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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.
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Ranking the top defensive & offensive linemen of Urban Meyer era

Who were the top-5 offensive and defensive linemen of the Urban Meyer era at Ohio State? That is the question that Jonah Booker and Dave Biddle answer on the Friday spectacular.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
247Sports author

Putting Paris in perspective

If the "Blind Side" was being made today, Paris Johnson would likely get a call from the film's casting director. The Class of 2020 star and Cincinnati native recently transferred fro St. Xavier to Princeton so he can graduate early and is THE left tac...
247Sports author

Ranking the top-12 football players on Ohio State's 2019 roster

Who are the top-12 players on Ohio State's football roster in 2019?That is the question The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, and Dave Biddle will answer on today's show.Who is No. 1 on the list? Where does new quarterback Justin Fields rank?We will go i...
247Sports author

Five stars in focus

Can you imagine Justin Fields handing the ball to Kendall Milton, who darts around the end courtesy of a Paris Johnson pancake block? And can you imagine it setting up some play-action love as Fields hits wide receiver Justin Fleming for six?Let your i...
247Sports author
20.05.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/5/1/d/3/51d366c27211893e/bucknuts-morning-five-thumbnail.png

The Joshua Perry Show: Recruiting concerns on defense?

We are back with this week's edition of The Joshua Perry Show.On today's show, the former Ohio State linebacker, national champion, captain and NFL player joins Dave Biddle to discuss the following:* The Buckeyes only have one defensive commitment in t...
247Sports author

Past 100 days in office: How well is Ryan Day doing?

It is well past the first 100 days in office for first-year Ohio State head coach Ryan Day.He has already had a lot on his table, and on today's show, Steve Helwagen joins Dave Biddle for a rundown of the big things Day has done so far, and how well he...
247Sports author

Recruiting drought? 'It's May, relax'

What is the latest on the top prospects from Ohio in the 2020 class?Bill "Bank" Greene joins Dave Biddle for today's show to discuss that in great detail. And no, Bank is not worried that certain big-name recruits have not committed to OSU yet.That and...
247Sports author

Wiltfong on Kendall Milton momentum, Irish threat up front

We've talked plenty about Ohio State's impending, historic wide receiver haul. But who will keep the safety in the box?If the Buckeyes have their way it could very well be California standout Kendall Milton. 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltf...
247Sports author

Introducing Ohio State's D-line, aka 'The Crushmen'

Ohio State's defensive line has a "Rushmen" package when the Buckeyes deploy four D-ends at the same time.However, analyzing Ohio State's defensive line as a whole, an accurate nickname might be "The Crushmen." Why? Because this group is loaded with ex...
247Sports author

Best wide receiver haul ... ever?

Ohio State has been fortunate to attract some great receivers in its storied history. Just last season, the Buckeyes added a 5-star from Texas in Garrett Wilson.So what about an encore? Oh, there is one coming alright.The Buckeyes already have commitme...
247Sports author

The Joshua Perry Show: Talking schematics on both sides of ball

You wanted to hear from No. 37 on schematics, and today you are getting your wish.That's right, on today's edition of The Joshua Perry Show, the former Ohio State linebacker, national champion, captain and NFL player goes in depth on schematics.And of ...
247Sports author

'Buckeyes are talented, experienced at WR' | Beilein leaves Michigan for Cavs

On today's show, Patrick Murphy and Dave Biddle take a close look at Ohio State's wide receivers entering the 2019 season. What can be expected from this group?Also on the docket:* The surprising news that John Beilein is leaving Michigan to be the hea...
247Sports author

Which freshmen will play right away for Buckeyes?

Which true freshmen will play more than four games for Ohio State in 2019? Wide receiver Garrett Wilson is a given. But who else?That is one of the topics as Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle for today's show.Also on the docket:* What are reasonable expec...
247Sports author

Fleming's Crystal Ball; Buckeyes raiding Michigan, Texas

Why is following Ohio State recruiting so enjoyable?Today's show is a window into that experience.Best player in Pennsylvania?Bring it.Michigan's most feared offensive prospect?Come on down.Son of the most productive running back ever?There's a seat fo...
247Sports author

'It's the biggest question on the Buckeyes' defense'

What is the biggest question on Ohio State's defense?Middle linebacker. At least, according to The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, who joins Dave Biddle for today's show.But Bax likely isn't alone. Almost every OSU fan would say the same thing when ask...
247Sports author

No defense for Class of 2020?

We all knew Ryan Day wouldn't be just like Urban Meyer. But is the new boss taking things to the extreme? Yes, Day is known for his offensive wizardry. But he is aware there is another side of the ball ... right?Right?Ohio State's current Class of 2020...
247Sports author
6.05.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/5/1/d/3/51d366c27211893e/bucknuts-morning-five-thumbnail.png

The Joshua Perry Show: Young Buckeyes who are on the rise

Who is a young, inexperienced player on each side of the ball that Ohio State fans should keep a close eye on this year?That is one of the topics of conversation on The Joshua Perry Show today. Also on the docket:* What are the Buckeyes doing during th...
247Sports author

Will Urban Meyer coach again?

You know it is the offseason when this is the main topic of conversation on the show, but let's have at it: Will Urban Meyer coach again?It seems to be a relatively hot topic not just in Buckeye circles, but among college football fans in general.Would...
247Sports author

Predicting the Buckeyes' 12-game regular-season record

What will Ohio State's 12-game regular-season record be in 2019 in Ryan Day's first full season as head coach?Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle on today's show to answer that question, plus:* What are JBook's biggest concerns offensively and defensively f...
247Sports author

Is Ryan Day the new quarterback whisperer?

Ryan Day has yet to lead the Buckeyes into Ohio Stadium as the 'real' head coach. A three-game interim showing when you know the incumbent Rock Star is coming back to the stage is one thing. Now it's Day's show.This much Day has already proven beyond t...
247Sports author

'Penn State fans should be grumpy about it'

Ohio State landed four-star quarterback Kyle McCord on Tuesday, and he hails from Philadelphia.The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle for today's show to discuss McCord's decision to become a Buckeye. And Bax thinks Penn State fans shoul...
247Sports author

Did Buckeyes win QB shuffle? | Weber nails landing spot

Yes, it is technically the offseason. But this is Ohio State football. Is there really an offseason?Judging by the news generated in the last seven days since Duane Long was here on the BM5, there is nothing 'off' about it.The Buckeyes quarterback caro...
247Sports author
29.04.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/5/1/d/3/51d366c27211893e/bucknuts-morning-five-thumbnail.png

The Joshua Perry Show: Should college football players get paid?

It is a divisive topic, but one we are going to delve deep into on The Joshua Perry Show today.Should college football players get paid?And before you say, "They already get paid. They get a full-ride scholarship, plus a cost-of-attendance stipend on t...
247Sports author

Gunnar Hoak upgrade over Matthew Baldwin?

Today's show is loaded as Bill "Bank" Greene joins Dave Biddle.* Is Gunnar Hoak an upgrade over Matthew Baldwin?* What are thoughts on Michael Jordan leaving early for the NFL and slipping until the very late stages of the fourth round? Would Jonah Jac...
247Sports author

Haskins: 'The league done messed up'

Dwayne Haskins was not in the mood to be politically correct after falling to pick No. 15 of the first round of the NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins Thursday night.Haskins' exact words were: "I'm more motivated than ever. Now I've got an even bigge...
247Sports author

'He's an animal on tape'

Colorado is known for its ski slopes and progressive laws, among other things.Offensive linemen? Not exactly the state's calling card. At least for now.Ohio State may have located a prospect that can change that. Who is it?Also: Perhaps the best lineba...
247Sports author

'That's not the point here'

The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, got quite the reaction from readers of his Bucket of Bullets column last Sunday when he wrote about the pending transfer of quarterback Matthew Baldwin away from Ohio State.Bax joins Dave Biddle to further explain hi...
247Sports author
23.04.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/5/1/d/3/51d366c27211893e/bucknuts-morning-five-thumbnail.png

The Joshua Perry Show: 'That will be the conundrum'

The Joshua Perry Show is back with another episode and there is plenty to discuss.Perry, the former Ohio State linebacker, national champion, captain and NFL player, joins Dave Biddle to discuss the following:* Thoughts on Matthew Baldwin deciding to t...
247Sports author

Duane Long's Eight Buckeyes Under Pressure

Which Buckeyes are best?The 2019 season is fast approaching. So we thought it was time to offer up some predictions. What could be more interesting than which players need to thrive?Nothing. Nothing could be more interesting.So Duane Long is here to re...
247Sports author

The Dean on Baldwin transfer, RB recruiting, Paris Johnson news

There is plenty on the docket as the Dean of Ohio State Football Recruiting, Bill Kurelic, joins Dave Biddle for today's show.* What is the Dean's reaction to quarterback Matthew Baldwin transferring from OSU?* What is Kurelic hearing about any possibl...
247Sports author

Reaction to Matthew Baldwin's transfer: 'I'm shocked'

Matthew Baldwin has entered the transfer portal, and the news actually broke while we were recording the show last night.Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle for his usual visit to give his take on Baldwin's likely impending departure (he could return, but i...
247Sports author

It's a relationship business

Coveted football prospects make college decisions for a number of reasons. One of the biggest: Relationships.Who do they click with on the staff? Who inspires them? Who can provide the future they want?Ohio State is blessed with a coaching staff able t...
247Sports author

'I think people need to chill out'

Are you concerned about Ohio State sophomore quarterback Justin Fields?Well, the People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, says it is time for you to relax.Bax joins Dave Biddle on today's show to talk about Fields, plus:* How big of a role will redshirt freshma...
247Sports author

Were any stars born?

Now that you've had a few days to gather those thoughts ... let's wrap our spring game chatter with a visit from Duane Long.Yes, we will throw out the disclaimer on spring game importance - no real, impactful decisions can be made based on the pseudo g...
247Sports author
15.04.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/5/1/d/3/51d366c27211893e/bucknuts-morning-five-thumbnail.png

The Joshua Perry Show: 'You hear he's the guy'

Joshua Perry is back with the latest edition of his podcast, and he has excellent information to pass along as usual.Some fans might be concerned about Justin Fields -- and wonder if Fields is definitely going to be Ohio State's starting quarterback th...
247Sports author

Should fans be concerned about Justin Fields?

Ohio State held its spring game on Saturday, and sophomore quarterback Justin Fields was 4-of-13 passing for 131 yards with a touchdown (a 98-yarder to Ben Victor) and no interceptions.A lot of Buckeye fans seem concerned about Fields because of his co...
247Sports author

Which recruits could commit at Buckeyes' spring game?

It is a recruiting-themed show with Ohio State's spring game set for Saturday (noon ET, BTN).Bill "Bank" Greene joins Dave Biddle for today's show to go in-depth on the top prospects from Ohio and more in the 2020 class that the Buckeyes are highly int...
247Sports author

Paris in Spring? | Commitment watch weekend ahead

This Saturday's Spring Game at Ohio Stadium (kickoff at noon EST) is a showcase for current Buckeyes. But it's also a recruiting extravaganza for possible future Buckeyes. Prospects will come from far and wide this weekend to see Ohio State's annual en...
247Sports author

Jack Sawyer rises in latest Top247 update

On Tuesday, 247Sports released its first Top247 for the Class of 2021, and Barton Simmons joined Trey Scott on the 247Sports Facebook page to unveil the top five players and break down some of the early storylines emerging from this class. Featuring su...
247Sports author

How much better will the defense be?

Ohio State has been known for having excellent defenses over the last two-plus decades, but 2018 was certainly an exception to that rule.The Buckeyes finished merely No. 72 in the country in total defense last season.They will unquestionably be better ...
247Sports author
9.04.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/5/1/d/3/51d366c27211893e/bucknuts-morning-five-thumbnail.png

The Joshua Perry Show: 'Garrett Wilson will step right in'

Joshua Perry is back with the latest edition of his podcast, and there is plenty on the docket.Joshua joins Dave Biddle to discuss the following:* Who are players on the rise for Ohio State this spring who perhaps aren't being talked about enough by fa...
247Sports author

'There are no realistic expecations'

We are just days away from Ohio State's annual Spring Game. Kickoff is set for noon on Saturday at Ohio Stadium. What do we need to see?Who do we need to see perform?Important questions. So we brought in an important guy: Duane Long.Duane reveals his t...
247Sports author

Biggest questions as Buckeyes wrap up spring ball

Ohio State has its final practices of spring football this week, culminating with the spring game on Saturday.On today's show, Steve Helwagen joins Dave Biddle to take a close look at the biggest questions facing the Buckeyes this season.Is Justin Fiel...
247Sports author

Bucknuts Morning 5: Concerns about Buckeyes' recruiting? Spring practice insights

Thank God it's Friday and thank goodness Jonah Booker is here for his usual end-of-the-work-week visit.JBook joins Dave Biddle on today's show to discuss the following:* What are thoughts on Ohio State's 2020 class thus far? Should OSU fans be concerne...
247Sports author

Weekend at Ryan's

What do you have planned for the weekend? Ohio State's Ryan Day is set to host quite a gathering. Will it be a party?You'll have to stay tuned to Bucknuts all weekend to find out. In fact, we brought in 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong t...
247Sports author

Bucknuts Morning 5: 'He's going to be a star for Ohio State'

Ohio State has had a lot of great centers in recent memory. Is third-year sophomore Josh Myers about ready to join that group?The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, certainly believes so. Bax joins Dave Biddle to talk about Myers, plus:* Thoughts on quart...
247Sports author

'We've got numbers issues'

Is Ohio State working on a Cincinnati package deal?Is Akron's finest a linebacker or running back?Can youth be served on the Buckeyes' offensive line?Can a veteran hold off a youngster at middle linebacker?These are important questions. So we brought i...
247Sports author

The Joshua Perry Show: Is 'free agency' in college football good or bad?

Joshua Perry is back with the latest edition of his podcast, The Joshua Perry Show, and there is plenty to discuss.What does Joshua think about "free agency" basically arriving in college football?What are the pros and cons of this new era of player fr...
247Sports author

No foolin' around: Let's talk about Justin Fields and the Buckeyes' QBs

Welcome to April and make sure you stay on your toes today so you do not become a fool.You are off to a good start as today's show has a heavy focus on Justin Fields, Matthew Baldwin and Ohio State's quarterback situation in 2019.Head coach Ryan Day ha...
247Sports author

Who is on 'offer watch' for Buckeyes?

It is a big recruiting weekend for Ohio State with a few top prospects making visits to OSU on Saturday, such as offensive tackle Paris Johnson, defensive lineman Darrion Henry and linebacker Jaheim Thomas from Cincinnati Princeton. Is Thomas on "offer...
247Sports author