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Discussions about Faith and Reason, using Science and Bible History. Wife and mother, Former Teacher, Overcoming a Disability.

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Overcoming a disability. Fascinated with the Bible.I love Jesus.Taught School for 21 years, married,4 kids. EnjoyNature,Kites,Cycling.
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The Marvel of God

Do you ever wonder at the marvel of God? Look at and listen to the marvel of God. You will not only find Jesus, but you will find His work in your life and struggles.Scriptures:Psalm 24:8-10Psalm 95:6Job 21:22-26; and 36:3Revelation 1, 4, 19 (chapters)...

See the Eagle in the Heavens

Sometimes we find ourselves speechless, when it comes time to pray. It is said in Scripture that God speaks sometimes in a "still small voice." There is a time for silence. And, there is a time to speak. The best one to hear when we pray is God. We kno...

The Ethical Worm in the Adam's Apple

Are we biting off more than we want to chew with Genetic Engineering?Technology is a bridge between man and robots.But, are we losing our life in efforts to create and destroy the life that God has already given us?Scriptures:Matthew 3:9And think not t...

Conversations With God

Do you remember the prayer of Moses? How about the prayer of Hannah? Solomon? Jabez? What about the prayer of Jesus? Believer to believer, I talk about the Lord's Prayer and how Jesus emphasized effective prayer. You can send Listener Feedback at any t...

No Limits Podcast

Believer to believer, I talk about three important realities about God... three of His characteristics that extend into infinity.Scriptures:Psalms 139:7-12 Where shall I go from your Spirit? or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend up into...

The Last Words on the Cross

A special episode cohosted with my husband Larry, in which we look at the last recorded words that Jesus actually spoke from the cross. I give background information, and Larry interprets and explains each phrase and it's effect.There could be no resur...

The Holy Spirit on all People

How does the Word of God multiply? Does God have a place for you and I in the transmission of the Gospel? Listen to the story of God’s Spirit falling on 2 believers who were not ordained preachers, but who began speaking the Word of God at home.We woul...

Light Changer

Darkness descends early enough that you have ample time to long for the return of the sun before daylight. But, the time is about to change. Come sit in today's extra hour of light with me,& meet a few of Jesus' friends.Scriptures:John 1:4-5 In him...

Look! As Sure as God Lives, So Will You!

In bleak economic times, who do we look to for life? The answer is found in God’s Word, and in following the living God Himself, Jesus Christ.  1 Kings 17We would love to hear from you, our listeners. You can send Listener Feedback at any time:Our Phon...

The Burden of a Song

Worship is a separate kind of beauty. From the life and songs of David, we can see how a song can become a burden for a musician in the church. God’s perception of beauty begins in the soul. What should our life song be?Scriptures:Psalms 18-19Psalm 59J...