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If you've got a close family member or friend that is struggling with addiction, you're undoubtedly affected by the chaos and collateral damage that addiction leaves in its wake. You've got a lot at stake! That makes you a Recovery Stakeholder. And, you wouldn't be the first person living with an addict to say "I hate addiction." Well, hate is a power-packed word. Rather, you can channel that energy into something that will make a positive difference. Here, Recovery Stakeholders are becoming ReLOVutionaries...loving the addict and outsmarting the addiction.

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You've tuned to Recovery ReLOVution with Dr. Gala Gorman. If someone you’re close to is struggling with addiction, you've got a lot at stake! That makes you a Recovery Stakeholder. And, you wouldn't be the first person living with an addict to say "I hate addiction." Well, we’re taking a different approach and if you choose to join us, you just might become a ReLOVutionary…loving the addict and outsmarting the addiction.
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0019: Recognize the Warning Signs That Stress is Effecting Your Health How can you deal with stress that isn’t likely to go away any time soon? If you’re living with an addict, your life is stressful. And, the lingering effects of stress are not to be taken lightly. If you find yourself unable to c...

0018: Dealing with Emotional Pain for a Healthier, Happier You When you experience an emotional upset – when you’re triggered emotionally, how do you typically react? Do you fight back or withdraw? In this moment, the brain takes action that makes it challenging to think rationally. There a...

0017: What Families of Addicts Need to Know About Guilt and Shame in Addiction Recovery When you have an experience that is unpleasant, do you find yourself looking for something or someone to blame for it? And, if your focus lands on someone, do you feel compelled to let them know they have caused you pain? Lastly...

0016: What Causes Relapse and How to Prevent It Why doesn’t change stick? It defies logic that an addict would muscle their way to sobriety only to fall back into addiction’s trap. Yet it happens over and over. As Recovery Stakeholders, we have a lot at stake. We can relate o...

0015: Making a Change - How Bad Habits and Addictions are Stopped It is helpful to understand the stages of change so that you can recognize them … for yourself and others. Trying to make a change when you haven’t moved to the appropriate stage will do nothing more than increase resistance. At...

0014: How to Deal with Denial – What Addicts and Their Families Need to Know As Recovery Stakeholders, you know that denial is not unique to someone struggling with addiction. Stakeholders also experience denial … not wanting to accept the reality of their loved one’s addiction. How do we recognize somet...

0013: How to Flip the Disadvantage of Addiction – Benefits of Gratitude There is tremendous value in expressing appreciation, especially when you do it with regularity. As a Recovery Stakeholder, you are living through a challenging situation. If you’re feeling like the world you live in is just too...

0012: Twelve-Step Group Support for Family Members of Addicts Many Recovery Stakeholders have attended 12-step meetings to show support for the recovery process. While this can be an eye-opener, it can quickly become an act of codependence. Rather, the 12-step program that is appropriate f...

0011: Helpful Tips for Families of Addicts to Understand Addiction In this episode of Recovery ReLOVution, we’re going to challenge you to focus on your own healing. It’s not just the addict that needs to recover. YOU need to recover as well. Most Recovery Stakeholders are so focused on helping...

0010: Building Healthy Relationships with an Addict – Active or in Recovery If you use shame to try to motivate your loved one to make a change, it’s going to backfire. Are you wondering if you are shaming the addict? There’s a good chances you are. It’s difficult not to when faced with the crazy though...

0009: How to Set Healthy Boundaries with an Addicted Family Member We need to set some realistic expectations for recovery … for you and your loved one. It’s going to require you to do some things differently, including setting healthy boundaries with your addicted family member. And, it is not...

0008: Coping with PTSD for Family Members Living with an Addict Why do so many addicts relapse? For anyone that is not struggling with addiction, it makes no sense. But, since addiction is medicating some problem, the addict is going to have to find another form of medication that is equally...

0007: Different Types of Addiction Treatment Programs - Rehab   What comes after the intervention? Typically, a plan is already in motion. But is it going to get the job done? We’ll make sure you’re covering all the bases. Costs associated with addiction treatment can be staggering. But, t...

0006: Should You Stage an Addiction Intervention?

RecoverYES.Com/Episodes We're going to discuss intervention. We're going to see it for what it is . . . and isn't. And, I'm going to introduce you to types of interventions that are probably new to you. You might be wondering how to do an intervention ...

0005: How to Avoid Overreacting

When we are triggered emotionally, our thinking brain is taken offline so that we can focus on survival . . . fighting or running. Is it any wonder we don’t make great decisions when we’re angry? As ReLOVutionaries, we’re “amping up” the love. That’s g...

0004: How to Stop Codependency and Avoid Enabling Your Addicted Loved One

In this episode, we’re talking about codependence. As humans, it is virtually impossible to escape without falling prey to this affliction. Many Recovery Stakeholders share that they feel like worrying about their loved one that's struggling with addic...

0002: Understanding the Addicted Brain

In this episode, Dr. Gala helps you understand how addiction really works and what it’s trying to accomplish. If you are a recovery stakeholder, you'll be challenged to think differently as we dig deeper into ways that we can outsmart addiction. It is ...

0003: How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Your Addicted Loved One

You know you need to do things differently but the people in your world . . . especially the addict . . . are probably not thrilled with your newfound approach to dealing with them or their problems. If you're trying to set and hold boundaries with an ...

0001: Codependence and Addiction – How to Stop Codependency

The stakeholder relationship is really important. Once you understand what it is, you will see it at work in many situations. As a recovery stakeholder, you have a stake in your loved ones’ recovery. You have a stake in seeing recovery stick. So, we co...