Science Globe: why and how?

Discussion on various topics pertaining to science. Trying to answer why and how? Some basic high-school science knowledge may be required for few podcast. Please check- for detailed discussion of each podcast.

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Discussion on various topics of Science
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Solving Schrodinger equation

Recap of Quantum mechanics and how to solve Schrodinger equation. Discussion on what information we can get from solving Schrodinger equation and why is it important pertaining to modern electronics. 
Devender author

What is Quantum Mechanics?

Introduction on Quantum mechanics: basis of quantum mechanics like Schrodinger equation and how its solution help us understand matter around us.
Devender author

Why the heck do we need Quantum Mechanics?

Introduction on Quantum Mechanics and why classical theories doesn't work for subatomic particles? 
Devender author

How do materials fail?

Why materials fail and what different ways materials can fail? Discussion on difference between brittle and ductile fracture, and fatigue and creep.
Devender author

What are polymers?

What are polymers and how they are formed? What determines their properties and current research in the field of polymers.
Devender author

How matter interacts with the light?

Discussion on how matter interacts with the light and how this interaction can help explain many optical properties in the matter. Also, answer to why radio waves can be transmitted through the walls? If you have any question, contact me here- https://...
Devender author

Why glass is transparent?

How light interact with solids? Discussion on phenomena of absorption, reflection and transmission and how they relate to glass with focus on electron-light interaction.
Devender author

How do batteries work?

Working principle of batteries with focus on Lithium-ion based batteries. 
Devender author

How do microwaves cook food?

Mechanism behind microwave cooking. We discuss microwaves and how they interact with water which is key for heating. Also why not to use metals utensil and why ceramics and plastics are not affected by microwaves.
Devender author

What causes the northern lights?

Discussion on how northern lights are produced and how sun is related to them. 
Devender author

How LEDs work and a short guide on Semiconductors

Working principle of LEDs and why they are made from semiconductors. A quick guide on semiconductors and how doping can change them. More discussion here-
Devender author

How do solar cells work?

Discussion on how do solar cells work? Why semiconductors are used in solar cells and explanation of photoelectric effect? For more details and schematics check this link:
Devender author

Why does lightning strike?

Reason behind lightning strikes and some fun facts on thunderstorms. 
Devender author

Why Is Sky Blue And Grass Green?

Discussion on why various objects have different color and fundamental mechanisms by which colors are produced. We discuss Rayleigh scattering, electronic transitions and concepts of absorption and reflection.
Devender author

How was the Universe created? The Big Bang Theory

Discussion on how the Universe was created. A short guide on the Big Bang Theory also. Check this for details-
Devender author

A short guide on subatomic particles- Quarks And Leptons

A short guide on what constitute matter. A quick summary of subatomic particles. For more details check this-
Devender author

Why Do We Feel The Heat Of The Sun

Discussion on why do we feel the heat of the sun. For more details check this-
Devender author

How is heat conducted?

Discussion on how is heat conducted and why metals are good conductor of heat.
Devender author

Why do metals conduct electricity

Understanding why metals conduct electricity whereas ceramics/dielectric do not.
Devender author

Difference between metals and ceramics

Trying to understand difference between metals and ceramics in terms of bonding. 
Devender author

Why do solids exist?

Discussion on why do material exist as solid? Fundamental driving force and concept of bonding.
Devender author