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Culturally insensitive Quantum Physics and Spacetime Stuff. alternative science talk and subversive news, life and advice chatter. With hosts Jen and Brian.

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Culturally insensitive Quantum Physics and Spacetime Stuff
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We’re BACK! Jen talks scientific evidence for her sciency“religion”, and we talk MANDELA EFFECT!

After a leave of absence, Jen is back and she’s totally missing the point about atheism. Oh Well, I try to set her straight. And we delve into the Mandela Effect, or didn’t we already do that? It depends on which timestream your memory is tracking. Lis...
Jen and Brian author

Big Science keeps stealing Jen’s theories and not crediting her, and we talk about why people love us so much.

Fun Show, we delve into the psyche of the average Science Boobster out there and why they follow us. Also Jen keeps getting “The Measurement Limit” confused with how to order a Dominos Pizza. 
Jen and Brian author

Where did life originate? and was it a false flag? Jen says YES!!!

Lots of topics this week, from the beginings of life in the universe, to marxist cover-ups, to shady pizza places, and much more.
Jen and Brian author

We try to talk physics, but the evil“they” encroach upon us.

Jen tries valiantly to talk about globalism, but Brian shuts her down with some hard-core double-slit talk. And Jen discovers to her dismay that she is only right 50% of the time.
Jen and Brian author

Our LAST non-sciencey show. Jen lights up about Marxists and SJWs again.

Jen tries to convince me that Atheism is a belief system. whatever! Anyway, she goes off on cultural marxism and reveals that her army of rabid fans are growing in number. Fun stuff.
Jen and Brian author

An episode about nothingness, and if gravitons can be of any use in a void. Jen’s theory of everything too!

An episode about nothingness, and if gravitons can be of any use in a void. Jen’s theory of everything gets closer to being a reality. We find out that marxist evil has infiltrated the theoretical physics world, and only Jen can expose it, of course. w...
Jen and Brian author

Indigo children and more hot air about the mass of the universe, and fun stuff

In this episode Brian and Jen discuss the mysterious “Indigo Children” and their effect on human evolution, reincarnation, and any possible connection to the BEK phenomena (Black Eyed Kids). Also I once again show Jen the undeniable proof that our univ...
Jen and Brian author

The Physics of Phantasm! Special Episode with director David Hartman

Action packed episode! We interview Phantasm Ravager director David Hartman about the science and quantum physics behind phantasm and whether the Tall Man got the idea of those dimensional forks from visiting an Apple store.
Jen and Brian author

Is your brain a quantum computer? And Jen details her theory of reincarnation-mathematically, and life after death too.

Is your brain a quantum computer? And Jen details her theory of reincarnation-mathematically, and life after death too.
Jen and Brian author

Jen re-vamps the periodic table and we accidentally give away our plan to take over the world.

Jen invents the “scratch and sniff” Periodic Table of Elements, or we will need a new name for it. Anyways, lots of talk talk talk and some plans to take over the world, and we delve into the world of “intention” and how it can alter reality, no seriou...
Jen and Brian author

Is life inevitable, or does it need to be ordered out from the Pleiades, also Jen diagrams and flow-charts the entire corporate -Marxist system, oh fun.

Jen out does herself by creating the most cryptic explanation of the political social Marxist system that the world has ever seen. We discuss why life is inevitable on a water planet like ours(I disagree, but whatever), and we have a NEW design for the...
Jen and Brian author

More BS about object permanence, Jen explains the bent water molecule theory, and a prayer for Harambe.

FINALLY we get to hear Jen blather on about her “bent water molecule” theory, Brian once again tries to explain the folly of object permanence, and we find out that locking Jen up in an underground prison would only increase her power. We expose Benny ...
Jen and Brian author

Grains are Satan and our grip on reality is in the eye of the beholder…and Jen had a date!

This week, Jen and Brian discuss how eating a pork salad can keep you alive forever, we get a tease of Jen’s mathematical proof of reincarnation, and Brian successfully argues that perception of reality is a mixed bag of quantum bullshit. Oh, and Jen g...
Jen and Brian author

A super easy math thought experiment turns into knife fight

It’s thought experiment time! Does 1.11111 ever get to 2? Of course it does, but Jen refuses to be reasonable. Also we discuss the magical powers of the Science Boobies “GUG” T-shirt. Also, would you accept a baseball bat beating for $100,000?
Jen and Brian author

How much energy is there in the universe? And why can’t we power the planet with a rock?

In this episode we discuss how much energy there is in the universe, and of course I cannot get a straight answer out of Jen, but what’s new. Aren’t all particles moving, therefore aren’t they powered by limitless energy? Also, is it really energy if w...
Jen and Brian author

Karl Marx and his roving band of Televangelists confront Jen and Brian

In this week’s episode, we meet Hansel Yogananda, the free-wheeling worldly billionaire who will try to sweep Jen off her feet. Also we will disect Marxism and the folly of religions, ALL religions, cause, like, they’re stupid and based on fantasy.  ww...
Jen and Brian author

Time Travel is so passe, let’s just devolve into the Marxist ether. But if you die today, are you still alive yesterday?

This episode is about time-travel. Jen is anti, Brian is pro, and Jen as usual, cannot give a straight answer.
Jen and Brian author

Our GAYEST show EVER! and introducing the world to GUGs

This is our first “gay” episode, and no doubt, will not be the last. Are you a GUG (Gay Universal Gaylord)? Because if you’re not, you are missing out.We also talk marriage and gay marriage and how many goats and sheep are required to appease the bride...
Jen and Brian author

First Episode: Jen Scharf and the Ottawa Yoga-gate scandal.

In our first episode we delve into the infamous University of Ottawa “Yoga-gate” scandal which rocketed Jen Scharf to fame and brought her (and I) into this awesome podcast. In case you didn’t know, Jen is famous, really famous, for being fired by the ...
Jen and Brian author