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SciDev.Net podcasts look at key global development issues and the ways in which science can have a positive impact on equitable and sustainable development and poverty reduction.
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Games, not handbooks, to beat insecticide resistance Public health managers around the world rely on insecticides to control diseases spread by mosquitoes – from familiar names such as malaria and dengue to ne...
SciDev.Net author

India prompts rethink for global innovation index

Every year, the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and partner institutions publish an index that ranks the innovation prowess of some 150 countries around the world. In this audio interview Francis Gurry, WIPO’s director general, e...
SciDev.Net author

‘Evolutions and revolutions’ in chronic disease care

In an audio interview, Peter Piot discusses a private-sector partnership that draws on tech and puts patients first. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) has teamed up with the philanthropic arm of the pharmaceutical company Nov...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: End age discrimination in the SDGs

In today’s programme, we hear about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and why there’s been a call to tweak one target relating to SDG 3, which seeks to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The target calls for a one-...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Hurdles the climate deal must clear

Last month saw one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of climate response. UN member countries gathered in France to discuss and approve a global deal for emission reductions. The agreement is poised to give a critical push towards reducing th...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Peaceful nuclear technologies

As the UN climate talks kick off in Paris this week, we travel to South Africa to look at the real impacts of global warming on people. We discover how worsening heatwaves already pose a serious threat to public health in Africa, that under climate ch...
SciDev.Net author

PhDs in Focus: A link between science and business

In this audio interview, South African Gloria Hlongwane talks about her research into using graphene to create a cheap, portable DNA detector. Once she has completed her PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand, Hlongwane aims to move into business ...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Online wildfire fighters and more

Of the 16 million people worldwide who are injection drug users, 3 million are HIV positive and 10 million have Hepatitis C. In this month’s podcast we first look at an effective approach to reducing harm from drug abuse. Earlier this year, the city of...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Batteries from rice husks and more

In early October the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will nominate its new chair, chosen from five candidates announced in August. In this month’s podcast, we kick off a series of interviews where we hear their thoughts about the futur...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net podcast: African farmers mitigate emissions

Livestock farming is the largest land use system on Earth. It uses 30 per cent of the world’s ice-free surface and sustains about 1.3 billion people. But livestock is also responsible for 14.5 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans, of ...
SciDev.Net author

Interview Choguel Kokalla Maïga, ministre de l’économie numérique au Mali

Le Mali lance une campagne d’indentification des abonnés du téléphone mobile.
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net podcast: Universal internet access and more

In this month’s podcast, we follow up on June’s reflection around internet access by reviewing a new device, called BRCK, that can bring connectivity to rural areas where electricity is scarce. Albeit remaining unaffordable to many, BRCK could be a ste...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Who are the missing millions?

They are the world’s most vulnerable people. Often living in informal settlements and speaking only local languages, they are difficult to count and conventional surveys don’t capture their opinions, needs or even their presence. A recent report by th...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Mapping Nepal post-quake and more

The powerful earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April could be just the first of a series of quakes to hit the region in coming weeks. Future tremors could add to the current death toll of more than 4,800 people and make it harder for aid agencies to...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Super beans, climate models and more

In this month’s programme, we imagine a hotter world through the eyes of scientists and policymakers. We kick off our podcast with ‘super beans’: 30 new varieties that can thrive in weather extremes. The beans were developed by scientists at CGIAR, a...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Tapping into data

Data is changing the world. It influences our way of learning, communicating and consuming services. And it is affecting development, informing policymaking and empowering citizens. Since the advent of the internet, the use of data has become widespre...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Vaccines and design against Ebola

Last August, the WHO declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a “public health emergency of international concern”. The epidemic, with over 22,000 cases across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and almost 8,800 likely victims, is the biggest Ebola ou...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: What’s on the radar for 2015

In this month’s programme, we examine what’s on the radar for science and development in 2015. First, we take stock of the global response to the escalating danger of climate change, with a report from the UN’s latest climate summit in Lima, Peru. We ...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Open mapping for development

In this month’s programme, we discover how technology is turning mapping into a powerful tool for supporting development and tackling humanitarian crises. First, at the launch of the Missing Maps Project in London, United Kingdom, we join volunteers a...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: ‘Flying donkey’ drones, biobanks and more

In this month’s programme, we examine how the Ebola emergency has led to new forms of humanitarian response. One is the use of music to educate people about safety practices using simple language. We interviewed Carlos Chirinos, a visiting professor at...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net podcast: The vanishing small island states

In this month’s show, we visit the island state of Kiribati, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, whose future is at risk from rising sea levels brought about by climate change. Scientists agree there are limited adaptation options for the tiniest arch...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net podcast: Ebola research, Maasai entrepreneurs and more

This month’s podcast sheds light on the role of medical research in the current Ebola crisis. We learn about the main experimental treatment available and what the scientific institutions in the United Kingdom are doing to enable a fast and effective r...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net podcast: Making leaps for MDGs, mapping human rights abuse and more

This month’s podcast features a long journey across Tanzania to discover how low-tech innovation can help developing nations eradicate poverty and meet the Millennium Development Goals. From improved cookstoves to a new system that combines sanitation ...
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Tech innovators make a difference and more

In this show, we also hear about global health challenges and the rising burden of obesity in developing countries.
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: A promising dengue vaccine and more

In June's podcast, we also hear about e-learning platforms and balancing conservation and development in Costa Rica.
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Climate change adaptation and more

This edition explores sustainable architecture, the financial risks of farming and Cuba’s scientific diaspora.
SciDev.Net author

Global SciDev.Net Podcast: Geojournalism, the world’s largest radio telescope and more!

This broadcast also explores Africa’s knowledge economy and how biomedical researchers establish informed consent.
SciDev.Net author

SciDev.Net Podcast: Africa’s energy struggle, the data revolution, and more

This month’s podcast explores how a data revolution can help push governments to be more accountable to meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Ndeye Fatu-Sesay of the Millenium Challenge Coordinating Unit talks about progress in Sierra Leone, and ho...
SciDev.Net author