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Relatively Prime is an 8 episode series featuring stories and interviews from the mathematical world. Featuring everyone from a Fields Medalist to an indie rocker and covering topics from the shape of things to an AI checkers player, Relatively Prime has a mathematics story for anyone and everyone.

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Stories from the Mathematical Domain
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On this episode of Relatively Prime Samuel speaks with the founders, Sylvia Bozeman of Spellman College and Rhonda Hughes of Bryn Mawr, a current director, Ami Randunskaya of…
ACMEScience author

Mathematically Gifted & Black

If a person is going to become a mathematician it is important for them to be able to see examples of people like themselves who have already made…
ACMEScience author

3 2 1...Action

Here on Relatively Prime we have discussed mathematical novels and poetry and music and even featured mathematics sketches, but we have yet to talk movies. That oversight is…
ACMEScience author

Jem's Gems

On Relatively Prime we talk a lot about mathematicians and their research, but it has been a long time since we have talked about an absolutely integral part…
ACMEScience author

A Year (1811) In Review

Samuel has been in the middle of a big move this month, more on this in upcoming episodes, but they did not want you to be without a…
ACMEScience author

All the Math Podcasts

This bonus episode of Relatively Prime features a live podcast recording from 2018’s Annual MathsJam Gathering. This live podcast featured segments from Math/Maths, Wrong But Useful, Talkdust, Strongly…
ACMEScience author

Cycle of Mathematics: Around 20 Papers

Welcome to the fourth and final episode of the Cycle of Mathematics mini-series from Relatively Prime. In this mini-series we are covering mathematics from its start as an…
ACMEScience author

Cycle of Mathematics: Orange Volumes on a Shelf (On the Internet)

Welcome to the third episode of the Cycle of Mathematics mini-series from Relatively Prime. In this mini-series we are covering mathematics from its start as an idea to…
ACMEScience author

Cycle of Mathematics: Verify, Revise, Repeat

Welcome to the second episode of the Cycle of Mathematics mini-series from Relatively Prime. In this mini-series we are covering mathematics from its start as an idea to…
ACMEScience author

Cycle of Mathematics: The Six Handshakes

Welcome to the new Cycle of Mathematics mini-series from Relatively Prime. In this mini-series we will be covering mathematics from its start as an idea to its publication…
ACMEScience author

The Big Internet Math Off (Updated)

As this is being written there is around 18 hours left in the final match of the Aperiodical’s Big Internet Math Off between Matt Parker and Dr. Nira…
ACMEScience author

Math Off Round 4: Checkers

Sadly Samuel did not make it to the final round of The Aperiodical’s Big Internet Math Off, but lucky for y’all in a fit of profound arrogance, as…
ACMEScience author

Math Off Round 3: Gerrymandering

Sadly Samuel did not make it to the semi-final round of The Aperiodical’s Big Internet Math Off, but lucky for y’all in a fit of profound arrogance, as…
ACMEScience author

Big Internet Math Off Round 2: Quaternions

Sadly Samuel did not make it to the second round of The Aperiodical’s Big Internet Math Off, but lucky for y’all in a fit of profound arrogance, as…
ACMEScience author

Math Off Round 1: Why Your Friends Have More Friends than You Do

It is time for you to vote for Samuel in the first round of the 1st ever Big Internet Math Off! In the first round Samuel is…
ACMEScience author

Girls Talk Math

On this month’s episode of Relatively Prime we are excited to bring to you the story of Girls Talk Math. Girls Talk Math is a 2 week mathematics…
ACMEScience author

The Right Bucket

This month’s Relatively Prime is all about classification. Samuel is joined by Fabian Müller of zbMath for a discussion of the Mathematics Subject Classification, the benefit of using…
ACMEScience author

Diegetic Plots: Chapter 3

In this chapter of Diegetic Plots on Relatively Prime Larry Lesser shares the poem “The M Word” and there is a very unfortunate customer service call at Kroneckea.…
ACMEScience author

Tick & Flea & Relapsing & Fevers

On this episode so Relatively Prime Samuel talks with former office mate at UNLV Cody Palmer. When this conversation was recorded Cody was a PhD student at the…
ACMEScience author

Science Sparring Society

Samuel has been feeling a bit nostalgic recently and was thinking about an old show we can almost guarantee you have never heard of, called Science Sparring Society.…
ACMEScience author

Formulaic Perfection

We are happy to bring to you a special holiday episode of Relatively Prime during this festive period. Samuel is joined by old pals Katie, Peter, and Christian…
ACMEScience author

Cold and Flu

It is that time of year where you, and everyone else, is coughing and sniffling and sneezing and generally getting gross germs all over the place. That…
ACMEScience author

Knotty Helix

Sure DNA is important, some might even claim it is absolutely integral to life itself, but does it contain any interesting math? Samuel is joined by UC-Davis Professor…
ACMEScience author

Their Favorite Theorem

Have you ever wondered what mathematicans’ favorite theorems were? How about what food or music pairs perfectly with those theorems? Well whether your answer to those questions was…
ACMEScience author

Re District

Mathematics has been showing up in the news a lot more than usual lately. It has shown up in Slate, The New York Times, and The New Yorker…
ACMEScience author

All The Gerrys Mandered(Encore)

Gerrymandering – the dividing of a state, county, etc., into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting…
ACMEScience author

Outside the Equation

On this episode of Relatively Prime is the other panel Samuel hosted at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta. This panel was called Outside the Equation and…
ACMEScience author

Talking the Talk

Mathematics is not always the easiest thing to talk or write about, especially when the audience is not other mathematicians. This doesn’t mean talking about math is impossible…
ACMEScience author

You Have the Right

There are stories all the time about race and policing in the United States. They do not typically focus on search rates of traffic stops, but that is…
ACMEScience author

Steiner Biopsy

Cancer is a truly terrible disease. We all know it too, in fact it is very likely not a person reading this right now who has not had their own…
ACMEScience author

#TryPod – The Other Half

Sorry for the late episode this month, but your intrepid host and producer Samuel Hansen had to go and get himself concussed at his day job. This…
ACMEScience author

Origins LIVE!

We live in a culture obsessed with the Origin Story, and not without reason. There is very rarely a story more fascinating than the one which tells…
ACMEScience author

On the Hill

We are right in the middle of that time every four years when the United States of America focuses very intently on the government, the whole government and not…
ACMEScience author

Lottery Daze

Lottery Daze Welcome to the new season of Relatively Prime! There will be a few changes for the new season, primarily each episode will feature only a single…
ACMEScience author

Diegetic Plots: Chapter 2

Diegetic Plots: Chapter Two This is the final episode of the 2nd season of Relatively Prime. It is also the second chapter of the ongoing series Diegetic Plots.…
ACMEScience author


f(θ)=1-sin(θ) If you ever want to conduct a quick social experiment on the status of mathematics in the world just get yourself a dating profile and mention on…
ACMEScience author

Principia Metropolica

Principia Metropolica Your host Samuel Hansen loves cities. Small Cities, Dense Cities, New Cities, Twin Cities, Reborn Cities, he doesn’t care what type of city cities. He loves…
ACMEScience author

Other Duties as Assigned

Download the Episode Subscribe: iTunes or RSS Other Duties As Assigned Mathematician is an insanely broad job title It can encompass everyone from professors to government employees to…
ACMEScience author

Diegetic Plots: Chapter 1

Download the Episode Subscribe: iTunes or RSS Diegetic Plots: Chapter One This episode of Relatively Prime is going to be delving into the humanistic side of mathematics. It…
ACMEScience author


Download the Episode Subscribe: iTunes or RSS Mathematistan Mathematics may be the most pure, the most abstract, the most ivory tower of all academic disciplines, but nothing, nothing…
ACMEScience author

Your Daily Recommended Math

Download the Episode Subscribe: iTunes or RSS Your Daily Recommended Math We all use mathematics everyday. At least that is what we all like to tell our friends…
ACMEScience author

The Lexicon

The Lexicon Download the Episode Subscribe: iTunes or RSS The Three R’s, Reading Writing and ’Rithmetic, have formed the basis of formal education for centuries, at least since…
ACMEScience author


You may not think of checkers as an important game intellectually. It certainly has never had the cachet of chess. That did not stop it from becoming the…
ACMEScience author

The Toolbox

The mathematics that we all learn in school is great. No, really, it is. How can anyone get through life without knowing how to add or subtract.…
ACMEScience author

The Score

There are many similarities between mathematics and music. They are their own vocabulary, their own written language, their own way of describing the world around us, but while…
ACMEScience author

The Unexpected

Sometimes an approach you are sure will work yields results. Maybe the Cambridge sandwich year and a unicycle society will lead to traveling around the world talking about…
ACMEScience author


It hardly seems that a week can go by without seeing another newspaper story or television report about the decline of the American Educational Establishment. Particularly in respect…
ACMEScience author


This episode is all about the forgotten mathematical tool of numbers. Ok, forgotten may be a bit strong, but after a certain point in mathematics numbers seem…
ACMEScience author

The Shape of Things

Mathematics is rather unfairly thought of as a numbers game, but there really is much more too it and after scouring the world Samuel Hansen found a man…
ACMEScience author


Paul Erdos was one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th Century, the one that other mathematicians measure their distance from, and beyond that one of the most…
ACMEScience author