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Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh chat about BYU Sports.

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Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh chat about BYU Sports.
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Rollercoaster Kalani Sitake, Michael Shelton's Dispassionate Fan Club, and Beating Boise State

On this week's episode: We've seen 34 games at BYU with Kalani Sitake as head coach. He is 17-17. What do we know about having him at the helm? He is a really good guy. And it is going to be extremely up and down. (2:00) Before Michael Shelton ever sou...
Keith Shirts author

Bad Offense and Sutton Smith -- Meet the Northern Illinois Huskies!

This week's task for BYU Football is to figure out a way to put together more than 20 points. Northern Illinois' offense is really poor. Atrocious even. They are 1/2 a team. The issue is that their defense keeps them in games. So, can Zach Wilson lead ...
Keith Shirts author

What we learned from the Hawaii game

Here's what we learned for the Hawaii game: Provo, Utah is a house of horrors for the Hawaii football program. The defense had a (small picture) great, but (big picture) frustrating game plan and approach. The offense with Zach Wilson features one dist...
Keith Shirts author

2 straight losses to Utah State?!? Is it Zach Wilson time? How many points is Hawaii going to score?

Losing to Utah State is always a big indictment on the BYU Football program. What sort of changes will occur because of it? Zach Wilson vs. Tanner Mangum. The similarities of 2016 and 2018.  Hawaii's offense is good. Stopping it is going to be a very d...
Keith Shirts author

Stopping Utah State's explosive offense and ideas on finding team speed on defense.

On this week's episode of CougarCast, Keith takes a look at how BYU has enough strength to keep up but doesn't have the speed. Plus, DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE AGGIES. 
Keith Shirts author

Solving the Chris Peterson Puzzle against the Washington Huskies and Tanner Manger -- Sushi Chef

Chris Peterson is one of the 5 best coaches in college football. Why is he so tough to beat?  Plus, how my favorite Sushi Chef reminded me and taught me about Tanner Mangum. Can BYU really improve to 4-1 with two road wins over Top 11 ranked teams? Can...
Keith Shirts author

BYU beats Wisconsin! McNeese comes to Provo and a warning for BYU fans to be careful out there.

It is almost impossible to not be super optimistic about BYU Football. Frankly, fans should be! What's the harm in smiling, having fun, and believing? Nothing. So long as you don't freak out when the Cougars don't have as good of a Saturday as they did...
Keith Shirts author

The Anatomy of an Upset: What the BYU Cougars must do to defeat the Wisconsin Badgers

The host of CougarCast has some exciting personal news! Plus, is it time to finally sell that property on Tanner Mangum island? Lastly, there probably isn’t a good time for BYU to face a Top 10 opponent, but this really doesn’t feel like its good timin...
Keith Shirts author

Cougars ride the jet sweep, a big quarter, and smart game plans to victory, will it beat Cal?

BYU picks up a season-opening victory over the University of Arizona. Let’s take a look at the key aspects of the game plans constructed by the Y coaching staff to see how it was done. Plus, a discussion about jet sweeps. Finally, a look into the Cal B...
Keith Shirts author

BYU Football Macro Goals, Crazy Ideas, and stopping Khalil Tate and the Arizona Wildcats

In the season premiere of CougarCast, Keith discusses: – BYU Football needs a shakeup. What if they tried this wild proposal? (3:30) – The biggest hurdle and goal for the BYU Football program on the field is beating their rival, the University of Utah....
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

BYU Hoops vs. Utah

Keith and Tosh talk about the different angles and challenges of the renewal of the basketball Holy War rivalry.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 13: BYU @ Hawai’i

Happy Thanksgiving! Another season comes to conclusion this Saturday. This year, it is mercifully over. Join Tosh and Keith as they discuss whether or not it matters if BYU stops Diocemy Saint Juste if they can’t score any points. Then they talk about ...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 12: UMass Minutemen

BYU welcomes the Minutemen of UMass to LaVell Edwards Stadium. Can the Cougars pick up a win on Senior Day? Tosh and Keith break it down.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

BYU Hoops take on Princeton, Texas Arlington

Keith and Tosh discuss what is a “show me” week for BYU Hoops. 
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

2017 BYU Basketball preview

Keith and Tosh discuss the 2017 BYU Hoops season. We know that the Cougars are without Eric Mika. Are they also going to be without Nick Emery? Also, can BYU avoid losing to the teams they are better than?
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 11: BYU at UNLV

Tosh and Keith continue to decipher the issues with BYU Football’s disappointing season. Can BYU cover up their deficiencies enough to get a win on the road — without their starting quarterback?
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 10: BYU at Fresno State

Tosh and Keith are jacked! The Cougars has beaten an FBS opponent! Now, the Fresno State Bulldogs.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 9: BYU vs. San Jose State

Last week, BYU lost it’s “jobber vs. jobber” match against East Carolina. That’s right, Iron Mike Sharpe won! This week, BYU gets another crack at a college football jobber, San Jose State University. This Saturday, Barry Horowitz vs. the Brooklyn Braw...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 8: BYU at East Carolina

In this episode: Ball security problems for the Cougars have been a huge part of the rough start. (2:30) BYU’s failure to have successful kickoff returns. (6:06) Which BYU Football player has exceeded expectations? (9:30) Which BYU Football player has ...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 7: BYU @ Mississippi State

Keith discusses the historically bad run that BYU Football is on. Especially when it comes to passing the ball. Keith discusses how the Cougars get worse as the game goes on and how most every other team in the country has an offensive system that coul...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 6: BYU vs. Boise State

Tosh and Keith chop up the loss to the Aggies. Plus, they give a surprising preview of the matchup against the Boise State Broncos.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 5: BYU at Utah State — Interview on KVNU, the Home of the Aggies

The Cougars head up to Logan to take on the Aggies. This game is so important to BYU it is wild. Keith flies solo this week. However, he was invited to be on the Full Court Press on KVNU — The Home of the Aggies — in Logan, Utah. Listen to their interv...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Bye Week: The new coaching staff have a lot to prove

Tosh and Keith discuss the terrible and disasterous start the 2017 season. They answer a listeners email. Then dive into a strong evaluation about the new coaching staff. In particular, the remainder of 2017 gives a chance for Cougar fans to learn a to...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 4: BYU vs. Wisconsin

Tosh and Keith are finally back in the same room together podcasting! This week, they discuss the struggle to beat the Utes, and the struggle to move the football. Then they look at the matchup against the talented and tough #10 Wisconsin Badgers.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 3: BYU vs. Utah

A podcast spanning around the world!  First, Keith discusses the LSU loss and the BYU offensive issues. The Cougars can remedy a lot of their problems if they can start to confuse the opposing defenses. Second, Tosh breaks down the Utah players to watc...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 2: LSU in New Orleans

This week Tosh flies solo for the first time ever! Literally post-concussion, Tosh explains why BYU might be catching LSU at the perfect time, whether he is scared of LSU’s QB, and talks about the importance of an early Cougar lead. 
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

Week 1: Portland State with Keith’s Dad

The 2017 BYU Football season is set to kickoff against the Portland State Vikings! This week, Keith’s Dad, Dr. Steven Shirts, joins his son in discussing what to expect in the opening game of the season. What are reasonable expectations for the Cougars...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

The BYU Football 8-9 win purgatory and a schedule breakdown

Tosh and Keith break down the oncoming week-by-week journey the Cougars will take during 2017. They make their predictions on the wins and losses. Finally, they discuss the perennial ”problem” of being an 8 or 9-win program.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

What about the 2017 BYU Football season would you bet on?

CougarCast is back from their summer hiatus! Catch up with Tosh and Keith as they discuss the upcoming BYU Football season. In particular, what specific BYU Football thing they’ve talked themselves into the most. For Keith, it is Tanner Mangum. For Tos...
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author

BYU Hoops take on #1 Gonzaga (…and Portland)

Keith gives a in depth statistical look at the BYU vs. Gonzaga matchup.
Keith Shirts and Tosh Macintosh author