships are vital for growth both fiscally and skill-wise. In today's Halftime, I discuss why cu...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 62: Michelle Cruz, Senior Art Director, New York Red Bulls

"I take a lot of pictures...I think for designers, drawing and taking photos is so, so important because you can go back to those photos and find some inspiration and find some great idea." On this week’s episode, Michelle Cruz, Senior Art Director of...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 61 (Halftime): Writing as Design

Design is about communication. It is about articulating decisions made from a professional perspective in order to sell something, or have a user do something. Other than speaking verbally, writing is the most important skill set to have when communica...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 60: Eric Bodamer, Uniform Designer, NHL Division, Adidas

“You need to just need to doodle…don’t even go to the computer until you absolutely know you’ve flushed it out in your head and run through every iteration you possibly could…the computer and Illustrator and Photoshop are just tools…the so...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 59 (Halftime): Subjective vs. Objective

Oftentimes, we creative people run into debates with clients or other stakeholders due to both inserting subjective opinions on the work at hand. These converations are extremely unproductive in all honestly, hard to win when you are not paying for the...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 58: Surf Melendez, Managing Director of Content & Creative, Miami Dolphins

"Yearly campaigns shouldn't be a reinvention of who you are. There should be a core of what you are & what you stand for & what you look like." On this week's show, Surf Melendez joins me to discuss his non-traditional path to the Miami Dolphi...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 57: Ashley Strauss, Director of Creative Services, Mississippi State Bulldogs

"When you're more of a creative thinker you think differently...the language you use is a lot different and sometimes there is a disconnect when you're trying to conversate about what you're trying to accomplish. As a designer you have to remember that...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 56: Rebecca Feferman, Head of SXsports, SXSW

"It's not just how sports and technology intersect, but also the way that sport unites us as humanity, and what kind of impact it has on our culture, and what kind of impact our culture has on it... " In 2011, I attended South by Southwest Interactive...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 55 (Halftime): Branded

The word brand is very complex, yet it is thrown around a lot these days; most of the time carelessly or in complete ignorance as it regards to what a brand is. In this episode of Halftime, I discuss the origins of branding, its definition according to...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 54: Alexandra Mount, Art Director, Consumer Product, NFL

"If you are gonna wake up every day and you are gonna go to a job that you truly love and you're truly passionate about and it makes you happy, then it doesn't matter if you're pigeonholed." Alexandra Mount is a lady of many talents. Not only do those...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 53 (Halftime): Inspiration or Imitation?

Imitation is an unfortunate thing that happens oftentimes in our industry. Especially in the creative side of the sports business. We often see popular designers getting ripped off by Instagram "sports edits" or see colleges or professional teams steal...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 52: Chris Creamer, Founder,

"I know you say you (designers) are not curing cancer but you affect people. You affect people positively and negatively (with your work)." Our second Canadian guest comes aboard the podcast this week as Chris Creamer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of S...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author

Episode 51 (Halftime): Preparation

"By faling to prepare you are preparing to fail." – Benjamin Franklin Preparation is often overlooked in regards to success. But those that are the most successful, have definitely taken the time to prepare and develop processes over time to allow the...
Makers of Sport™ Podcast author