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Running podcast to motivate and help runners of every level, speed, and age run their best. Tina Muir interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and everyday runners with inspiring stories.

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Running podcast to motivate & help runners of every level run their best. Tina Muir interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, & everyday runners with inspiring stories.
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Start With the Big Toe and Get Those Feet Involved: Jay Dicharry

How much credit do you give to your feet for making you a better runner?  If you are like most of us, those feet get put into shoes and then you just hope they’ll do their job.  It’s time to rethink the strategic value of those two extremities that con...

Quest for Gold: Stephanie Bruce Looking Strong for US Marathon Team in Tokyo 2020

Stephanie Bruce is one of the most popular American distance runners competing on the circuit. She has used her platform to build up women, inspire others and uplift U.S. distance running as a whole. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s having one of the bes...

Zombies Halloween and Running The Lost Coast: Camille Picott

Spooky zombies and running the Lost Coast It’s almost Halloween and that means… Zombies… And what do you do when you come across a horde of zombies? Run! Ultra runner and author Camille Picott has written another suspense filled novel about long distan...

Quest for Gold: the Gwen Jorgensen Story

Go, Gwen, Go: A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold Gwen Jorgensen won gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics, along with many other wins, and she is currently training hard for another medal in the 2020 Olympics, this time in the Marathon. We all know, it takes a...

500 Pound Couch Potato Turns Marathoner and Ironman: Marcus Cook

From almost 500 pounds and a total couch potato to a living example of how extreme health improvements are possible, Marcus Cook talks to us about his own journey of weight loss and athletic discovery and how he was supported by so many along the way. ...

Badwater 135 and Badass Course Records with Michelle Barton

Michelle Barton, Ultra Runner and Co-Host of the Training For Ultra and Trail Runner Nation podcasts, joins us this week to talk about her experience and accomplishments with Ultra Trail Running. Michelle has run some incredible races including Badwate...

Chicago Marathon: Insider's Guide with Carey Pinlowski

What makes The Chicago Marathon a special member of the World Marathon Series, and what makes the city that hosts it so special itself? In 2019 the Chicago Marathon will be held on Sunday, October 13 and in this episode, we are privileged to have Carey...

Instant Coaching with Artificial Intelligence: Racefox Co-founder Magnus Jonsson

What is it about runners and data? Do we love data because it’s simply the most tangible evidence of our abilities? Is it just another way to extend our run experience by reliving a race or training run? Or is it something more, something that can actu...

Michael Wardian - SF Marathon and World Marathon Challenge Winner

The San Francisco Marathon is one of those bucket list races for most road runners. Running across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is such a unique and wonderful experience. Circumnavigating the beautiful City by the Bay with Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Ga...

Miles to Go With Dean Karnazes: Running for the Soul

Dean Karnazes is considered a living legend to many of us runners. TIME magazine named him one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” and Men’s Fitness hailed him as one of the fittest men on the planet.  In this episode, Dean shares so...

Love Running? A Different Take on Starting a Running Business with Jeff Gaudette, Founder of Runners Connect

Jeff Gaudette Talks About Another Type of Running Business Last week we had guests Misa Dugally, Jeff Stokes, and Katie Ownbey talk about starting their running business, STRIDE which is a franchise type of business, geared to runners. Our focus during...

Run with Stride. Start a Running Business with Misa, Katie, and Jeff

How many of us love running so much that we would LOVE to quit our day jobs and start running for work and play? It’s not simple and certainly not easy, but many people, including our own Jeff Gaudette at Runners Connect, take their passion and build i...

Mental Toughness and How It Can Improve Your Running with Dr. Michele Ufer

Yes You Can! Leveraging his college experience organizing and leading expedition trips that helped people discover, and push past, what they thought were their limits, Dr. Michele Ufer has written a bestselling book on mental toughness training for run...

Running Across the USA - 7 Times with Bjorn Suneson

It’s probably safe to say that most Americans have never driven across the United States. And even fewer have run across the country. So how is it that a 71 year-old Swedish man has run his way coast-to-coast across America, not once, but a staggering ...

Run Better: Coach Greg McMillan - Super Starch and More

We’ve spent the last couple weeks learning more about the benefits of Generation UCAN and this week we have one more voice to champion the SuperStarch® that has fueled countless elite runners, recreational runners, and those of us in between. Greg McMi...

Superstarch Science How it Benefits Runners with Dr. Krista Austin - The UCAN Story Part 2

A recent article in Seasons Magazine featured the incredible story of UCAN, a SuperStarch® for athletes that started from a life threatening illness that threatened a baby’s survival. Follow this story from its inception as a life-saving nutrient to it...

RTTT 2019-07-24 Shoba Murali, Wendy Feldman, and Meb Keflezighi - The UCAN Story

t’s not often in sport that there is something that can fundamentally, and legally, improve training and performance. It’s even rarer that a product that was born out of a unique solution to a serious health issue can have wide-reaching applications, t...

Best End of Summer/Early Fall Races with Mitchell Garner

Summer’s here and the time is right for racing in the streets.  Looking for some fun races for the end of summer or early fall?  Today’s guest is Mitchell Garner, President of Road Runners Club of America and he has some favorites he will share with us...

For a Sub 3 Hour Marathon Get Used To Being Uncomfortable: Lauren Curley

After only running consistently for a couple of years, newly minted Doctor in Cognitive Science, Lauren Curley ran her first ever full marathon in a brisk 2:57:58. Lauren started running to relieve stress during her doctorate program in college and her...

Functional Yoga for Runners Take It Anywhere with Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor believes that yoga can save your body from injury and understands the importance of this to runners. Yoga has changed her ability as an athlete and she started a company called Jasyoga to offer yoga in a functional, fun format for runners t...

Endure: Mind Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance with Alex Hutchinson

Alex shares the science and the mysteries of endurance, a subject near and dear to all runners. From short sprints to ultra-marathons, endurance plays a crucial role and today we find out what it is and how to extend it. Alex covered Nike’s Breaking 2 ...

Triathlete of the Year with Katie Zaferes

Katie Zaferes - #1 Triathlete What does it take to be ranked the #1 International Triathlon Union triathlete in the world? In this episode we talk with Katie Zaferes, 2016 Olympic triathlon participant for Team USA and currently competing professionall...

How Rowing Can Help Your Running with Caley Crawford

You love running, right? Today’s episode is about ROWING and how the two fit together. Today we get some advice from an expert on how to add something new to our training regimen that might make a huge difference in our overall training. Caley Crawford...

Can Yoga Make Us Better Runners with Lindsay Junk

Can doing yoga make us better runners? Yoga practice has been around for thousands of years yet, there are still questions about its benefits and usefulness for runners who inevitably would rather be running than doing much of anything else with our tr...

Heel Strikers, Gait Analysis, What Has Changed? Matt Phillips Returns to Share the New Stuff

This episode will give you new insight on improving your running performance and reducing injuries. Matt Phillips is a Running Injury & Performance specialist based in Sussex, England. As a writer for numerous publications and websites, he is a pop...

How to Run Hills and Not be Intimidated with Coach Dylan Belles

HILLS! For many of us this word terrifies us because they’re hard, they’re uncomfortable, and we may not even know how to run them correctly. Up hill, downhill, hills for interval training and speed work, trail running with hills, it’s all part of the ...

Measuring Success As A Runner with Kate Pallardy

Kate reached a do or die moment, her senior year of college, a moment where she either made a drastic change or let her spirit wither away. The 2 words that kept repeating were CHANGE and RUN. So with the need to feel powerful and the thrill to seek ad...

7 Essential Stretches with Austin Martinez

In this week’s episode, Austin Martinez, Director of Education at StretchLab describes the 7 Essential Stretches for runners and why we need to include flexibility and strength workouts in addition to just running miles for injury prevention and optimu...

Ultra Running and Zombies with Author Camille Picott

What do zombies and ultra marathons have to do with each other? We find out in this week’s episode where we talk with Undead Ultra book author and ultra runner, Camille Piccott, as we honor Zombie Awareness month in May. We discuss Camille’s 3 zombie b...

CBD / Cannabis; What Can It Do For Runners with Caleb Simpson

Hemp, marijuana, CBD, THC... How are they related and can they help runners? Are they even legal? Can CBD alleviate pain and inflammation? What is the science behind it? Are our bodies actually pre-wired for this? There is a lot of chatter about CBD su...

Half Marathon American Record Holder and Olympian Ryan Hall - Run The Mile You're In

Ryan Hall - Run The Mile You’re In Olympic athlete and American record holder in the half marathon Ryan Hall hasn’t always loved running. In his new book, Run the Mile You’re In: Finding God in Every Step, Ryan reveals how he got his unlikely start in ...

First Time at Boston Marathon with Scott Mattingly

For many of us, the Boston Marathon is not just a Bucket List race, but a Bucket List goal altogether. While we’re excited to see what the elite field can do in one of the most famous running events, thousands of non-elite runners will also be putting ...

Boston Marathon Hopefuls and HOKA Team NAZ Elite with Coach Ben Rosario

Who will win at the Boston Marathon in 2019? Coach Ben Rosario offers a few thoughts on the overall field and his own contenders from the Hoka Team NAZ Elite in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Ben has been just about everything in the running industry; elite athl...

Best Shoes of 2019 with Derek Wun, A Runner's Mind Shoe Store

We choose different running shoes for terrain, weather, price, ability, etc. In the second of this 2 part series we are talking with Derek Wun, running shoe expert in California as we continue our search into the best running shoes of 2019.  Derek will...

Best Shoes of 2019 Part 1 with Ross Martinson, Owner of Philadelphia Runner

Shoes. As individual as… well, feet. In this episode’s conversation, we discuss training and racing shoes for both road and trail, what the unique features are as well as their (approximate) weights and price points. If your favorite  shoes have starte...

Cutting Edge Power, Pace and Heart Rate Wearables with Tom Fowler, President Polar USA

Tom Fowler, president of Polar USA shares his thoughts on the future of wearables and how the data they provide will help the connected athlete improve their performance. Tom has vast expertise and engaging stories about fitness as a former professiona...

Ketosis and Fat Burning Benefits for Runners with Doctors Art Zemach and Mark Cucuzzella

Two medical doctors, who are also avid runners and personally advocate for the fat burning way of eating that creates ketosis, speak to host Stephanie Kay Atwood about fat loss and increased performance as a runner. We’re talking with Dr. Mark Cucuzzel...

5 Amazing Runners Including Meb Keflezighi Overcome Incredible Obstacles - Stories Shared by Bob Babbitt

Bob Babbitt highlights 5 outstanding athletes who have overcome horrifying disasters, danger, and difficulties to continue as runners and competitors. You’ll be hearing about Meb Keflezighi, possibly America's greatest marathoner of all time and his ep...

Staying on Top of Your Running Game with Coach Peyton Hoyal

Staying on Top of Your Running Game - It’s a struggle to get there and, often, even more of a challenge to stay where you want to be with your running. Peyton Hoyal will share coaching tips on how he brings his clients to their best and helps them stay...

Grizzly Bears, Running Pain, and Science with Paul Ingraham

Shin Splints. ITB Syndrome. Patellofemoral Syndrome. The dreaded Plantar Fasciitis…  With even the slightest of niggles, we often keep ourselves up at night assuming we are developing any, or maybe even ALL of these injuries. But what are they exactly?...

Self-Healing - Hashimoto's, Autoimmune and Gut Health with Maria Aparis

Having struggled with Hashimoto's disease, Maria Aparis embarked on a journey that led her to understand the connection between gut health, autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s and natural healing techniques. Maria healed herself using ancient kundalini yog...

The Women's Guide to Health: Run Walk Run, Eat Right, and Feel Better.r - Women's Guide To Health

Dr. Ruth Parker and Dr. Carmen Patrick Mohan share their insight as primary care physicians to help athletes achieve their health and fitness goals. While focusing on women, they also offer practical tips and strategies for all genders, ages and levels...

How to Run Every Day for More Than 40 Years With Scott Ludwig

Some of us are lucky if we are able to run 5 days a week. Others even more fortunate may have been able to put together a streak of months or maybe even a couple years. Streaks are hard to maintain because so many things can get in the way; injuries, l...

Run the Oakland Marathon for a BQ and a Run on the SF Bay Bridge With Lena Zentgraf

On today’s episode we interview Lena Zentgraf, assistant race director for the Oakland Run Fest. Held in March each year for the past 10 years the Oakland Run Fest offers a marathon, a half marathon, a 5K, a relay, and a combo race that includes the 5K...

Courage to Tri With Bethany Rutledge

In 2019 our first episode was full of success stories and inspiration for our listening audience. However, we did not have a female perspective, so today’s episode will focus on Bethany Rutledge. Bethany is an endurance coach, writer, small business ow...

Success in 2018 Hello 2019 with the Runners Connect Family

Goodbye, 2018; Hello, 2019 As we enter into a New Year, we take time to reflect on some running success stories close to home, even if they’re half a world away. ‘Close to home’ because our guests today all are part of the RunnersConnect family. Today ...

Persistance Pays Off - How Brogan Austin became the surprise US Marathon Champion

Unheralded runner Austin Brogan ran down Matt Llano in the final 200 meters of the 2018 US Marathon Championship. Hear how he clawed his way back over the last few miles and the story of those suspenseful final meters. Plus, learn about the training th...

How to Ultilize the Run Walk Method for Smarter Training

There is often a stigma attached to the run walk method, but when used correctly it can be amazing for beginners and experienced runners alike. In today's episode we chat with the pioneer of the run-walk method, Jeff Galloway. We will get answers to ma...

Technology to prevent injuries

Using data collected on running injuries from researchers around the world, Dr. Reed Ferber is on the cutting edge of what causes and can help prevent running injuries. In today's episode we discuss how wearable technology can predict fatigue-related i...

How to develop mental toughness and breakthrough barriers

How do you push through those inevitable thoughts during a race or tough workout that tell you to slow down or that "it's just too quick"? On today's show we interview Gary Dudney, author of the Mindful Runner, about the techniques we can use to deal w...