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The Common Man goes solo for this podcast! Listen to Common Man answer listener questions, talk with special guests and honestly talk about whatever he feels like for about a half hour each week.

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The Common Man goes solo for this podcast! Listen to Common Man answer listener questions, talk with special guests and honestly talk about whatever he feels like for a half hour each week.
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#82 | Common Man's final Podcast

On the last Common Man Podcast (for now), Common Man lets you know some of his favorite things! 

#81 | Common Man takes a fall

On this week’s Podcast, the Common Man talks about his worst nightmare, his ideal social setting, and recalls his worst fall he’s ever had.

#80 | Common Man has a special guest

On this week's Podcast, The Common Man has a very special guest on and they talk about books, what it's like to live with Common Man, and hoarding. 

#79 | Common Man has a message for conspiracy theorists

Common Man makes an announcement, thinks we should do away with rushed news content and has a very clear message for conspiracy theorists.

#78 | Common Man hates Black Friday

On this week’s podcast, Common Man talks about his hatred of Black Friday, how some “classic” movies and songs are truly disturbing, and is baffled that some people get so far in life.

#77 | Common Man goes to the polls

On this week’s podcast, Common Man talks about the electoral college, why he hates vanity license plates, and why celebrities walk away at the top of their game.

Ep. 76 | Common Man goes trick or treating

On this week’s podcast, the Common Man talks about his Halloween experiences as a kid, dives in to why he wants to be a psychologist, and explains why he doesn’t like about North Korea.

#75 | Common Man explain his hatred for the Cubs

On this week’s podcast, The Common Man explains why he hates the Cubs, how he’s undertaking a long winded project, Shaq stops by, and explains his reason for true love.

#74 | The world is catering to idiots

On this week’s Podcast, the Common Man answers some questions fan questions, indulges on what his guilty pleasure is, is 100% convinced that the world is catering to idiots, and claims that one style of music is now dead.

#73 | Common Man is confused about fashion choices of kids these days

On this week’s podcast, the Common Man is thoroughly confused about the fashion choices of kids these days, he goes through his experience of a cryo-therapy session, and talks about a certain co-worker who hadn’t ever eaten a Big Mac.

#72 | Common Man makes an announcement

Common Man makes a big announcement, Kim Kardashian's jewelry heist isn't what it looks like, Brady Hoke joins the program.

#71 | Vermont in the Fall is quite a nice place

The Common Man went on a vacation to Vermont and roomed with Big Daddy Paul Keels, gives you a political hot take on the presidential debate between two nutjobs, and treats you to one of the best news stories you've ever heard.

#70 | Podcast questions get weird, and that's OK

GMO foods, stance on Amish people, how he hates radio awards, award shows and the National Radio Hall of Fame and his inablity to comprehend how rich guys like Harry Connick, Jr. don't want to just sit down and relax.

#69 | Professing his love for a good sit and Kelly Kapowski

The Common Man was asked if he sat or stood when he was on air and thus began a discussion on his love of sitting and annoyance for those who think standing at their desk will lead to a 150-year life span. He also professes his love for Saved By the Be...

#68 | Common Man is searching for a cure to what ails him

The Common Man is back from his pre-football season vacation and he's not feeling 100 percent. He is searching for a cure to what ails him and he's taking his frustrations out on the podcast. Buckle up.

#67 | Eulogizing Aunt Rose and railing against idiots in hotels and on the road

The Common Man recaps his weekend back home in Chicago where he celebrated the life of his Aunt Rose while dealing with idiots in hotels without shoes on and even more on the road who drive slow in the left hand lane.

#66 | Sharing concerns about kids, technology and stifled creativity

The Common Man admits he sounds 100 years old, but he shares his concerns about the pitfalls of summer break for schools, kids' addiction to technology and what that means in terms of losing creativity in young people and he reviews his love for the sh...

#65 | Diving into the heartbreaking, compelling world of JUCO football

The Common Man dives into the compelling and heartbreaking world of JUCO football after he watched the Netflix documentary "Last Chance U" and talks Olympics.

#64 | Summertime Fun Time topics - Political conventions and the death penalty

The Common Man takes on political conventions, the death penalty - you know, some light and fun summer time podcasting - as well as video games and cyclists.

#63 | The Common Man relives his years as The Common Boy

This week, The Common Man explains why he won't be watching the new Ghostbusters movie, remembers The Clarmont restaurant and remembers his time and his friends as The Common Boy.

#62 | Discussing latest in ongoing Penn St./Paterno scandal

This week, The Common Man discusses the ongoing Penn State/Joe Paterno scandal, body shaming and bad sports markets. And there's a sponsor! Thanks, Berry's Barbell & Fitness Equipment Company.

#61 | Uh-oh, Mike is PO'd at the world. This ought to be some good podcasting.

The Common Man is grumpy after dining out with the wife. He vents, so that means this will be some good podcasting. Also, he answers your questions.

#60 | Common Man is finally over his sore throat

The Common Man returns from a two-week break thanks to the worst sore throat he's ever had. 

#59 | The Common Man returns after a week's hiatus

After a week's hiatus, The Common Man is back for No. 59 with plenty of stuff to talk about including some inside-radio news, his respect for certain people with deep convictions, bashing on inconsistent people and plays the album of the week by the Re...

#58 | Pre-Memorial Day podcast before Common Man takes some time off


#57 | The Common Man calls "uncle" on receiving wedding invitations

Donning a white half zip, The Common Man answers with how he deals with getting recognized, thoughts on potential X-Files return, calling uncle on receiving wedding invitations, examines soccer fans and plays some Alice in Chains.

#56 | Producer Ted lays down the gauntlet. Questions are answered in rapid fire.

Producer Ted lays down the gauntlet and demands The Common Man to answer more of your questions. It's a rapid fire podcast! Album of the week by Owsley.