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A science and science fiction based podcast hosted by two high school friends. Listen and learn and geek out. In this podcast, science meets fact, meets fiction.

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A science and science fiction based podcast hosted by two high school friends. Listen and learn and geek out. In this podcast, science meets fact, meets fiction.
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Captain Marvel

This Episode Contains: Devon starts off with some spoilers for Archer. We then jump right into the science. Get Psyched!: Our brains are naturally self-centered. Research’s wanted to know how far the “cocktail party effect” went. They tested how self-c...
Science Faction Podcast author

To Be Concluded...

This episode contains: We haven’t really done anything new since the last recording. Devon explains how he can only be disciplined about one thing at a time. Steven then talks about Prison Architect, which is some kind video game apparently. We’re Doom...
Science Faction Podcast author


This episode contains: We recorded this ep on a Sunday. Devon’s been a single dad for the weekend and tell a little about it. This Week in Space: Scientists are going to be able to use gravitational waves to calculate the Hubble Constant. The two previ...
Science Faction Podcast author

Russian Umbrella Doll Academy

This episode contains: Devon is sick (again?). Devon is sicker for longer than he’s been before. Dummy Dum-Dums: Measles outbreak traced to father who admits not vaccinating kids due to autism “concerns.” An outbreak of measles in Vancouver, Canada was...
Science Faction Podcast author

Downward Spiral of Discovery

This episode contains: Survival. Both hosts are doing it. Steven at home with a teething kid, and Devon while visiting the post-apocalyptic oil fields of Bakersfield. Robot Underlings: A new prosthetic has been designed with sentience. The hand is able...
Science Faction Podcast author

Ethically Sourced Robot Parts

This episode contains: Guest host Ben Lawless joins us again! He’s here in-person! We talk about the pain-in-the-ass that is Comcast. When It Sleeps: Newly discovered gene controls sleep when sick. Study was done on flies. They manipulated the gene the...
Science Faction Podcast author

The Final Remembrance

This episode contains: Steven discusses his guest appearance on the Potentium podcast. We learn that the name of the podcast is actually a Star Wars term. Steven has yet another podcast, Save Point. Devon talks about seeing Elton John and his progress ...
ScienceFactionPodcast author

The Best Ending

This episode contains: We talk about the last episode that Devon did not listen to. Devon looks forward to a debate with Ben about STD v. Orville. Devon talks about his family coming to visit in his small condo. This Week In Space: China landed on the ...
Science Faction Podcast author

It's No Invader Zim

This episode contains: Special guest co-host Benjamin Daniel Lawless joins Steven this week! He talks about how he has automated his job (probably using science). Steven hasn't been doing much but parenting. No calls from preschool about bumps to the h...
Science Faction Podcast author

New Year, Old Us

This episode contains: Devon talks briefly about his grandma going into hospice care. We then talk about our weekend hanging out together and playing board games. We also saw the new Spider-man movie, which was awesome. We also about our very different...
Science Faction Podcast author

Chronology Navigation

This episode contains: We’re back after recording just a couple days ago. Devon talks about seeing the SF symphony. We also talk about sitting through the credits of a movie. Steven is having family stay with him over the holidays. Evolutionarily Speak...
Science Faction Podcast author

Exploding Stars with Logic

This episode contains: Devon is drinking eggnog with Fire Ball to get things started. We talk about butter beer and other drinks as well. Steven announces the return of an old podcast. This Week in Space: Virgin Galactic sent it’s SpaceShipTwo commerci...
Science Faction Podcast author

Pre-Game this Podcast

This Episode Contains: It’s almost Steven’s birthday. Devon sent out a holiday card. Now, science: This Week in Science: A scientist has a theory that could explain dark matter and dark energy and combine the tow into a negative fluid. We discuss the n...
Science Faction Podcast author

Chiseling the Cave Wall

This episode contains: We play a quick game of "is that soda or beer" and Steven is shocked to learn something about Devon. Devon talks a bit about the Scythe expansion Rise of Fenris and Steven informs everyone about Legacy type board games, even thou...
Science Faction Podcast author

Sci-Fi Pie Guy

This episode contains: We record the day before Thanksgiving. Devon is going to a friend’s house to party for Thanksgiving, but now they all have kids. Steven is going to have a more traditional Thanksgiving. Steven explains why software gets “patched....
Science Faction Podcast author

Red Dead Man-Bear-Pig

This episode contains: Devon went to a Jurassic Quest where he saw life sized dinosaurs. He has positive things to say about it. We also talk about how your knowledge of dinosaurs drops after the age of 4. We then have a brief discussion of the new JP ...
Science Faction Podcast author

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

This episode contains: California is on fire again. We’re not in danger but there’s smoke everywhere. I want my Baby Back, Baby Back… : There has been a remarkable decline in fertility rates. The current average fertility rate has dropped by half since...
Science Faction Podcast author

Boldly Paying

This episode contains: We have a guest on the show that hasn’t been on in a while: Ben Lawless! Devon is still sick so Ben kind of takes over for him. “Technology, how does this even work?”: Helium screws with iPhones apparently. This has to do with th...
Science Faction Podcast author

Not A Potter Podcast

This episode contains: Devon has a cold, but he still makes it onto the podcast, for YOU. Steven makes rude comments about the gigantic size of Devon's son. One of Us: Animals can tell time, if they're lab mice in virtual reality. Scientists isolated p...
Science Faction Podcast author

Doom and Gloom

This episode contains: Devon explains why he's not going to be here next week. Steven laments being a stay at home dad to two children. Doom and Gloom: We discuss the new report regarding climate change, goals we as humans should have and how to accomp...
Science Faction Podcast author

Space Stuff

This episode contains: We start off complaining about stores decorating for holidays too soon. Cloak of Invisibility: “Spacesuits” protect microbes destined to live in space. We try to figure out what that means. A 2D MOF wrap around bacteria to form a...
Science Faction Podcast author

Agonia, Behavioral, Confrontation

This episode contains: We start off this week talking about Sunday (since we recorded on one) and Truckasaurus. Steven comments that he thinks he found where the scifi has been hiding. Brain Matters: Scientists turn the Zika virus against brain cancer....
Science Faction Podcast author

The Fiction Half

This episode contains: Here’s the second half of our two-week ep. Last ep was all science so this one is all sci-fi. We briefly discuss the Emmy results (go GOT!). We talk about Game of Thrones, Atypical, Jane the Virgin, Marvelous Ms. Maisel, Castle R...
Science Faction Podcast author

The Science Half

This episode contains: We start off discussing prime numbers. Devon then laments his mother’s jokes. Ice To See You: A very well preserved ice age wolf pup and caribou calf were unearthed in Canada. This is the oldest and most well preserved mammal. h...
Science Faction Podcast author

Predicting Destiny

This episode contains: We talk about our non-special lives. Steven is playing Star Wars: Destiny and has bought a lot of packs of cards. Medical Predictions From the Past: We look at 1970's predictions of medical advances by the year 2000. Taking a pil...
Science Faction Podcast author

High-Def Dystopia

This episode contains Sci-Fi: Devon and Steven are dear friends. We start talking about sci-fi then decide to make it an all sci-fi episode. Devon discuss his frustration with the new Star Wars trilogy and his skepticism of episode 9. We also talk abou...
Science Faction Podcast author

Disenchanting Science

This Episode Contains: Life is pleasantly mundane for the most part. Except for a crappy thing that happened to Devon at work. Artificial Butt Rope: “Bigger Proteins, Stronger Threads: Synthetic Spider Silk.” Spider silk is very strong but difficult to...
Science Faction Podcast author

Scared to Not Brighten

This episode contains: Devon’s drinking again. Steven is drinking more. Steven went to a funeral. Devon’s week is looking up so he’s in a good mood. The Genetics Never Forget: Elephants have a “zombie gene” that appears to protect them from cancer. Due...
Science Faction Podcast author

More Machine Than Man

This episode contains: Devon has gotten the hard stuff out of the way so is a bit “jolly.” He’s also trying out his dehydrator to make jerky. Rise of The Machines: Ford is using passive exoskeletons to help it’s works in their factories. We find out we...
Science Faction Podcast author

Old Man Picard

This episode contains: California is on fire again. We briefly discuss how screwed the people of California, us included, may be. Devon then tells us about his 6-month-old son’s first swim lesson. Robot Overloads: AI can predict your personality. This ...
Science Faction Podcast author

Primed and Ready

This episode contains: Devon makes it just in time after selling a table. He then makes his wife finish the job while he podcasts. We then decide that this, the 211 episode, is a cooler milestone than 200, since 211 is a prime number. Devon then tells ...
Science Faction Podcast author

Ant-Man and the Fallen Kingdom

This episode contains: We’re back after Steven’s paternity leave! Devon didn’t screw up the network too bad in his absence. Steven has been surviving being a dad of two daughters now. This Week in Space: Jupiter has ten new moons! This makes a total of...
Science Faction Podcast author

Full of Splendor

This episode contains: We’re just doing our thing this ep. Steven is still around so no new baby yet. Devon had an impromptu drunken binge this weekend. Devon also doesn’t care about foreign languages. Steven tells us a little about the Sons of Anarchy...
Science Faction Podcast author

Space Shuttle Door Gunner

This episode contains: We talk about our Father’s Days, the first for Devon. Devon’s Father-in-Law was in town and they all went camping on a week day. Steven spent his Father’s Day with LEGO, of course. This Week in Space: We discuss the newly announc...
Science Faction Podcast author

Perdition's Flames

This episode contains: Devon talks about his weekend with sazarac and absinthe. We decide that mixing cocktails is like chemistry so it's cool to talk about because chemistry is science. Just Like Us: Bees can understand the concept of 'zero'. Despite ...
Science Faction Podcast author


This episode contains: Devon is back from Houston with a stomach bug, which leads us to talk about 9/11 for some reason. We then get to the science… No Rest for the Wicked: Scientists have devised an algorithm to determine the most effective way to con...
Science Faction Podcast author

Solo: A Star Wars Review

This episode contains: Devon is going to Houston and Steven has joined another podcast! Steven is also re-reading Harry Potter to try and jump start his reading habits. Solo Review: Here it is folks, our SPOILER FILLED review of Solo: A Star Wars Story...
Science Faction Podcast author

Don't Eat Human Flesh

This episode contains: Devon is fresh out of the pool where he took his son swimming for the first time. Steven explains we’re recording a day late even though no one probably cares. Also, Matt Groening (of Simpsons fame of course) is coming out with a...
Science Faction Podcast author

Spoilers: A Star Wars Story

This episode contains: Steven has a terrible voice and Devon has terrible teeth. Devon talks all about his deep mouth cleaning, which is kinda gross and kinda enthralling. We also agree that nobody actually flosses. Power to the People: NASA created a ...
Science Faction Podcast author

The Snapture

This episode contains: Devon is fresh out of the theater where he finally saw Infinity War! We wait until the second half the show to get into it. We then discuss Arrested Development before getting into the science. Get Physical: We both chose the sam...
Science Faction Podcast author


This episode contains: Steven saw Infinity War, but Devon did not. We discuss the movie and the MCU in general before getting to the science. Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mother F*cker: North Korea’s underground nuclear testing site looks to have parti...
Science Faction Podcast author

Black Star

This episode contains: Devon went to a Giants game and so missed our interview. Devon happened to go to MetallicA night even though he didn’t plan it. Also, Steven didn’t know the Nationals were a team. Devon then talks about the Mystery Spot in Santa ...
Science Faction Podcast author

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

This episode contains: Devon is about to celebrate a wedding anniversary, without his kid! Good timing, because he just finished his Lego Millennium Falcon and needs something to do. Steven found a source online about why Lando accidentally broke off t...
Science Faction Podcast author

Democracy Simply Doesn’t Work

This episode contains: We’re recording on a Friday night so we are a bit looser than normal. Steven tells us about his new toy: a Lego-ish drone. Devon is still working on the Lego Millennium Falcon. This Week in Robot Overlords: Artificial intelligenc...
Science Faction Podcast author

Gunting for Hard Suns

This episode contains: Devon is still building his LEGO Millennium Falcon. He calls it the "best LEGO set ever made." We talk a bit about Easter, the lore behind it, and how we experienced it as children. Devon wonders why we don't use it to control ch...
Science Faction Podcast author

Organic Processors

This episode contains: Devon is back, and playing with his mic. Devon is also waiting for the LEGO Millennium Falcon. We discuss LEGO for a while, then discuss Stephen Hawking. We talk about his contributions to science and remember reading his books. ...
Science Faction Podcast author

Black Panther, White Privilege

This episode contains: The Domingues’ take over the show. Steven’s wife Martine joins him to discuss Black Panther! They have seen every Marvel movie together except for Thor Ragnarok. This leads to a discussion of how Thor fits into the Marvel Univers...
Science Faction Podcast author

Living in a New Space Age

This episode contains: Steven and Devon hung out this past weekend and played some board games. Scythe and Fallout were on the docket, and both very cool. We didn't get to Kingdom Death: Monster, but it sure looks cool. Interview with Harriet Brettle: ...
Science Faction Podcast author

The Shape of Rebels

This episode contains: Devon is back to work after another two weeks of paternity leave. We’re also recording a day before posting, so we're more relevant! We have a little talk about gun control and Switzerland before getting into the science. Then, w...
Science Faction Podcast author

The Netflix Paradox

This episode cotnains: Devon is still being a stay at home dad, which is giving him time to catch up on Narcos. We talk a little about Pablo Escobar and we again gush about how well Netflix does TV shows. We also discuss the over-saturation of superher...
Science Faction Podcast author